To Wear a Symbol

A wire coat hanger.

What do you do with one? Perhaps hang your shirt, your pants, or even a coat.

But to wear one on a chain around your neck? What reason could one possibly have to wear the symbol of a coat hanger around their neck or as a picture on their T-shirt?

First of all, let me tell you who these folks are, who wear these things. They are the same vitriolic militants who wear T-shirts with the phrase “I HAD AN ABORTION.”

The coat hanger has become a symbol of death they are proud of. They wear it to raise awareness of the “need” for abortion. Legal murder, that is. They consider the legal decision of two parties (mother and abortionist) to take away the life a third-party (baby) a triumph!

The pro-abortion militants of the pre-1973 decision to legalize abortion would go to such extremes to abort babies, that they would resort to inserting a hooked wire hanger into the uterus to pull out the baby. These are being billed as the “desperation” abortions for which we have no statistics, only rhetoric.

The Washington DC group called The DC Abortion Fund is pushing this craziness to support the continued practice of murdering babies before they are born.

They are proud of this.

They are proud they killed their own babies.

They promote a culture of death, while God-fearing people promote a culture of life. And yes, the Bible is definitely a pro-life book. Consider this passage:

 “Therefore choose life, that you and your offspring may live…” Deut 30:19

The reason why the militants of the DC Abortion Fund feel compelled to ensure that the practice of abortion continues is that they do not know the gospel. They do not understand the sanctity of life. They do not know the Author of Life as apostle Peter calls Him. They do not understand the value of life. They need to see that God gave Himself to die so that He may purchase life for us.

That is the heart of the gospel. The abortionist and mother who forsakes her baby need the gospel just like the rest of us.

26 comments on “To Wear a Symbol

  1. Ugh…can it get any worse? One must wonder how long…it seems the longer society goes, the colder it becomes. It’s actually quite strange to witness.

  2. What sickens me most of all is their pride in this. Showing off your murder! At one time we had seedy hang-outs in back alleys, dirty magazines hidden behind brown paper and abortions done in the shadows…everything is out in the open and in your face. How can it get worse? I shudder to think about it.

      • Delight, I was reading Isaiah last night and noted that very verse! Perhaps I should feel grateful that the Australian government provides safe abortions in comfortable private hospitals, but for some strange reason I am not. The coat hanger is an offence on so many levels, and is grossly insensitive to the millions of women (and men) who have been traumatised by their sinful choice. 😦

        Even so, come Lord Jesus!

  3. They are just like those people who have hijacked the rainbow; by displaying it on their car or T-shirts they are telling everybody that they are not ashamed of their sin.I would have never believed I’d reach the day when people would openly celebrate their sins . From “I am gay and I’m proud of it” humanity has now progressed to “I had an abortion and I’m proud of it”.
    What’s next – “I am a pedophile and proud of it?”

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  5. Thank u for this article, chris.

    Also, check out a good movie on this issue at the following site:

    God bless u.


  6. Alex, you are so right. Doesn’t that just rile you to no end? The rainbow is God’s promise to never flood the earth again…then these gays and lesbians take it over to the point where even if a truly saved Christian wanted to use the colours, he couldn’t for fear of being hitched to them.

    Those that are for abortion are angry, resentful and bitter people who hate anything to do with God and children. I have tried to talk sense into them on more than one occasion, and they cannot see the truth if it hit them in the face. Sad…

  7. Oh yuck how awful! That makes me sad. Our national elections are coming up in May and dare I mention that Christians should not be voting in a party that supports abortion! “How dare I even suggest a thing and who do I think I am”! It just doesnt make sense to me how a Christian can vote for that?!

    • Completely agree. It says much about a politician who is indifferent to abortion. How about a politician like Mr Obama who actually is a fervent supporter of the abortion network Planned Parenthood!

      • It’s very freaky and sad. How do you reply to people who argue that it should be allowed 1. in rape cases and 2. a good number of rape victims dont want to report it but keep quiet. Reason I ask is cuz I kinda got stuck on question 2 when someone asked me yesterday

        • A wrong (rape) is not made right by another wrong (abortion). I try to spin it the other way to show that beauty can come from ashes. God can make something beautiful, a child, out of a horrible rape. It is true that some rape victims are ashamed and do not want to report it and if they are pregnant will abort. But this is not the answer. Suppressing the truth and the emotions about the event will just cause much harm.

          Most Christian counselors advise the victim to talk about it and report the crime. The pregnancy is a separate but related issue and there are ethical, philosophical, moral and finally biblical arguments to make the case to keep the baby.

        • First off, we are dealing with people who are deceived by the enemy. Second, they most likely believe in evolution, even though many of them classify themselves as Christians (heaven forbid!). I do this sometimes, just to shut them up and make them think. Pro-abortionists are very loud and angry, so to get them to be quiet is a minor miracle.

          I ask them if they believe in evolution and they usually say yes. I then ask them if they believe that they are animals…they say yes, with some reservation.

          I then ask them if they believe in protecting animal rights…they say of course!

          I then ask them why they would kill a beautiful little animal? They say, “What animal?” The babies, of course!

          It startles them into thinking…if they believe we are nothing more than hairless apes, then they have dropped the ball and have allowed many cute, little animals to be killed. If they argue then they have to admit that we are something more than animals…it really throws them for a loop.

          Wouldn’t it be something if PETA or some animal rights group got this bug in their bonnet? That would be interesting to watch the outcome…

        • A very similar argument can be made with abortion and animal cruelty. It goes like this:

          The ones indifferent to abortion will say, the decision is between the mother and the abortionist, who am I to step in?

          Then the apologist says: Would you just be a bystander in a case of animal cruelty?

          The progressive will respond: of course not!

          You can quickly show them that they view the unborn child as less than an animal using this line of thinking and perhaps make them think how ridiculous that is.

        • Well it’s all based on logic and it seems these people don’t respond well to logic. I have asked them questions, trying to get them to think:

          1. Is the baby a human? They would answer no.
          2. I would then ask when does the baby become a human? They would answer when the baby is born. Of course they call it a fetus, the term baby carries too much significance with it.
          3. I would then ask what do you say about a baby born at 25 weeks (like my son was)? They wouldn’t answer but accuse me of manipulating the facts.
          And on and on it goes…

          It only makes sense to me that if you play the animal cruelty card, they have to respond some way. Either they agree and stand up for animal rights or they are caught. Seems air-tight to me.

  8. Sadly, I think most of the ‘well-thought’ pro-abortionites, will openly admit that their view of unborn humans is less than that of animals. One of the prominent talk show hosts in my area was in a debate and the pro-abortion view argued that unborn dogs were of more value than unborn humans because we could not determine if the mother dog wanted the puppy or not.

    When you’re dealing with that level of twistedness and illogic, I’m not sure what else there is to say.

    • Yep, you’re right. i have the same argument with pro-choicers every-time I engage in discussion. The worst part about it is these twisted feminists believe they have so much power today that they can discard a human life and expect no repercussions whatsoever. When you ask questions like I noted above, they can’t answer and accuse you of hatred and chauvinism. Or they will accuse you of reducing the topic down to arguing about the rights of animals.

      It can get frustrating sometimes dealing with them but then you stop and remind yourself that you can’t get through. Just pray for them and try your best help out where you can. They will continue to kill the unborn and eventually it will be those that are born.

      Inconvenience is inconvenience and when that psychological doorstep is crossed, then look out…no one will be off limits.

  9. Once God is discarded, then it’s only a matter of time before all principles of God’s Law are also discarded, then there’s no real foundation for any morality or even rational reasoning. As you point out, once that threshold is crossed, then nothing has to make sense anymore. One wonders if any of them might recognize that ‘birth’ is a completely arbitrary point for granting personhood that they only pick because they’ve passed it already…probably not…

    Perhaps Delight in Truth has a thought on this. I wonder if anywhere in history any group of people that had life or death authority (in the human sense) over another group of people, as pro-abortionists claim mothers have over their unborn children, has ever given up that authority without it being taken from them by force (either of law or military).

    • Pharaoh comes to mind for me. When he commanded the drowning of all the Hebrew males. He considered them slaves and thus property of the kingdom. They had no identities, no rights…they were of no greater importance than cattle.

    • Weclome back, Matt. Good question… ancient slavery comes to mind in those societies where the life of the slave was at the whim of the master. Hard to find conclusive data, though…

      What bothers me the most about the whole abortion rights thing is that many Christians are indifferent to it because they do not necessarily believe that life starts at conception. They do not necessarily believe that an unborn baby is a person.

      These people probably do not read their Bibles either to see that God refers to the unborn in the context of personhood. David, Jeremiah and John the Baptist come to mind. Especially the case of John who was filled with the Holy Spirit during gestation. Such thing is possible only of a person.

      • THanks, Delight in Truth. It’s good to be back! I hope all is well, and I’m glad you are continuing to write on this subject. I think we could probably find historical examples of this level of disregard for humanity, but my broader thought was that when people have this authority, as pro-abortionists currently do, they don’t give it up willingly. It has to be taken away from them. At least I can’t think of any time a large group has given it up (we had a civil war in the U.S.).

        I agree it is very bothersome if people call themselves Christians and are not concerned about this topic. As you have frequently and effectively demonstrated, one must deny Scripture, science, and frankly basic common sense to believe a baby is not human before birth.

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