Again: More Intimidation by Barnevernet


The above letter was sent from Barnevernet to the family of baby Aria. Baby Aria was confiscated soon after her birth without any wrongdoing by the parents who have been fighting for the past 16 months to bring her home.

The letter states the following:

For security reasons, and the safeguarding of privacy, consent is not given by the child welfare services ( barnevernet ) for Filming or audio recording, if this occurs the visitation could be canceled. There will be given opportunity for photography, it is encouraged that the photos taken during the visit are for private use and not to be published in social media.

Undersigned Barneverns leader in Lørenskog barnevern
Arnfinn Heimstad

This is further evidence of intimidation and suppression of freedom of expression by Barnevernet. The system is very sensitive about social media since sites like Facebook have become an effective battle ground against it. The victims now have a voice on the international stage. Various political bodies in Europe are monitoring what goes on in social media, and the human rights violations have not gone unnoticed.

Barnevernet is in survival mode. It is in self-preservation mode. As a result it lashes out against victims to further suppress their rights while threatening to take away visitations. This is cruel and inhumane.

We continue to support the family of Aria, the Bodnarius, the Nans and the rest of the victims in this public fight against the government of Norway.

18 comments on “Again: More Intimidation by Barnevernet

  1. Arnfinn Heimstad, first off, your decision to confiscate their lovely daughter, Aria, have been proven by clear, strong and convincing evidence of abuse in this family. The daughter has been taken directly from the hospital without giving them a chance to prove that they are either good or bad parents. That’s very cruel! Nobody told to these parents that if they would have kids they would be taken by the state. You are trying to destroy their lives Mr. Heimstad and now you continue to intimidate them taking advantage of the broken system of Norwegian Child Welfare.

    I searched the name of this individual and I found his picture here:

    Also his email address:

    Ms Solveig Horne should be notified of the abusive behavior of this individual.
    I can’t wait to “greet” her when she comes to the United States. Arnfinn Heimstad is a perfect example of Barnevernet’s employee who does not have a clue what human rights mean.

    My dear friends, when the next protests will take place we should expose this abusive behavior from Lorenskog Kommune. If this individual will continue to deprive this family from their parental rights, I will not hesitate to make public appeals letting the good people of Norway know that with individuals like Arnfinn Heimstad, Norway is going South!

      Octavian: “Ms Solveig Horne should be notified of the abusive behavior of this individual. I can’t wait to “greet” her when she comes to the United States.”

      You can be sure she knows all about it, Octavian. It is commonplace. Self-satisfied Norway does not react. What have we become?

      Everything is turned upside-down in Barnevernet: Who needs protection (the employees themselves), what harms children (anything parents do, especially publishing how Barnevernet harms the whole family).

    • Here are Ken’s words:

      “In our case, the Psychologist, a specialist appointed from the court, who spent over 100 hours on the investigation, stated that we should be given a chance as parents. Also our regular doctors for the last 4 years didn’t see any problems with us as caregivers. Moreover, a witness from Nav Lillestrøm didn’t see any problems, and also a woman who “adopted” me and introduced me into her family as her own son didn’t see any problems.

      “However, Barnevernet agents ‘saw a problem.’ Arnfinn Heimstad, the boss of Barnevernet in Lørenskog refused to talk to us.”

  2. Corrected: Arnfinn Heimstad, first off, your decision to confiscate their lovely daughter, Aria, should have been proven by clear, strong and convincing evidence of abuse in this family. This was not the case since their baby was taken directly from hospital a couple of days after she was born. You obviously do not realize that you committed an abuse to this family yet you continue to intimidate them.

  3. The barbaric actions of Barnevernet need to be exposed on the social media, as well as brought to the attention of the international forums and authorities. Please continue to raise the public awareness, by denouncing Barnevernet’s human rights violations, which – more and more – seem to fall in the category of crimes against humanity.
    !!! International community, oil and tourism industries!!!… Forget about the splashy facade that Norway puts on!… That’s like putting lipstick on a pig!… Look beyond the facade – look deeper, and you will see these atrocities taking place!… It’s for real!… In Norway, child trafficking has become a huge and profitable industry, and it’s officially hidden under the “Child Protection” umbrella. Too many Norwegians are involved and encouraged to participate in this dirty business! If this were not the case, then there wouldn’t be so many child abduction issues!
    This is what the international community needs to know about Norway!

    (Side note: A friend of mine told me about an American lady she met yesterday. That lady has a 10-year old daughter, and she lived with her daughter in Norway for a few years. But, one day, they had to leave Norway FAST. Guess why?… Barnevernet began sniffing at her daughter, and soon after, it came knocking at the lady’s door…)

      Ovidiu: “.. an American lady … they had to leav Norway FAST.”

      Yes, excellent! That is what one has to do. Congratulations on that mother’s realism. You may be lucky and not have your family destroyed if you stay on, but the only way of being sure, once Barnevernet or its helpers have started their “worries”, is to leave – the only way of being and feeling free and peaceful, of not having this threat hanging over you darkening the days of both children and parents.

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  6. Dear Delight,

    It appears that Aria has been returned to Ken and Vibeke. The news is coming in slowly but Marianne asked me to make sure that you are aware that this seems to be the case.

    Praise God!

    There are two new articles today in Norwegian papers about the situation but one has to have a subscription to read them it appears. They have been congratulated by many on Facebook.

    I’m sure we will know more soon.

    God’s blessings…

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