Professor Marianne H. Skanland Discourse in Oslo on April 16th, 2016


Freedom of expression in Barnevern cases
Speech at the demonstration outside the Norwegian parliament on 16 April 2016 by Marianne H. Skanland

Freedom of speech is important and positive. This is an opinion shared by most of us. Why?

It cannot be because it’s always nice to hear people’s honest opinion. It isn’t nice, because it is so often critical.

So again: Why do we think it is important?

Well, let us hear what the European Court of Human Rights has to say about freedom of expression (‘expression’ comprises both speech and writing). In a judgment from 1976, the Court says clearly that free expression is one of –

“…. the principles characterising a ‘democratic society’. Freedom of expression constitutes one of the essential foundations of such a society, one of the basic conditions for its progress and for the development of every man.”

So freedom of expression is important because it is necessary. It is necessary for people in a democratic society to speak clearly about how things are, if they are going to be able to change them. It is necessary in order to bring out in the open everything which is wrong and harmful in our society, so that it can be put right. It is necessary in order to stop abuse and tyranny and exploitation of people. As long as only the abusers, the tyrants and the exploiters know about it, and their victims are not given protection if they speak out, it will all continue.

Barnevernet, and the Norwegian state, do not like this.

They do their utmost to stop people from speaking and writing about the way Barnevernet tears apart their family, and the way they themselves are struggling to be reunited and left in peace by Barnevernet. Parents who speak out, are punished by being cut off even further from their children. Our authorities say that this is not punishment, and that it is done to protect the children.

Shall we believe that children are protected by not hearing that their parents love them and are doing their utmost to get them home?

But our courts, too, our judges and the lawyers engaged by the municipalities to go against the families – they believe this nonsense, and they use it as an argument to stop the children from going home, stop their parents from getting them home.

Norway is in a bad way.

Human rights are individual rights, the rights of each unique person.

The major danger to a single person or a small flock is always the organisation called the state, because the state has power over us. This is necessary, because otherwise we would have anarchy, not democracy, (and anarchy is no viable alternative). But anybody with power has to be watched, and be stopped if they abuse their power. And this is not possible without the right to bring it out into the open, by free speech.

Norway prides itself on being a democracy, and Norwegian politicians and other leaders travel around the world preaching human rights to others. When it comes in the form of criticism against them, though, the Norwegian state does not like free speech any more. They try to make it impossible, even criminal, to show others how Barnevernet acts.

There are many many examples of this, including downright attempts to forbid people to put out on the internet videos of their own children and how a dozen Barnevern and police come into their homes and carry away the screaming, frightened kids. The mayor of a country district wants a ban on showing Barnevernet in action, because, she says, it hinders Barnevernet and the police in their work.

Some social work, which cannot be shown.

The Court of Human Rights also makes it clear, in several of its judgments, that not only do we have a right to speak, people also have a right to receive information.

Normally this strenghtens the right of the press to print and publish. But since our mainstream media have for decades not wanted to bring unsavoury truths about Barnevernet to people, I think people have the right to receive it from us! We who write on the internet and demonstrate in the streets, like we do here.

Let’s continue, then! Until we have seen the last of the present, fictitious protector of children and we get a real one established.

So our authorities do not want us to speak or listen about hard facts of Barnevernet. They even shun information themselves!

When people try to talk turkey about substantial facts, they say, “We cannot go into individual Barnevern cases.”

Can they not?

All this week there has been news about the Panama Papers, apparently indicating some economic skulduggery, and some managers of our big banks have said they didn’t know anything about who did what in Luxembourg or the Seychelles.

What happens then? Economic and legal experts turn up on tv and say: The boss cannot excuse himself for not knowing what his subordinates are doing. It is his responsibility to know!

So can the politicians and the administration in the municipalities, and those higher up in government, say, “We have delegated everything to Barnevernet and what they do is nothing to do with us. We have decided that we cannot look into it.” ?

No, they can not.

Our chief justice way back, Emil Stang Jr., once said (I think it was about 60-70 years ago) that unjustifiable laws cannot be maintained in the long run. In the Barnevern sector, there is a whole lot of laws and rules waiting to be toppled! We must get it out the way the Court of Human Rights says: We must vigorously practice free speech, a basic condition for the progress of society and each one of us.

Thank you.

source: M.H. Skanland website

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  1. Thank you, Marianne, for being a help to all of us who don’t fully understand what is happening in your country.

    As it has often been said, “Freedom isn’t free.” Someone before us decided that freedom of speech is important enough that they had to make tremendous sacrifices. It is something that so many don’t appreciate.


    Here is a section of something I put on my blog quite awhile ago:

    “It’s sometimes a good thing when you learn something. Would you like to know what people fear the most?

    I learned the answer from David, who was giving a lesson on “speaking without notes” at a public speaking conference yesterday in Little Rock.

    You might think that death is the greatest fear. That was the first thing that came to the minds of many in the room of 25 or so.

    According to David’s research, people fear public speaking more than they fear death. This is probably true since humans are creatures that don’t plan well and most figure that public speaking is on the agenda sooner than death.

    After sharing his research, David shared knowledge he had about being a better public speaker.

    Death, by the way, was the second most feared item on David’s short list.”


    I view “public speaking” in more than one way. David was referring to standing in front of a large group of people in the speech “spoken” of above. With the many ways we have to communicate with others today, we must use all of them in this battle. After people like Marianne, the internet has been the biggest asset in our struggle to help those who have no voice in the Nordic countries. We must continue to use this and any other resource to educate others about the evils done there.

  2. Well done Marianne.
    Thank you for your hard work in exposing the truth regarding the right to speack freely.
    May God keep you, protect you and yours and deliver us and Norway from the sickness called Barnevernet.

  3. Yes, you so, so right Marianne. The only way to stop the evildoers is to expose them. They have the freedom and power to do all kinds of atrocities as long they isolate and intimidate people not to speak and reveal their activities. Is called the wolf tactics. If they cannot do that they attack your integrity lying and twisting your stories to discredit every one is not bending. Look at Knut how hard he try to dismantle us. Hope is and will be all well with you and the Warriors for freedom and truth in Norway. Do not loose being in touch with your international friends. Do not be intimidated to expose everything about the evildoers actions against the people they hurt and yourself as being a target. United we succeed.

      Aristotel: “Do not loose being in touch with your international friends.”

      I am a very bad letter-writer, Aristotel. But you can be absolutely sure that whatever happens, I will at least never forget all of you whom I have got to know here. I think one of the things that make it such an important experience, is that we are trying to help someone and something outside of ourselves. Not just our small selves all the time. And then the fact that we can reach each other all over the world. Will you tell me whereabouts you live, Aristotel?

      • Yes, Marianne, and our interaction here will always be available for all to see. Something interesting about the internet… What we write remains here forever. Many visitors arrive here based on internet searches, so besides our relationships, our communication remains public.

      • Hello Marianne,
        Sorry for getting back so late. My schedule is very loaded at work, home, school and as a industrial electrical and instruments instructor. I live in Corvallis, Oregon, USA from January 11-the 1989 when I came out from under UN protection as a romanian political refugees. My life story is a very long one, so I will expose some clips from, and I hope will give you the understanding about the world we face now. Having one of my relative that was involved very deep in the process of creating the new worldwide model society I ended knowing too much about the communist underground activities of transforming and brainwashing the population to conform ideological with the Marxist Leninist form of atheism. They start with taking control of the churches by having their special undercover well trained officers leading from the Cult Headquarters and from the pulpit. Even the church committee was filled up with their personal. All the pastors and leaders were eliminated by unknown causes or accidents where nobody was charged for, or in the span of an year from liver failure. After my brother was killed by being poisoned with a coffee for defending the undefeated and being too intelligent to stay alive they had me under microscope for few years to get me. Not finding anything to charge me the officer had to fabricate a charge so he won’t be considered incapable. So I ended 24/7 under supervision with the interdiction to get time off or vacation from my workplace. Being asked to show up at the police headquarter without any given reason I was fingerprinted. This was the time when they try to use radioactive devices installed in a high chair on me. The only thing saved me was that I kept the distance. I became sick almost instantly having difficulties to get home. So when I got informed by my secret friends that I have to find a way to save my life and my family, I asked God for help. In my belief I prayed only in my heart because Satan cannot get there. He know your words and actions but he doesn’t have access to your heart. Only me and God. So I asked if is His will to cross the border and I got the confirmation and the assurance of my blessings for my future. I asked God about the timing to be revealed so after a while a young man came and told me that God allowed him to be back from over the border to take me. So we asked God for timing. One day getting home I landed exhausted on my sofa and I had a reality vision that I was crossing the border and everything was so clear, the landscape, the actions, like in a movie. I got fast on my feet and told my wife about the vision. My wife said : you asked God and he gave you the moment of going to cross, go and tell Danny that you got the confirmation for your time when to go. Danny was my partner for crossing the border. When I stopped to his place to tell him, he was not home. His brother opened the door telling us that Danny left to meet with me at my place. Getting home I found Danny waiting for me to tell me that he got the confirmation from God and he is ready to go and I told him my story and why I was looking to find him. My house had listening devices so the talk took place walking outside. WasTuesday and the plan to cross the border had to happen over the weekend. I had no idea how I could get out of the sight of my followers the undercover agents . Thursday I got a call from my parents that my grandfather passed away and the funeral was scheduled for Sunday. So I told Danny about and he answered that is a miracle because we cannot go together. He told me to go to the funeral and after the funeral to take the train to meet with him and two more persons at a established place close to the border. Was the first time when they allowed time off for me to attend my grandfather funeral and because was winter I got two weeks of vacation after they had a meeting with the special police officer overseeing the company I worked for. I left everything behind and my wife moving from friend to friend not to be found by the special security officers. My two children had to be with my relatives. The only reason is that they didn’t act fast to kill is because I was informing my friends and the church about their actions and they knew about my communication with the international student friends. When they called one of us at the police headquarter we had debriefing after in church so they didn’t have free hand. Like I said my life story is a very log one and this is only a clip. So, please be wise, careful and know the power of the spirit we are against. Sincerely, your brother Aristotel Condrea.
        P.S. I found the charge that they fabricate about me: Free Europe Radio Station Agent. Treason against the Socialist Republic of Romania.

      Careful about those neighbouring countries though, Octavian! I have had plenty of cooperation and dialogue with anti-CPS fighters in Sweden and Denmark. The systems are the same, the destructions of children are the same, Sweden has always been the worst, it is just that Barnevernet in Norway is more visible abroad at the moment. Finland is bad too, plenty from the Baltic states and Russia can tell us about Finland taking their children.
         Of Norway’s neighbouring countries, Russia is actually your best bet on just this issue, whatever else may be bad in Russia. Compare what Aslanbek Asaev says at the end of the interview video from Oslo (at about 16:35): “Thank God that there is this lawlessness in Russia!” That is how upside-down things can be: Having laws and peace and quiet is not enough. Not if the laws and the practicing of them work out as slavery, hostagetaking, ideological machinery.

      • Thank you for this useful explanation, Marianne. It’s true that in former communist countries the laws sometimes are not applied but the good part is that they will never have blind trust in authorities. They know that any authority may become abusive. In Norway, since so much power is given to CPS, its employees shall be very well screened when hired. They should be highly educated, trust worthy and not quick in making decision.

        • They might. Local CPS workers hardly have much of a “world view” of society outside anyway. And as long as all their local bosses (municipal politicians, municipal administrators) say very “virtuously”, “We cannot look into individual cases”, and the county committee and court systems just heap one crazy decision on all the similar ones that have been made for years, trusting the psychobabble “experts” who argue as they do, AND our county governors never amount to real controls, AND our parliamentary and government politicians AND the Ministry “cannot” look into individual cases either, then what can we expect?

        • Octavian recently sent me an article that makes me think this is not about the money, Marianne. Thus, your conclusion about abducting visitors would be correct for another reason. The goal here is to ruin the family. Norway already has the money. Here is a short quote from the article Octavian sent me:

          “Norway’s sovereign wealth fund,(is) the biggest in the world with shares in more than 9,000 companies,”

          Hmm…let me think. There is an entity that would love the family to be ruined. This evil influence uses humans to do “dirty work.” I’ll have to keep these facts in mind as this situation continues to develop.

          It is not necessarily about the money for each individual CPS worker, Chris, I agree. But to have those jobs at all, as CPS workers or clinical psychologists, they must have something to do, and there is not at all enough genuine social or psychological problems in Norway to warrant such a huge sector. So they must interfere in families, and have the power to do so, and quite right: that develops sadism and attracts sadists. But the whole industry is so well equipped with false ideology now that most of them do not feel that they are doing anything but good for people and society, probably. The ideology contains a part saying that the biological family is unimportant, yes, hence they feel good about destroying a particular family if they can construct a case history indicating that it is in any way bad for the children.

          Can I bother you to look at this? (if I haven’t bored you with it already):

        • “But to have those jobs at all, as CPS workers or clinical psychologists, they must have something to do, and there is not at all enough genuine social or psychological problems in Norway to warrant such a huge sector.”

          Since only a slight percentage of what the CPS is doing is necessary, I have a suggestion, Marianne. To maintain the most desirable place on earth to live, I think Norway needs to clean it’s streets with toothbrushes. There is plenty of work for unneeded CPS workers and clinical psychologists there. The huge pile of oil money Norway has could easily fund this.

          I have not read this piece. I’ve scanned it but an preparing for work and may not get a chance to read all of it before I leave. It looks very interesting. As soon as I get the chance, I will finish it my friend…

          Chris: ” I think Norway needs to clean it’s streets with toothbrushes”

          Indeed not as far away from the truth as we might think. There is such a lot of dirt and rubbish that people throw about, that needs to be cleared away. Also, those out-of-work ning-nongs who are used to commanding, can go around commanding people not to throw rubbish on the streets and out in nature.
             Whatever one can say about the social control in Singapore – and I am sure there is plenty – they apparently fine you if you throw as much as a match on the street. I approve of anti-liberalism in that direction!

        • “So, social work in practice, as it is generally carried out in our societies today, is a quagmire. The “system” is self-perpetuating because sensible people who could really do what the concept of “social welfare in the best interest of the child” intends them to do, flee from professions and occupations which act like our present social services so regularly do. Those who are satisfied with the existing state of affairs, stay on and make themselves deaf, blind and immune to all the information which exists about the real status of their beliefs and the real outcome of their actions.”

          This is a succinct statement of the “system,” Marianne. Thank you for sharing.

          “If Bauman is right, the holocaust was not an isolated, incredible mass-madness. On the contrary, it was the product of forces and motives which are still present and which are bound up with modern social life itself. If so, such disasters must be expected to be recurrent, in somewhat different forms and of varying extent, and directed against varying groups of people, but the underlying forces still with us and never without an object.”

          For Christians who believe that there will be a Great Tribulation (Jesus discusses this in Matthew 24), this modern social set up is the perfect environment for fulfillment of Jesus’ words.

    • Estland? Latvia ? Russia? The other Scandinavian countries are just the same. England – Scotland too. Shetland might be a hida away, but rather a windy and boring – better to stay home with your 300 sunny days- or best of all – take the trip – for you must have an address in Norway to get a concern and be presented to our services – as a tourist the CPS is out of the question. Have a home for my retiring years in your neighbourhood, Octavian?

        • Where are the … lies .. and where are the …insults? The answer was to Octavian – neither he or you others in Arizona need to offer the CPS one thought when entering f.i. the boat to Geiranger – your address are abroad – not in Norway at all.

        • Knut. According to your Barnevernet manuel, insult is a form of violence. In my dictonary it is explained to be an offensive remark or something that seems to show a lack of respect for someone or something.

          I think it would be to your advantage if you show a bit more humility and respect for others, Knut.

        • I know your comment was to Octavian, Knut.

          “Where are the … lies .. and where are the …insults?”


      • Yes, Knut. I can find you a nice retirment home in Sun City. It’s an age restricted community (55 plus) with lots of amneties. There are no schools in the city and kids are not allowed to live there for these seniors want peace. This option is in place if you are healthy. If you would have health issuea (which I don’t think is the case) here are a lot of small assisted living homes licensed up to 10 beds. About 80% of these facilities in Arizona are owned by Romanians. It’s a profitable business since an important percentage of U.S population (baby boomers generation) is getting older.

        • I couldn’t live in a place where there were no kids, Octavian, but it sounds like a great place for those who wish for this type of living arrangement. Also, as I plan on never retiring, it probably wouldn’t be a practical place for me.

          I don’t think Knut would be very comfortable there because of the current people who live there. His neighbors would find out about what he did for a living. I don’t think he would enjoy being ostracized and having no friends. Actually, I wonder if he has any friends now?

        “… be presented to our services”

        Any child can be taken by Barnevernet on emergency order, regardless of whether it is domiciled here.

        Norwegian families who have succeeded in establishing themselves in other countries with the children, and have reported to the national census register that they have moved permanently, BEFORE Barnevernet has got any County Committee decision or court judgment about taking the children, cannot be commanded back or be subject to court cases here regarding CPS matters. But if the family takes the children here for a holiday, for example, and Barnevernet gets to know it, they can certainly take the children on emergency once they are on Norwegian soil.

        So Mr Nygaard’s information about only children with an address in Norway being vulnerable is not correct.

        • Again – I was commenting with Octavian and not that usual upconstructing (??) and turn around commenting coming from Mrs. M. Tourists have no address in Norway – case closed. If a serious and deadly car accident or other tragedies occur that are taken care of from others than the CPS.

  4. Pardon me, Mrs. M – but this was both boring and totally of no help for the Bodnariu family.

    NRK in the county where Naustdal is a part – Sogn og Fjordane – has some numbers presenting the use in each municipal related to the children that get help from the CPS. The article tell that Naustdal is on it’s move upwards and the Councilman is pleased – the municipal show both with actions ( the Bodnariu’s) and numbers that they take the CPS work serious and will continue in that direction – but the actions (the Bodnariu’s) and the number of money used are still low – they are placed as number four from the bottom.

    If you look at the pleased face of this municipal councilman and his expression of how important he take his job with sheltering the CPS workers nothing tell me other than this man is ready to go down with the municipal ship if needed – here are no children returned after reasonable considerations.

    Now the activists and demonstraters in Norway are parted in two organizing groups – one with demonstration the 28th of May – looks to me as more made for Norwegian supporters and one the 11th of June more made for an international public – but – none have considered taking the trip to Naustdal and demonstrate the working week through in front of the City Hall. That might have done something with the Councilman and his CPS workers. I don’t know the agenda of these two demo oranizing groups, but there seems to be differences coming forth.

    The police in the county – Troms – have said to NRK that they use to much of their time and people in actions coming from an emergency conclusion done by the CPS. The police say that they must treat these conclusions serious and thorough, but they seldom end up with a case for the court done from criminal law. The police think the CPS have a too low level for involving them – they should investigate more themselves.

    The article show the difference between the police and the CPS in this kind of case situations – as I have commented a couple of times – we act when a child tell or confirm violence done at home – the police say that as evidence – and as evidence alone that isn’t enough – it will be a typical case that end in word against word – case closed for the police, but the CPS is entitled to more listen to the child than the parents – we take what the child tell and confirm as first priority.

    • I am so sorry to have bored Mr Nygaard. He probably knows it all already. Based on what he says above, he would no doubt have spoken far better than my humble self about freedom of speech!

      • You are right, Chris. Some of these people moved in that community for they don’t like kids. Othèrs prefer Sun City because it offers all kind of activities for seniors. There are Community Clubs and golf courses, they pay an anual fee for “Recreation Center”. It’s true that Knut would not have many friends here because his past activity. However, from a legal point of view, one cannot be converted here for kidnapping children in his own country, unless his country pursues against him. But if kidnapping is legal in his country I don’t think anybody would burge into its affairs.

  5. I think if someone that works for CPS in Norway or so called Barnevernet ends in jail in USA he won’t be alive after the first week because even in jail the convicts don’t tolerate abuses against children and families. They have a higher standard than what the Norwegian law provide for the protection of the children and families. Here in USA if the government doesn’t provide protection for the unprotected we have groups of people with a heart of love that will not tolerate the actions of the evildoers. They are very well organized. It is a strong public opinion for righteousness. You don’t mess with the most vulnerable and not to get punished like in Norway.

  6. Reblogged this on Wings of the Wind and commented:
    I have learned so much about this topic from Marianne. She continues to make comments on Delight’s blog. I think it is one of the best places to go for information on the corruption happening in Norway.

  7. What I am hearing on this blog and on videos from all over the world are genuine broken-hearts mainly from the unified and compassionate Romanian community for the Bodnariu’s family! I live in Arizona and have the privilege of knowing Octavian. I have been fighting against AZ CPS system since 1996 and NEVER have I experienced a more powerful force and effective unity of a Church family coming together in one accord against Norway’s evil CPS agency Barnevernet!

    I have a different perspective of the U.S. CPS agency. Arizona kidnaps 35 children a day, most on just pure allegations with NO investigations! I have dealt with devastated parents that have gone through all the hoops and past with flying colors all of CPS requirements in order to be reunified with their children. They are given certificates saying they are now ready for reunification with NO reunification ever happening! Instead their parental rights are severed and the children are being forced into being adopted! The state of AZ just gave another 67 million dollars after they already has a Billion dollar budget and on top of that the Federal Gov. gives $30,000 per normal child to the State of AZ! Hundred’s of thousands for one child who has disabilities! Our past Governor Brewer bragged that she balanced the the budget of a deficit of 3.1 billion dollars to have a surplus of almost One Billion dollars! The percentage of a child being raped, abused or die is 7 to 10 % higher in CPS custody is higher than any child remaining in there homes!
    Enclosed is a AZ CPS 5 year Supervisor interview that reveals all! This is evil on steroids!

    I believe the Romanian Community is God’s redeeming Light and Salt to all nations in exposing and bringing Righteous Change to America and all nations! You reflect the heart of our Father God and our Lord Jesus Christ! You are raising the bar for all those that call themselves Christian to arise and speak out for all children and their families that are being destroyed by this rogue and diabolical agency!

    God bless you all beyond measure!

      • Thanks from me too, Crystal. It illustrates that we are indeed dealing with an international problem, an attitude which is pretty well ingrained in modern social work. Dealing with it in Norway has a hope of succeeding right now, both because Norway is small and pretty transparent, and because the excesses are so great here just now and a number of cases involve other countries too. But I, for one, will not forget other countries and what the CPS people do there. Let us keep on our toes, and try mobilising lots of others as well, so that we can help stopping misguided CPS actions generally and make sure that what social workers tend to say (that their aim is always re-unification of the family, etc) is really what they do.

        • Marianne, I love your thoughtful and en-depth insight on this most egregious issue of CPS destroying families. May the Lord bless you and keep you for you are God’s mouthpiece to separate the precious from the vile according to Jeremiah 15:19! You are a comforter and encourager to those that are broken hearted!

  8. Knut is wrong in claiming the fallowing:
    for you must have an address in Norway to get a concern and be presented to our services – as a tourist the CPS is out of the question.
    Here is Knut Boss taking about this matter watch minute 1.10

    • Not you or other tourists/visitors – she talks about the individual children under 18 – or “children” (because there is seldom documents following the individuals sent in advance – and the rest of the family and relatives are waiting in f.i. Afghanstian) arriving Norway with the intention of come to stay.

      She talks about the refugees – or the “refugees” ( again it’s hard to know who is a real refugee) and asylium seekers arriving in big numbers – children included and it’s they she has focus on – the new arrivers and their following children – not you as a tourist for a couple of weeks or visiting someone in Naustdal or another beautiful place.

        • Of course Norwegian CPS can and should intervene if a child here is discovered or seen to be obviously maltreated. And that is what an “emergency intervention” is supposed to be for. It is therefore allowed and will be carried out, regardless of the child’s “address”. If the child is simply travelling here with its family, and is taken by emergency, it will not be given back to the family without investigation. This will also apply if a parent is seen to hit, beat, smack, spank the child, since that is all “criminal maltreatment” by Norwegian law.
             So far Mr Nygaard is wrong.

          But then, removal on “emergency decision” is in fact practiced in Norway in lots of other cases to, NOT LEAST when Barnevernet wants a child on psycho-babble “indications” and/or anything else, and think that they can get the County Committee and the courts to support a take-over, BUT Barnevernet is afraid that these parents are forewarned, and so capable that they will probably rescue the child out of the country and register emigration, if they understand that take-over is really coming close. THEREFORE Barnevernet chooses to take the child on an “emergency decision”, although there is no emergency, like with a new-born baby still in hospital. They also feel – rightly – that having the child already, gives them great advantages in the following procedures. Emergency take-overs in such cases are of course not usual with mere tourists, because there has been no previous possibility of “investigating” the family, of writing long reports about “help” they have tried to give the family, of “worrying” things the family “has said”, etc etc. But there is nothing to prevent such a scenario, if, say, a tourist family has been camping for several weeks and people around have seen fit to “worry and wonder” whether their children are being given the right food, if they are allowed to run around late at night, if they have said something about not having proper schooling at home. And so on.
             So here too Mr Nygaard is not truthful.

          Most revealing of all is the situation I referred to above: Norwegian families who have emigrated, have no address here but a permanent address abroad, but wish to come back for a holiday. If Barnevernet finds out that they have been in their firing-line before they emigrated and that they are now here on a visit, they will be very eager to stage an emergency confiscation, and will probably say that this visit proves that the family had not REALLY left Norway. You see, if a family is abroad but has not registered as emigrated from Norway, our authorities consider them as “just abroad temporarily”, and then the full Barnevern law and Norwegian jurisdiction is applicable and will certainly be invoked. I have known of more than one such family having been searched for via Interpol and brought home by force.

      • I think after all dangers they have been through, those unfortunate people, “real refugees” or not – let Norway decide! – should be informed about the Nordic cold-bloodness, and the risks of losing even their soul when confronted with such an institution as B. and with people prepared to judge them as inferior.

        Something else, after I read about the indignation of your collegues who think THEY are mistreated not so many unfortunate children and parents. It appears they find themselves confronted with hate, which does not verify if one listens to what the protesters say. They, you do not need protection!
        We from abroad denounce some facts, based on revolting, documented realities. The B. workers “shocked” by critics better consider that “the child’s best interest” might be quite the opposite of what you think.
        Except by military, in war situations, no country can really do some protection against violence just by using violence. When children, against your own laws and against children’s and human rights, are removed in such a brutal way from their homes, this social violence “for their well being” is just brutality, violence, cold blooded inhumanity.
        Of course when children are really in danger, everything is different. Real danger comes from paedophiles, drug addicts, mentally ill, families when one parent hits frequently the other and/or the children… everyone understands this.
        But what danger could represent Ms Bodnariu and her husband for their elder children still living with strangers…?! “They are stamped as violent”, said the sister in the tv show… by whol, I wonder?

    • Thank your for sharing this, Daniel.

      I didn’t realize that she spoke English so well. She uses the term “hit children.” I view the word “hit” as having a subtle difference from the word “spank.” So she wants her “system” to influence countries that aren’t as wise as hers.

      My oh my…

      • But I don’t think Horne is aware of any difference between “hit” and “spank”, Chris. In any case, I can sympathise with her trouble here, because the Norwegian word “slå” covers hitting, striking of various degrees. When you “spank” a child intentionally by repeated strikes / hits on its bottom (naked buttocks or with pants on), there is a special term: “ris”. The same term is used for a bunch of twigs, thin branches etc used to perform the “rising”, but also for such bunches or branches tied together for other purposes. As far as I know, the original meaning is “bunch of twigs or something else of a thin, longish type”. (My philological bent again.)

        • I see your point, Marianne.

          However, she is speaking English here. Someone needs to make here aware of the subtle differences in meaning that many English speakers have between the words “hit” and “spank.”

          Is she speaking or is it an interpreter? I’m only now becoming familiar with her.

        • That sounds like Horne all right, and I’d be surprised if she would use an interpreter. If she did, it would surely have been in the way that she spoke Norwegian for a couple of sentences, then the translater gave the equivalent, then she spoke again, and so on.
              And I don’t think she – or the “rest of them – would be interested in differentiating spanking from hitting or striking or slapping, since it is all illegal in Norway now.

        • Marianne you are so right in your reply to Knuts comments regarding the intervention of Barnevernet , Barnevernet have no balance , like a drunk man going from ditch to ditch, taking children which should not be taken I would say more often than not taking children which should be taken. There is a substantial financier incentive which makes people close their eyes to what is right for the money.
          I have a good friend here in Adelaide and his wife is Norwegian.
          They have a close relative in Norway which has worked for Barnevernet until she got sick and could not worked any longer. No wounder for a woman being a mum herself and knowing in case after case that a family is destroyed for no sound reasons, to end up like this.
          Thank you Marianne

          Daniel: “They have a close relative in Norway which has worked for Barnevernet until she got sick and could not worked any longer. No wounder for a woman being a mum herself and knowing in case after case that a family is destroyed for no sound reasons, to end up like this.”

          When you say she got ill and could no longer work, do you mean that she could no longer bear that kind of work, or just that she got some illness unrelated to her work and had to quit work generally?
              If the first, she is actually not alone. There is a great turn-over of employees in Barnevernet, and some clearly quit because they dislike the way they are supposed to treat families.

  9. Horne met yesterday 65 representatives from around 50 countries where she informed about the CPS in Norway. One of the things she stressed was that people abroad get misguiding information about f.i. the number of children in general in care and the number of foreign origion attached to that.

    Her speech was of no help for the Bodnari family – she only told the people present that removal is last resort.

    • It seems to be an extremely typical session she has been having, telling all these foreign embassies what they know already, repeating that Norway is not the country taking the most children (as if that matters – what matters is of course on what criteria and what is done with the children and the parents and the case when they are taken. As if people in South Africa asking for Nelson Mandela to be set free from prison were expected to be content if the government then said that there were so many other people in prison so they conldn’t bother about one case, and besides they had to compare it with the number of people in prison in other countries around them.)

      The same NTB (official news bureau) article seems to be the basis of this one too:øtte-ambassader-om-barnevernet-337209

      Horne is silly enough for anything generally. Here she is silly enough to say that children are only taken in the last resort. – Fine assurance to give to people who know about the Bodnariu case, I must say. Playing the grammophone record again and again. Whenever her next-in-command Mr Terning is interviewed, he repeats how it hurt to hear the untrue allegations, and he always instances the one (Lithuanian in origin) that Norway is especially taking foreign children to boost our genetic reserve, because we have become severaly deficient because of in-breeding.

      One could suspect that Horne and Terning are not quite as silly as they appear. After all, speculative reasoning around WHY Norway is doing this and that hardly affect the reality of Norway’s actually doing so, which reality is well established.
          But, as a friend replied when I said to him: How could the politicians answered so incredibly nonsensically? They seemed implicitly to confirm what critics were saying. My friend said, “Oh, such-and-such a person in the government (or in the ministry administration)? Well, what CAN he say? How can he admit the truth?”

  10. “Her speech was of no help for the Bodnari family – she only told the people present that removal is last resort.”

    So, the leader is good at lying, Knut. It all fits the picture of Norway that is being painted around the world.

  11. Minister Horne would have been done much better to remain at her old job that of a shop Butcher. Her guidelines have not been obeyed at all in the Bodnariu case nor many other situation where children have been take from parents.She does not deserve to lead this important department.She has no authority over Barnevernet.Talk just empty talk.The reason we have gone in the streets and we will continue to protest is that the policies set out but the minister have not been respected.Shame on Norway for delaying to right it’s wrongs and tormenting so many families.I remember that Ceausescu was a shoe repaire by trade but that was not enough to put him in the position to lead the country. Shame on you minister Horne. Shame on you. Resign and go back to study first to respect human life and dignity and then learn that Norway is not the only country on earth and living among others you have to respect ba sick human rights.
    I want to make a statement now. If anybody thinks that few hours can go by in a day and we can detached ourself so from the pain Barnevernet has caused us they they have to rethink that.We are not and will not tire till Barnevernet will be reformed and the damaged caused will be reversed.

      Gosh, that was some inspired speech!

      It seems things are moving:
      “Until ……
      we will not visit your beautiful country,
      we will not buy your great products,
      we will not eat your tasty fish,
      and …. we will not ever stop bringing the attention of the entire world upon the atrocities committed by Barnevernet!”

      Well spoken, Harry Mihet!

  12. Reblogged this on agnus dei – english + romanian blog and commented:
    Marianne H. Skanland: Norway prides itself on being a democracy, and Norwegian politicians and other leaders travel around the world preaching human rights to others. When it comes in the form of criticism against them, though, the Norwegian state does not like free speech any more. They try to make it impossible, even criminal, to show others how Barnevernet acts……”

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