Invitation for Norwegian Minister Solveig Horne

Norway’s Youth and Equality Minister Solveig Horne has a few things to learn from Sylvi Listhaug, Norway’s Immigration Minister.

The Immigration Minister made news today when she put on a life suit and jumped in the Aegean Sea to experience a mock rescue attempt.

How sweet of her to identify with the migrants who actually attempt to cross the sea without life suits and many of whom drown.

Maybe other Ministers in Norway’s government should learn from Ms. Listhaug.

It might be the progressive thing to do for Solveig Horne, the Youth Minister in charge of Barnevernet to experience a few CPS missions first hand.

Delight in Truth would recommend the Minister to join a few emergency operations where Barnevernet shows up to unsuspecting immigrants’ (and native Norwegians’) homes in black, unmarked cars to confiscate children because of trivial matters. The Bodnariu case being the perfect example.

It would be nice to know that Ms. Horne actually sees first hand what her employees do when they confiscate children.

Ms. Horne should see the trauma these families suffer because of Barnevernet. She should see three-month-old Ezekiel Bodnariu ripped from his mom’s arms and placed in a black, unmarked car where he cries, and cries for hours because his mom is not there to comfort him. She should see her officers assault parents in the process of ripping their children away.

Will Ms. Horne follow Ms. Listhaug’s lead and go to the front lines to experience a child confiscation?

I doubt it. It might be too traumatizing for Ms. Horne.

Here is an example, if you have the stomach to watch it, Ms. Horne.


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  1. Please Madame Minister, be human: bring all wrongly taken kids to their loving parents without delay nor further ‘investigations’ nor ‘review’ of ‘cases’. In NOrway this means… 73 to 77 % of the foster kids! So easy to find their dossier.

  2. There was an hour-long debate program about Barnevernet on tv here just now. The usual people were allowed to repeat the usual lies, like the leader of Bufdir saying that in the case of any taking of children out of their home the family ALWAYS had assistance first. The mayor of Naustdal joined her and they agreed honey-happy that the children’s voice should always be taken account of. (I can just hear you saying, “But … but ..”.)
       The program was very much what these programs always are. The American support groups of “a family” in Naustdal were singled out for extra contempt; they (you) were spoiling serious work apparently.
        After Mari Trommald (Bufdir), Elisabeth Backe-Hansen (CPS psychologist of long standing) and some others who didn’t say much more than trivialities, the program had a final 10 minutes with Solveig Horne, who said that they DO take the demonstrations and protests very seriously, and they have therefore increased their INFORMATION to other countries of how very fortunate we are to have Barnevernet, which is so very competent and deoted etc etc. AND together with Horne they had the reputed Kari Killén.
       To those who like me has long experience of such programs and what the various statements signal, it was obvious that they plan not to move an inch. And they can and will fight dirty, don’t you doubt it.

    • “Will Ms. Horne follow Ms. Listhaug’s lead and go to the front lines to experience a child confiscation?”

      I am a pup compared to Marianne’s experience in this war. I must think for myself, however. I think she is completely correct. Their heels are dug in and they are preparing for battle. I don’t doubt that they will fight dirty. This will only make it more obvious to the world how evil these people in Norway have become.

      No, Delight. I think you are right. Ms. Horne won’t get her hands dirty.

    • THank you, Marianne. But it is easy to prove that the family had no assistance and that the children were not heard I think. We all had such hopes after the baby was returned. How is it possible that even after Solveig Horne sent guidelines about biological family getting priority, this is not happening? Can not that be used at court as little reminder?

    • Marianne, I received multiple messages from Norway about the TV program tonight. Most agree with your assessment. While Ruth’s sister hung in there best she could, the antagonists were up to their expected propaganda. Like even Knut said in another comment, I am not sure how much this helps Bodnariu.

      Perhaps this is the reason why Bodnariu stayed out of the media until now. It is almost a no-win situation with going-to vs. staying out of the media…

      • Good points, Delight.

        The mainstream will be of no assistance. However, all of the little media sources can add up, like the Arkansas Herald that covered our protest. Mr. Smoke did as good a job of covering that in the brief time that he had as any mainstream media would AND HE WAS WILLING AND HONEST.

        I think this will be a battle fought mostly in cyberspace. All of the different methods we have of connecting must be used. I think those attempting to spread the word have done a good job thus far. We will get better I think. Communication will help to put more boots on the ground. The combination of these two will be most effective tools.

        Prayer is our best “tool.”

    • The Bodnariu case was on our national tv nrk for about 15 minutes there a sister of Ruth spoke for the family and Naustdal municipal with the councilman.

      I’m sorry to tell that the ten minutes they spoke gave me little hope for the reunuion of the family. The aunt gave a good impression and her information said much about the stubbornness and the fighting spirit the CPS have in the wrong direction. The Councilman continues to speak of their good intention to the best for all the children in Naustdal – including the Bodnariu.

      Salvesen tried to speak of this case in the further debate, but there was very little room.

      Now the family must go further is my opinion – the part done today was not enough to give the common Norwegian the information they need to understand that this case handling done from Naustdal is demaging for the reputation of the CPS national and international.

      As I have said many times now – if this story is somewhere close to the truth in the Costea version – it’s about corporal punishment and the parents says they will stop with this and accept help measure the case is on another track than removal. We are on the reunion track.

      This councilman have the look I recognize in some that seldom or never is in a situation like this. He has the look: We shall fight and prove that we are right – this competition face where winning whatever costs, consequences, laws and future for a family og seven living in .. his … municipal no longer is important. He is one of the main characthers in the scary movie from Naustdal.

      • I see one positive thing. If Norwegians did not know that there is an extremely controversial case (scary movie) out of Naustdal, now they know. Some say that “no publicity is bad publicity.”

        • I know – and some else, Mr. Prunean, but the common Norwegian do not know. There was something unusual over this female debate leader this time. If you look hard enough you see sorrow in her face. She has studied the Naustdal case some more than the common Norwegian ever will. I think she has had some emotional reactions attached to her preparation work.

          I suppose the common Norwegian don’t see or hear what I see. I have seen from the comments in the media that Norwegians have no empathy for violence done to children – not this kind of parental violence either. Have they done it – then – take the consequences.

          I think the family should talk sense to their lawyers – the CPS is Naustdal is ready to go down with the ship if necessary. I heard one sentence that might be an opener – the Councilman said that it was important to listen to what the children said/want – I think there will be little doubt about their willingness to come home with some help measures accepted by the parents. But – in Norway we have TV 2 and I think they are more willing to show the common Norwegians what the CPS in Naustdal is willing to fight for. We also have the newspaper Aftenposten with one female journalist Lene Skogstrøm who might take the time and opportunity if given Insight in the documents.

          I don’t know what the lawyers do for the parents – if they do things just legally right or if they fight back and tell the CPS that removal is out of the question with parents accepting what they have done; accepting help measures – they where unknown to the CPS and thus have never been given a chance to show their willingness to change a.s.o. I hope we do not find any or some other CPS’s that trump the “we know best and know what you’re like” card on a family they never had heard of before this considered emergency.

        • Knut, are Norwegians so silly that they think that children should be removed from home even if there was mild corporal punishment. Dont they realise that separation from their family should only happen in severe cases? Dont they understand that separating siblings is damaging? I wonder how they feel about their grandparents, do they reject them because of that? I really can not understand this type of thinking. Yes its illegal, but loosing children forever equals life in prison. I yet have to find one person, who would want to be separated from their family because of corporal punishment. Most of them do fine and are not damaged. It depends on so many other things. There is a huge difference between mild corporal punishment and real abuse. Somehow Norwegians can not make a any difference, seems they want to punish the parents and with this they punish the children as well.

        • “Now the family must go further is my opinion – the part done today was not enough to give the common Norwegian the information they need to understand that this case handling done from Naustdal is demaging for the reputation of the CPS national and international.”

          This is the second time you have made a statement like this, only now it is also your opinion. Why should “the part done today” (I assume you are referring to the interview) have anything to do with this case’s outcome?

          “…Naustdal is demaging for the reputation of the CPS national and international.”

          Again, why should the actions of others impact a fair decision of how any family is judge or punished?

          This is not democracy.

        • Pavla, what´s the definition of mild corporal punishment? There are the parents who describe their way of disciplining children as “using mild corporal punishment”. But we don´t what is behind it…I´ve read a statement from one of the supporters of Bodnariu family and he wrote about more serious accusations of parents- we don´t know if there were based or truth, it is up to the Courts to judge the case. But the supporter denied that i more serious violence had happened and he higlighted that children might give false information because of their imagination. You shouldn´t believe in what children say, the author of the article concludes. – This article was translated into Czech language, you can read it here : I can quote one part of it relating to the kind of corporal punishment at home and BV accusations: . “Otec má sklony k násilí a bije děti pěstmi a nohama. Na základě těchto obvinění měl být Marius uvězněn; avšak jako jeho bratr nepovažuji tato jednání za Marisuovo typické chování a stejný názor sdílí i příslušníci naší rodiny a osoby Mariusovy blízké. Pokud Mariuse neznáte, můžete buď věřit tvrzením Barnevernetu, nebo tomu, že Marius a Ruth chtěli mít děti, kterým by se mohli věnovat, které milují nade vše, a proto je také s láskou vedou k poslušnosti.” So the BV don´t speak about mild butting on the bottom only, it´s not just about spanking children..
          The majority of Noregian are harsh opponents of corporal punishments, it´s true. The law which banned corporal punishment has been in force for almost 30 years (since 1987). So even adults, parents of children nowdays haven´t experienced this kind of disciplining (most of them). But on the other hand if parents just spank their children occassionally, it can´t be reason for removal of children according to Children protection Act and its sections.

        • “But on the other hand if parents just spank their children occassionally, it can´t be reason for removal of children according to Children protection Act and its sections.”

          Then why were the Bodnariu children taken, Veronica?

          Also, (and maybe this was in your untranslated section) I would like to know how the Barnever(net) defines corporal punishment.

      • Yes, Chris. They are Romanians living in U.K. There are about 40 Romanian churches in London. The number of Romanians living outside of Romania exceeds the population of Norway.

        • So your conclusion is since we don’t know what’s behind an accusation parents should be considered guilty just based on a presumtion? Can you imagine how it would be if the court system would work that way? And yes, sometimes children say things that have nothing to do with reality. There were no signs of physical abuse in Bodnariu case while children were in the biological family. However, under the CPS custody there were scraches and bruises on there bodies. What’s upside down in Norway and other countries is that CPS has power to intervine even if there is very little suspicion of abuse. In contrast, after children go in CPS’ custody, there is nothing you can do. I have a few questions. How many biologic parents are incriminated yearly in Norway for child abuse?

          2) How many foster parents are incriminated in Norway yearly for child abuse?

          3). How many CPS workers are prosecuted for improperly handling children cases?

          If the number of biological parents is much greater than the other two cathegories then it means either that in Norway strangers care more about children than the parents or there is something wrong with the system. Norwegian government should offer the parents the chance to follow some parental programs, so they can become better parents. A government that confiscate children from parents for “lack of parental skills” but does not do anything for them to improve the parental skills it’s a government that works against the families. It’s a trimedous hipocrisy for this state to claim that Norway is a very good place to raise children.

        • Veronika, few things from the Peter Costea version:
          According to the girls, they were spanked occasionally. They said they were punished mildly. The director did not believe the children were abused, she wanted some counseling for the parents. She thought they were a true family and did a lot of activities with the children. The children were not neglected.

          How did BV get the accusations, from asking the boys? The boys were 2 and 4 years old at that time. Two psychologists are now siding with the parents: Einar Salvesen who has seen the file and thinks it was very wrong to remove the children instead of helping the parents.
          2. The CPS psychologist who has made a positive evaluation on the parents.

          I think we all know what is the difference between mild corporal punishment and abuse. Slap over the fingers or over the bum is the mildest in my eyes.

          If it indeed was beating with the fists and kicking, then its another story. But as you say, that is an accusation.I would suppose that doctors would find any marks then, dont you think? If there was risk, that the father does it, the parents would hardly get increased visitation to the boys and they would never get the baby back. No judge would risk such a harm..

          Last thing, BV accusation is what it is. How do you know if the kids have said it and how they were asked? BV was caught lying and manipulating. For example they write that the baby has a bad bonding, while its not truth as in the case of Sarka. You forget that parents are willing to open the files where is also evidence against BV. BV would use the confidentiality to protect the children, but in fact, they can protect themselves this way. What do you think should happen if BV workers are caught lying and twisting the facts? Do you agree that they should be held responsible?

        • When my daughter was 3 years old she told to the kindergarten teacher, that she wants to burn her and throw her in a bin..The teacher came to me shocked and said, no 3 year old one can come up with such a thing. Well do you think we talk at home about burning teachers? Hardly. Luckily the teacher had some common sense and we could talk about it. But I fealt horrible I can tell you. Another time the same daughter (yes I have an active daughter ) was jumping, while she was holding a tow in her hand. She had a very ugly scar around her neck for few days.

        • Pavla, I just wanted to highligt the fact that we are not part of this case. And we don´t know what did happen at school, what the girls told to their teachers (and why teacher hadn´t disscused it with parents before she called to social service- she had to be worried and wanted to act quickly) and how had the parents treated their children before…There is a huge difference between the child at the age of 10/11 and the child at pre- school age. I can remember some stories when a child was beaten at home, he or she tried to find a help, but in vain. “Nobody trusted me, nobody listened to me”, there are quite common words of children who had been helped against their parents. When the older children complain about the punishment at home, we should listen to her or him carefully because it may be serious (we shouldn´t understimate it). We may speculate about the family, about a doctor´s investigation and police investigation (it has not been finished yet in Bodnariu case), but we shouldn´t have make conclusions before all steps (police investigation, Courts etc) had been over. . The children may be returned but we don´t know if it happens and what will be the Court reasoning (we even don´t know what was the reasoning of previous County Committees and a Court sessions).
          What is important, the Norwegian law doesn´t allow to remove children when their parents use “mild spanking”, i must be more serious (at least more serious accusation).

        • “What is important, the Norwegian law doesn´t allow to remove children when their parents use “mild spanking”, i must be more serious (at least more serious accusation).”

          This is nonsense about Norwegian law, as well as nonsense about what is known and not known.

          It is also nonsense to believe that court verdicts in Norway are inevitably competent and truthful. It is just the kind of CPS propaganda that has brought tragedy to many thousand families.

        • Octavian and the others: I was wondering what the parents´attorney have done with the information that the boys had bruises on their bodies? If the parents were worried about that, I would expect some legal action, not just words and official statement about it. I would act and insist on making documentation (pictures) of it. At least, the parents are still responsible for their children well-being and they should have protest and contact authorities.
          And, yes, I do remember the description of one of visits when the parents noticed the bruises on kid´s bodies.
          I started to think of the education in this family after I had read this official press release.
          I.e.: “Later, Matei also told Marius that “mami” is greater. When asked to explain, he said that because she has long hair and is giving birth to children she is greater – is this feminist indoctrination!?”
          Excuse me, but what is wrong with this boy´s words? If I was Matei´s mum or dad, I would feel happy that he thinks that mummy is great. It´s not femminist propaganda at all, there are child´s words. especially the explanation that “mother has long hair”. I would say if I was on father´s place: Yes, mother gave a birth to baby and it is great, dad knows it and he appreciates his wife, mummy. We do love you both.”

          I.e: “On February 10th, the parents were able to talk for less than ten minutes each to both girls. They found out that Naomi wants to shave her head so she could wear a whig, and Eliana wants earrings. It appears that Barnevernet trays to provoke parents at all cost. Marius answer was very measured, that they will talk about these things when they are home together. ”
          And again, what is wrong with the earrings for a girl ?(I could understand the controversy if a boy asked for earrings or if the girls wanted the tatoo) The girls are matured enough to decide if they want to have long or shor hair, I would say.

          It seems to me that the education in this family may be very strict and even isolating- and it (my pure speculation) may cause all these problems. The God (father) punish sin- but the sin may be something not so serious from a point of view of the others including “ordinary”Christians. The girls may have been confronted with other ways of living and educating childen while they have been growing up and attending the school and they may have not complied with all these “religious” rules at home- and they may have been punished psychically for that. It´s just my speculation but it gives me some sense when I read about the father´s opinon on women or on rules relating to the girl´s appearence.The baby may have been safer since he can´t break the “rules” at his age (he is not going to be guilty, to be in need of punishment), so he can stay at home until the final decision (the end of May).

        • Veronika if my 7 year old would want to shave her head I would not be thrilled, it’s not a teenager. The point is that the girls started to come with these wishes while in foster families.
          Earings I don’t find an unusual wish from an 8 or 10 years old.
          Why should mami be greater because of long her and giving birth? Who is mami anyway, Ruth has quite short hair. Hope mami is not the foster mum…
          Foster mum has also laughed about Matei singing religious song calling it silly. This is wrong, he is 5 years old and they put him down like that? I am an atheist but these children were raised in religious way so placing them with someone who ridicules religious song and who knows what more.. Is wrong

        • Well yes Veronika we don’t know the file remember? I think these children might have been risen stricter than their friends..maybe
          But what is wrong with it. What is too strict? I don’t see other 8 year old girls running around with wigs , is it t new trend in Norway?

        • Pavla, girsla asked their parents about short hair and earrings. I don´t find it normal that the parents or the father at least were furious about his kind of wish. It´s up to me if I wanted to long or short hair when I was at school age. My parents asked me what I would like. Ir may be different in others family, but I don´t understand the strong reaction when the girls discussed these things with their parents (hair, earrings…).
          And the boyś words? There were words of children and I would react the way I described. I wouldn´t speak about the ideology or about feminism. “Mum has long hair (it is relative in chil´s eyes), she is greater”- it is just child´s idea and I would be kind to him and not to think of any ideology.
          When it comes to bruises etc., I would do something with it, not just write about it.
          Sorry, but I wrote about my opinion, about tmy idea that the “sin concept” is overrepresenting in this family (see the label for this picture for instance and it may have collided with the new ideas of growing-up girls (they wanted to have earrings like the the others, but the parents think it´s a provocation). We´ll see after the Court had been over. The parents have never published the accusation or the Couts reasoning, so it´s all speculation from my side.

        • Veronika I see difference between short hair or shaved hair an wig at the age of 8 or 10. That’s silly. I would not get angry but my child could decide whether to shave her head at this age..I did not understand the sentence about mami. I it about Ruth or the foster mother? Anyway I hope parents still have their say in the way they raise their children. Sometimes it seems there must be a certain way only.

        • You might be right that mami is about Ruth luckily. I waconfused since she has quite short hair…I don’t find it strict not to allow your 8 year old to shave the head, I find it completely normal. We don’t know why the girls where disciplined Ruth’s sister is saying something else. I have never read they were punished for small things. So I am not going to comment this. I believe these parents live their children and the other way round. The way CPS acts by removing children is insane..Secret addresses, isolating for months, what’s that? Do you agree that this will cause trauma?

        • Veronika why are the girls not heard?/why were they only heard when they said something that is used against the parents. Eliana is 10. Why is that not considered. Why is 3 hours police interrogation less stressful than speaking in court?

        • was 3 hours interrogation for the parents. But even if it was an hour I still don’t see how it can be less stresfull. Maybe Marianne would know how long such an interrogation of the children lasts?

      • It seems to be about Ruth. The boy knows who is his mummy because he could see her every week from the beginning (he sees her twice a week now). Otherwise, the parents would mention furiously that the foster emergency home had manipulated the boy (and it´s an emergency home accomodating more children, it´s not expected that the boys would stay there even in the case the Court would order the permanent removal). The father critizes that these words were feminist propaganda (he didn´t critize that the boy sees the foster mum as his real mum), so it´s why I think that the education of girls had been very strict (and they may have been problems with it while they have been growing up and they should have been punished physically for not compelling with family´s rules or opposing them) and it seems to me that men are more important (seen as more important) in this family.
        Yes, the parents are responsible for children and it was obviously the reason why the girls asked for permission to cut the hair or to buy earrings while they called their parents (and they haven´t changed their appearence or bought earrings until now because the father hadn´t allowed it).

  3. Some scatterede comments to obersvations above in this thread:

    Chris: “I don’t doubt that they will fight dirty. This will only make it more obvious to the world how evil these people in Norway have become.”

    The better the understanding world-wide, the more our authorities will step up the “information”, is my guess. And they will take care to smuggle in little lies to affect people’s view of actual cases, like Trommald and others repeating – even right after Ruth Bodnariu’s sister had been on, and although so many people now know how those children were taken – that children were ONLY taken after all sorts of “help” to the family had been tried. I can tell you that they have all through the years, in many of their statements, counted Barnevernet’s removal of a child from the family as HELP not only to the child but to the family. Not in ALL their statements (because in some of them they emphasise that there are so FEW take-overs, MOST of what BV does consists of HELP), but in some, fooling a lot of people who don’t bother to dig down into what the truth is.

    Another very serious lie lies in the expression “help”, “assistance”. So much of this so-called assistance consists of nonsense and harassment that it is no wonder that it does not help. The families want to get rid of it, and so Barnevernet can say that the family “has not managed to” cooperate with them and that all their help has not improved the situation. Cf what Siv Westerberg says here about the start of the infamous Olsson case in Sweden: “Norway and Sweden – where inhuman rights prevail”
    paragraphs 6 – 10.

    The Norwegian parliament has recently passed a law making it obligatory for a family to receive any help Barnevernet wants to “give” them.

      Delight: “Perhaps this is the reason why Bodnariu stayed out of the media until now. It is almost a no-win situation with going-to vs. staying out of the media…”

      No, as far as I know they stayed out of Norwegian media because their lawyer said they should. That must have been to please the County Committee and the courts.

      I do not agree that one should try to please the legal establishment in this way. But the Bodnarius have been both wise and lucky: they have managed to get publicity abroad and on the internet. THEN I think they are wise to stay away from Norwegian mainstream media, because the mainstream media do, again and again, what they did in that tv program.

      Another example was the way the standard press article about the recent demonstrations treated something one of our speakers in Oslo, the lawyer Jørgen Stueland, said (I am publishing and translating his speech). He had said to the journalist that he had gone through his manuscript carefully, making sure that he “agreed with himself” about everything in it (it is very strong, starts off with “I am a fanatic and a lawyer” ! …), and had concluded that yes, he could be responsible for every word. The journalist’s version was to claim he had said, “I don’t agree with everything they say here at this demonstration.”

      Most Barnevern victims do not manage to draw international attention to their tragedy. Then, their only chance is Norwegian mainstream press, although the internet generally and social media especially are improving the situation. The mainstream media cannot be recommended if there is such an alternative, because it cannot be relied on. Not to present the case meticulously honestly, not to let the authorities dominate (as they did almost completely in yesterday’s tv program), not to just leave the case after one or two articles in which the authorities’ version is the conclusion. The long series of articles and follow-ups in Stavanger Aftenblad about the Ida case (the Glass Girl) was most unusual in this respect, and even there they concentrated on the terrible treatment of total slavery she has been subject to and never approached another basic question: How on earth can anyone defend that she was taken from her mother at all and prevented from seeking refuge by fleeing back home?

        “We all had such hopes after the baby was returned. How is it possible that even after Solveig Horne sent guidelines about biological family getting priority, this is not happening? Can not that be used at court as little reminder?”

        I don’t know if the decision to return the baby was motivated clearly in the judgment, and I don’t know if the Bodnarius have some reason for not making it public. My best guess is that the court may have said that the parents had not been violent to the baby and were not expected to be since Ezekiel was so young, while the older children were so “traumatised” by violent parents that they had to be sheltered from them and given “therapy” necessary to start a new life in different surroundings.

        The recommendation to place children with relatives is in reality not new. That ideal has been there all along, and has been repeated, even reminded with some emphasis, in various reports. Barnevernet just always chooses not to use it (“it is not possible in the present case”), at least never unless the biological family act as enemies to the biological parents, because otherwise they could not keep up their power.

        • Thank you Marianne, the fact that they would return the baby is not logical to many. But I see that they can explain anything in their way.
          Btw. I still dont think a judge would risk returning baby to a violent home. if the accusation from Veronica’s post (stating the brother of Marius describing BV accusations) ..kicking and beating the children with the fists, were right or high probable, I dont see how the baby would be returned. That does not convince me at all.

    • Thank you for your comment, Marianne. It brought this Bible verse to mind:

      “You are of your father the devil, and you want to do the desires of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him. Whenever he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own nature, for he is a liar and the father of lies.”

      Jesus said this in John 8.

    • More unbelievable stories that are true, Marianne. The foster parents get $310,000 per year to take care of the two girls? In a mostly Unchristian nation, is it any surprise that foster parents are willing to care for children in this system?

      Although my “children” are adults, I would not want Barnever(net) to “help” me in any way.

    • This was announced in mid 2015 and Norway did nothing. Now I know why Delight predicted correctly that Barnever(net) would not take action after our demonstrations. To this point they have been “above” any international pressure.

      I don’t know how you find this material, Octavian. You good continue to remind me of a good detective.

  4. I tried several times to watch it, but I cannot do it all the way to the end. Breaks my heart, and awakens very bad instincts. Praise the Lord, I still overcome them instincts.
    As far as I’m informed , That’s been happening since early 1900s.

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