Bradley Clark Video Appeal for Anti-Barnevernet Protest on April 16th, 2016

Bradley Clark is a Christian artist, producer and co-host of the TV show Building a Difference.

Bradley Clark har sendt oss denne videoen som en appell til det norske folk om å møte opp og demonstrere til støtte for familien Bodnariu og for barns rettigheter og brudd på menneskerettigheter i barnevernssaker.

Sjekk hans musikk, han er faktisk veldig bra

Bradley Clark has sent us this video as an appeal to the Norwegian people to meet up and demonstrate support of family Bodnariu and children’s rights and human rights violations in child welfare cases.

Bradley Clark ne-a trimis acest film ca un apel la poporul norvegian să se întâlnească și să demonstreze susținerea familiei Bodnariu și drepturile copiilor și încălcări ale drepturilor omului în cazurile de protecție a copilului.

Bradley Clark nám poslal toto video jako odvolání k norských lidem setkat se a demonstrovat podporu práv a porušování lidských práv rodinné Bodnariu a dětí v případech péče o děti.

Bradley Clark przesłał nam ten film jako odwołania do norweskiego ludzi, aby spotkać się i zademonstrować poparcie rodziny Bodnariu i dzieci w zakresie praw i łamania praw człowieka w sprawach opieki nad dziećmi.

22 comments on “Bradley Clark Video Appeal for Anti-Barnevernet Protest on April 16th, 2016

    • I totally agree with Bradley. He is well documented. Knut is one of the dishonest Barnevernet employees that fears of losing his benefits if Norway reforms its inhumane CPS system. Also it’s true that Norwegian CPS confiscates children even from tourists. There is a huge discrepancy between theory and practice regarding CPS in Norway. The most common lie they are repeating like parots is that they confiscate children as a last resort. Many times it is the first resort. They are washing their dirty hands stating that their law does not allow them to discuss particular cases. The U.S. shall stop purchasing Norway’s oil and Romanians shall leave that country, so their fish will start stinking like Barnevernet’s inhumane actions.

      • Can you, Octavian, give me one proof of your alligation regarding tourists? The first resort is explained to you many times – if the leader of the municipal and the legal advisor give the green light a concern received can be treatet as emergency according to § 4-6, 2 junction in the chlld welfare act. This was used in the Bodnariu case and the police acted from our criminal law § 282, The theme was violence in the inner family circle. This is done when violence, sexual abuse or severe neglect is the matter. All other concerns are done with us taking care for the child as the last resort.

        In Norway a concern given shall be considered by staff members within 7 days – is this CPS relevant or not? – is it a serious concern or given in the context to harm someone? – if “yes”- they are handed over to case handlers that have 3 months to come to an conclusion togheter with the legal parts involved. An emergency concern is handled into action with a green light from the leader and the legal advisor – this is not one mans work or consideration. In an emergency more than a handful staffmembers are involved. The child is no longer in our care than we need to examine and know what is possible without exposing the child for more of the content in the concern. Some children are reunited with their parents the same afternoon – the CPS follow this reunion the coming days. In some situations the one part who is the abuser is moved out and given a police restriction not to be near the house – and the children returns. It is what is possible that is the considerations – not necessary the taken care part. The Norwegian child care act has the family as the normal raiser of a child – it’s in the situations were no other option than the taken care for is considered best and necessary for the child done by a verdict in the county board the state comes in. Of cause this is not wanted – this cost a lot of tax-paid money. I really hope you americans do what you think is necessary in your own backyard before you say one negative word about Norway – Norwegians and a functionate CPS.

        The Norwegian CPS is in change all the time and in days like they we in Europe and Norway as the top destination for foreigners running from something we as a people must axelrate out efforts. Horne, our minister,will give more power and responsiblility to the municipal CPS. In Norway most of the children attend kindergarden from the age of 1. In this way most children are in the view zone for observation. Kindergarden have previous been slow to send concerns, This has changed. We have a close cooperate work arena and the level for sending a concern or not are often the issue. The goal is to help families earlier on a lower level of concern with more power to impose help measures, In this way we hope there will be less necessary to take the care for children. By moving the responibility for fosterhomes over to the municipal CPS the thinking is that we know more about family and friends – neighbours – known for the child people that can be considered as forsterparents. The CPS will be less dangerous as a more whole municipal service and Horne hope the newciomers will be less afraid. Many muslims avoid our welfare help institutions and kindergarden because they are afraind. This reform will take years to implement – around 2020 Horne think the reform is performed in every municipality. The state shall no longer have the responsibility for the fosterhomes and more the municipalities will thus get more money. More imortant than money is efforts to be done to rise the compentence.

        • Your institution’s key notion is not “wellfare”, neither “protection”, but CONTROL. I recommend you some reading: Orwell’s “1984”, A. Huxley’s “Brave New World” and especially Kakfa’s “The Trial”. The word Big Brother, meaning generalized state control, comes from the first.

      • “The most common lie they are repeating like parrots is that they confiscate children as a last resort. Many times it is the first resort.”

        Many more people are becoming aware of this truth, Octavian. Thanks for helping spread the truth.

  1. Hmmm… you Bradley .. are like many others misguided and given false information about the CPS in Norway. Of cause there is no danger at all from the CPS part if you visit Norway. You must have an address – be a citizen with a registered address to be included in the services of the municipal CPS.

    I hope Bradley wake up to reason and if he or the americans want to do a demonstration against something the 16th of April it will be about the “evil” child protection service in their own backyard – but – that ain’t just as fun than to tease the Norwegians for no reason.

    Here is what one of your own think of your backyard situation

    This demo is a hypocrite event. The Bodnariu case is rooted in violent abuse – not in a song. Yes, by all means – it would be nice if people sang “He has the whole world in HIs hands” – so sing along and mean it to. I – as a Christian CPS worker – is a living evidence that of cause it’s possible to sing Christian song in Norway. We do also have a lot of private Christian schools.

    Lunacy events based oneeyed and chronic CPS-haters old archives are an event that is interesting based on the propaganda effect – a feather has become five hens. This tell me that Christians are naive and easy target for distraction. Don’t you both have reason and guidance in the Holy Spirit? If this was so wrong as the hundred chronic activists tell you why isn’t any political party or human rights organization confirming this bias? Norwegians isn’t hard to beg if there is a cause to fitght for, but this hundred activists have little support in the Norwegian society.

    Yes, let us share His truth among us …

    • Hi Knut ,if you are christian then i am from Mars so stop with that cheap socialist propaganda,you have no human feelings!we christians know about forgivness,you are not!Give our children back if you can forgive and if you don’t we’ll protest until you will learn our God is alive!

      • Christians are seldom socialists – in politics they tend to be conservative. To tell the truth about thing is a common Christian standard – this actvism is not built on truth, but on oneyed opinions and emotions. You can protest to the year 2100 for my part – some are fallen for this – some are called to do the commission given to us as Christians. The Americans have the same system in their own backyard – if it’s so important to protest it should be the right thing to do in the country you live in first and before you thing you have the right to say anything about internal services in a European country.

        • Christians were firstly called by this name in Antiochia and they were discipols of Christ and they learned from the son of God to FORGIVE.How can anyone call himself a christian and agree to have 5 kids abducted from their parents for any reasons?Faar from it!

        • I as you hope the Bodnariu’s will reunite in the near future. I don’t know all the details in this case and neither do you, but from the outside looking in this looks like a case my office would have settled in another way. They would have been reunited soon after the police had done their investigations and concluded. I have no influence on a legal case where Naustdal CPS is the one part and the parents with their lawyers is the other part – neither have you, You can demonstrate and protest till the end of times, but you have of cause no impact on an ungoing legal case.

        • You have to understand that M.Bodnariu is my brother and Ruth is my sister that is why i protest regardless of what CPS thinks.They done a mistake and they have to admit that or pay for it,too many mistakes,don’t you think?

        • They are part in an ongoing legal case where we other can do nothing more than to hope for the best. If the children come home now over Easter the parents and their lawyers may consider if the shall raise a case and demand compensation. Those cases are hard to win and the economic burden for the parents will be sky high – to pay for their own lawyer(s) and the municipal one(s). Ir’s hard to get compensation from a service that has done only what the act commands them to do. The CPS is in a situation that it may be wrong if they do to little or close their one eye or if they handle a case more serious than it actually is – neither is compensable.

    • Hi, Knut.
      Since this is the great, holy week before the Resurrection, I suggest to you to keep calm even a few moments every day, to pray the Spirit to give you Truth… because if one really wants truth, he/her soon meets Jesus Christ… our Lord whose victory goes through the Cross. Meditate especially on: “Father, forgive them…” Even Jesus couldn’t forgive, He only asked the Father. Your fight against whom you call “lunatics” could become a spiritual fight… for your own enlightening. The “honor”, “good name” thing is accesory.

      • It’s not I who called this movement lunacy – it was the headliner the day a hundred CPS haters gathered in Oslo in February in one of our main newspapers VG. Lunacy reflects that it is so far off the truth that you must be ?? to believe this.

        I love the relationship with the living God every day

        • Well, I’m far away from all contries where protesters gather, I can’t join the “lunatics” but in my prayers. I am with them when they claim that children must be with their parents, unless there is a gross neglect or sexual abuse. I believe what the extended Bodnariu family says, I simply cannot imagine a Christian couple with 4 small children and a baby mistreating them in a perverse way. I raised only two, it was not easy, and we parents were far from perfect, and still the kids grew up all right and there is love between us.
          I still hope Norway will get rid some day of this controlling idea and regain it’s humanity. If Royal children are not to be subjected to this hideous state (CPS) control and bureaucracy, does this not mean all those rules, so called green lights to children smuggling, etc, are contrary to the respect for the private like of families, excluding all presumption of innocence, etc?

        • You knut emphasize on the Bodnariu parents’ violence against their children ( because “barn of villains” dropped the accusations of religious persecution, of course!). Man, there should have had to be heard only screams, yellings and weeping all day in their house to justify the actions of barnevernet! It’s an obvious abuse of power, and normal people detect it in a second! But you know, for the nazis in the last century and for sclavagist America a century before was absolutely normal to consider others as subhumans and good for exploitation. The instant feeling a have when reading your replies is that you are completely brainwashed!! Not stupid, but brainwashed! Sorry, I have nothing personally with you!

        • Well, he got personal with me, Ovidiu. It is documented on this blog:

          Here is his statement:

          “Hmmm… by googling your name I found out a lot about you and your family. A lot more than we usually do with a name in Norway. I could buy the criminal record and other personal information about you for a couple of dollars – back disabled? If I had lived in your backyard the first thing I would have done was to change my name to … Will Smith … or .. Bill Johnson.”

          So…he is “finding out about me and my family.” This is a common bully tactic intended to intimidate. You will probably never find Knut’s superiors making these types of comments openly on the internet. They are, however, willing to make the Marxist decisions that we have all read about here. The send out their minions, like Knut, to do their dirty work.

          Why am I supposed to change my name? Am I to hide from this “powerful” evil? I do not fear man but I do fear God. Every Christian who “understands” (can we understand completely?) the love of God will praise His name forever.

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    You can join in this worldwide demonstration by coming to the peaceful protest in Hot Springs, Arkansas described a few posts back. If you can’t make it, pray for the people of Norway.

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