I look Up to God

Erin Shead Assignment About God

The class assignment at Lucy Elementary in Millington, Tennessee  was to write about an idol.

Erin Shead is a 10-year-old Christian who picked God as her model and proceeded with the above project.  She wrote:

“He will always be the #1 Person I look up to”

“I look up to Him because He put me on this earth”

“I love Him, and Jesus is His earthly Son.  I also love Jesus”

Delight in Truth is very proud of this young Christian who knows correct doctrine and is not ashamed of it in a world which is unfriendly to Christians.

How unfriendly, you ask?

Her paper was rejected by the teacher. Erin was told that she is prohibited to choose God for her assignment, and to take the paper off school property.  I would not have been surprised at all if this happened in communist Romania where atheism was the law in schools.  It is however disappointing when this happens in the conservative Bible Belt.

The US is not a Christian country and secularism is the norm in schools.  We understand that.  But to suffocate the exchange of ideas and the discussion surrounding religion and theology is reminiscent of communist atheistic tactics. The progressive agenda shares some of the same characteristics of the radical islamic agenda.  It is their way or the highway.

The same people who preach tolerance are the most intolerant ones. So great is their hate for God and biblical principles that they are willing to break the law to impose their views.

Upon further review, the teacher was wrong in their actions, the school said. But this will become more common as we approach the Second Coming of our Lord.

May God bless Erin Shead for her courage and fortitude.

image credit: WREG-TV

9 comments on “I look Up to God

  1. Erin is a blessed child, to meditate on Jesus and God during the school day, where there is hardly, if any a mention of the name of God or Jesus, unless it comes from a fellow student. God has used her to once again show His glory in the place He has been driven out from. God bless Erin and her family.

      • that’s a good point. Most people do not get this kind of public pushback until they are much older (if ever), yet being older means they know to confide in others for support. I join you in praying that God protects her, and that Erin’s parents help her grow stronger in her faith in God and Jesus.

  2. I can think of a fitting Scripture: “But who ever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to sin, it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were were drowned in the depth od the sea.” Matt. 18:6. A millstone is one heavy stone.

  3. Fortunately, we still have kids like Erin in this country and around the world. They are becoming rarer, however.

    It is not surprising to me that this happened in Tennessee. We have a very liberal State Supreme Court next door here in Arkansas. At the same time, I have heard several public school events that have started or ended with prayers “In Jesus name” in recent years.

    I know a teacher in the public schools who puts up a manger scene at Christmas. It’s not a big one, but it is very “kid friendly” and the preschoolers she teaches have a great time with it.

    I have thought the same as you have for years, Delight. The truth is “The US is not a Christian country and secularism is the norm in schools.” And things will only get worse IMO.

    I must share one instance that there are still places where things aren’t the way they are at Erin’s school.

    An elementary school principal went to the superintendent of a school district and admitted that she had accidentally done something and that she would have to resign. She had approved of a document to be sent home to the students of a certain teacher. She didn’t look at it as well as “she should have” and it contained an invitation to a very Christian event.

    She knew that this would be frowned upon and was prepared to resign. The superintendent, after hearing her concern, couldn’t help himself and broke out laughing. He was at a school where he knew that it wouldn’t be an issue. And he was right.

    This concerned principal is now the superintendent of the school and begins each year, with her public school teachers, in prayer. She always asks a male member of the staff to do the prayer.

    At the very same school, however, “they” (terrible curriculum) tried to indoctrinate a family member of mine with Darwinian ideas in fifth grade. This 10 year old, like Erin, had a scriptural answer and never got reprimanded.

    I look to the right as I write this and it tells much of the story. I am looking at the topics that you have covered on this blog. They are the same as many that I have covered on mine: “gay marriage,” “atheism,” “abortion,” “depravity,” etc. etc.

    We are living in the most difficult time to raise children in American history IMO. As parents, we must do the best to instill God’s truths in our kids so that they will act as Erin has.

    May God bless that little girl and grow her faith through this experience. She isn’t the way she is by accident. There must be Christian role models in her life.

    Thanks for sharing this story, Delight. I’m afraid we will be seeing more like it in the near future.

    God’s blessings…

    • Chris, I know there are many faithful folks in this country, God fearing people who populate our schools and I thank God for them.

      At the same same time I estimate that on the East and West coasts in the metropolitan areas, if you get an elementary school teacher who is male, there is a 30-50% chance he is gay and pushing the progressive agenda in the classroom.

      I am learning this the hard way.

      • Your estimates are probably very close, Delight. In God’s eyes we know that 1% would be tragic.

        I’m sure there are gay teachers here also. They are more careful about pushing their agenda here, but things are changing quickly.

        I anticipate that gay marriage will be legal in all 50 states in our lifetime.

        Oh…come Lord Jesus…

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