I look Up to God

Erin Shead Assignment About God

The class assignment at Lucy Elementary in Millington, Tennessee  was to write about an idol.

Erin Shead is a 10-year-old Christian who picked God as her model and proceeded with the above project.  She wrote:

“He will always be the #1 Person I look up to”

“I look up to Him because He put me on this earth”

“I love Him, and Jesus is His earthly Son.  I also love Jesus”

Delight in Truth is very proud of this young Christian who knows correct doctrine and is not ashamed of it in a world which is unfriendly to Christians.

How unfriendly, you ask?

Her paper was rejected by the teacher. Erin was told that she is prohibited to choose God for her assignment, and to take the paper off school property.  I would not have been surprised at all if this happened in communist Romania where atheism was the law in schools.  It is however disappointing when this happens in the conservative Bible Belt.

The US is not a Christian country and secularism is the norm in schools.  We understand that.  But to suffocate the exchange of ideas and the discussion surrounding religion and theology is reminiscent of communist atheistic tactics. The progressive agenda shares some of the same characteristics of the radical islamic agenda.  It is their way or the highway.

The same people who preach tolerance are the most intolerant ones. So great is their hate for God and biblical principles that they are willing to break the law to impose their views.

Upon further review, the teacher was wrong in their actions, the school said. But this will become more common as we approach the Second Coming of our Lord.

May God bless Erin Shead for her courage and fortitude.

image credit: WREG-TV