Ray Lewis, When Will You Tell the TRUTH?

Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis will forever be haunted by a double murder in Atlanta in January 2000.

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Ray Lewis claims to be a changed man, a born-again Christian, but it is this claim that brings shame to the Christian faith. Lewis, the heart and soul of the Superbowl contender Baltimore Ravens has been on a joy ride of fame and glory, but also a ride of depravity and deception.

Ray Lewis, when will you tell the truth about the altercation and the double murder you were involved in following the Superbowl in 2000?

What happened to the white suit you wore at 4 AM in that night club in Atlanta, the suit that investigators could not find and you did not help them find?

The prosecutors were only able to obtain a lesser charge of obstruction of justice against him as all of a sudden witnesses changed their stories and Lewis blamed his friends.  All this despite the fact that the blood of the victims was found in Lewis’s limo.  When he could not be convicted of murder, he settled out of court for millions of dollars with the families of the victims to avoid civil law suits.

If you came clean before God after that event and you changed your life, why do you continue to father children out-of-wedlock with multiple women?

Instead of flamboyance and attention seeking behavior why don’t you practice Christian qualities like meekness, humbleness and the most important of them all, repentance?

But we are getting ahead of ourselves and dwelling on spiritual subjects which clearly do not have much meaning for Ray Lewis. He fathered 6 children ranging in age between 11 and 17 years old with 4 different women, a pattern that continued after the club murders 13 years ago. This is evidence of a life lived in sin for a man who wears his “Christian” faith on his sleeve.

The most important and visible aspect of someone’s conversion is their repentance and the regret they have for the crimes and sins of their past life. This is where Lewis fails, and he gets a pass on it by the sports media and the sponsors.

His actions on the field do are not in sync with his professed faith.  He singles himself out after every play and every win.  It’s all about him.  Victory shouts, dances, in-your-face-rub-it-in attitude that polarizes everyone who sees it.  This is not the way a Christian is supposed to act.

Despite the repertoire of sin, crime and depravity, apparently Rev. Ray preaches in some churches.  Instead of reciting Bible verses and instructing others in the way of the Lord, Lewis needs to first repent and truly repent, and then show the world evidence of his repentance.  And no, donating money to charity is not evidence of repentance.

Repentance must be evident in your everyday actions, in the way you carry yourself, in the way your life undertakes a 180 degree change from before, and in the way you tell the truth.

Ray Lewis is the same loud, flamboyant, arrogant man he always was.

And the TRUTH about the murders is still out there.

Ray Lewis, when will you finally tell the TRUTH?

4 comments on “Ray Lewis, When Will You Tell the TRUTH?

  1. I’m no football fan of any team but I knew the Raven’s team would be playing in the Superbowl. I vaguely recall the story about the murder years ago and sir Ray’s personal life. I definitely didn’t know that he fathered all of those children, and keeps on ticking. And just yesternight, my husband mentioned how Mr. Lewis is an all of a sudden professing Christrian.
    I’m not going to judge his words or heart, but I do know that the word of God instructs (active) believers to live our lives in such a way that our lights can shine in darkness and glorify Christ Jesus. I also know that infants or the carnal Christrians are not mature enough in the word of God to live such lifestyles.
    I’m certainly not condoning Mr. Lewis’s lifestyle or lack of (outward) profession, that’s between him and God. But I will say this, he like others in his situation has to have a Christ-like male model living, teaching–by way of the gospel–mentoring and discipling him. As well, he needs the “light” of godly men who speak and live, on a daily basis, the wisdom of God in all those areas of lack you mentioned about him. Jesus was the model for His disciples and committed followers during His earthly ministry.
    Should this not happen for sir Ray, then the pretence, falsity, flamboyance, loudness, etc. will prevail. And sadly, there will be no true, godly repentance and or salvation.
    Pray that Father God will send true witnesses, and praying godly men who will swoop up Mr. Ray under their godly wings of discipleship in Jesus’ name, amen.
    All god-fearing loving volunteering men, please stand up.

    • Welcome to Delight in Truth, and thank you for your comment. You bring up some excellent points.

      Spiritual immaturity may be responsible for what we see happening to Ray on a continued basis and I hope he will mature very soon and understand that when he is a born-again Christian, he is no longer the center of everything… God is the center.

      And the issue about the the influence of a godly father-like figure in one’s life cannot be over stressed. It is so important for young men growing up to have a father who loves the Lord in their lives… as a role model… as a way to Christ… as a father… So glad you mentioned that.

      God bless you.

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