Religious Intolerance in America

We have arrived here no matter how tolerant we claim to be as a nation.

The first amendment to the US Constitution states:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

In light of pastor Louie Giglio’s force-out from giving the benediction at Obama’s second inauguration because he holds (or held) to orthodox biblical teaching like millions of Americans do, I ask, what happened to our intrinsic constitutional right to hold differing religious beliefs and opinions?

Why is Giglio who holds (or held 15 years ago) the belief that homosexuality is sin being forced from the public square?

This has nothing to do with separation of Church and State.  They are separate entities and we do not dispute that, therefore that argument goes out the window.  This has to do with the fact that many Christians view alternative life styles as sin based on Scripture.

The very people who preach tolerance to conservative Christians are the ones guilty of intolerance now.

Obama needs to stand up to his left-wing supporters and outline the fact that the Constitution’s vision is one of pluralism.  They ask us to “coexist” on bumper stickers, and now we ask the same.

But I am afraid this situation developed because of truth.  A commentator called me mr. Truth probably because I hold tight to Biblical truth.  Truth does one of two things: it either convicts the sinner toward repentance or it hardens him/her.  In the case of gay activists it is obviously the latter.

They have gone as far as twisting Scripture to declassify homosexual relationships as sin.  I believe that deep down, nature is revealing to them the sinful aspect of such relations, and they are trying to gain the approval of Christians who hold to historical and correct interpretation of the Bible, as if such approval would make things right.

As born-again Christians led by the Holy Spirit are become a shrinking minority in the US, it is imperative that our constitutional rights are preserved and we are not forced out of the public square.  But it probably is too late for that.  Endorsing biblical views on sin and depravity got us labeled as bigots, even though we do not try to force our views on anyone.  It is a matter of personal faith, and we evangelize to those who are willing to listen.

So I ask again, who are the intolerant ones if not the ‘activists of tolerance’ who led to a forced withdrawal by Giglio?

4 comments on “Religious Intolerance in America

  1. Before the secular declassified homosexuality as a sin, the church declassified divorce and promiscuity as major sins… so why are we so surprised?

    Soon the church will declassify homosexuality and we will fight paedophilia, or bestiality until that is accepted…and so on…the old German triad: thesis, antithesis, synthesis…

    • And many churches have already done so, including major Presbyterian, Episcopelian, and Lutheran denominations.

      I predict that the Anglican church and its 77 million members world wide will soon split over the issue, as its new leader has already hinted at that.

      There were people in the Ro community back in the 90’s who had the foresight to realize this, one of them Valer B., and people were getting really uncomfortable when he would mention these issues form the pulpit.

      Now we are in the thick of it.

      It’s called progress.

      Who can stand in the way of progress?

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