Digging for Oil in the Mesopotamian: Update from Narcis Popovici (1)


Many of the readers of this blog know how Narcis Popovici, a Romanian-American from Chicago answered the call of the Lord and moved to a country hostile to Christians in order to extend the Kingdom of God there.  Along with his wife and children, and another family they have left EVERYTHING behind without plans to return to the United States.  I have personally received permission to publish this message and use his name, while maintaining the other names and their location private due to security reasons.  It is an honor to be able to support Narcis and his team in this endeavor.

Dedicate this year to God

     Like many of you, we felt it right to consecrate the first part of this year for seeking the Lord’s face with fasting and prayer.  I can’t emphasize how beneficial seasons of fasting have been to our family.  We don’t feel like this is some kind of feat of Christian strength, more like a natural expression of recognized weakness without His moment by moment Spirit quickening in our lives.  A fresh re-prioritizing of the primary place of His nourishing word and breath in our lives.  The more we begin to taste of His world, the less of a pull our world will have upon us. 

Whether that  be the spirit of this age, pride, fear, discouragement, or a thousand other God-hostile forces of flesh and darkness.  Our prayer to God is for “the word of His mouth” for this year, and the grace and faithfulness necessary to walk it out, both for us and for you.  For His abundant “presence” in our lives to be the chief center of all we are, and the “anointing” of His Spirit to break every demon yoke seeking the distortion of His glory and destruction of His creation. 

The most precious natural resources in our world are usually hidden, in the soil of the earth, underwater or buried deep in mountains.  But those who will bore them out find great reward.  God often reveals aspects of Himself and His Kingdom in nature and we believe this is one of them, those who dig will find!  Please click the video link on the left, just under our family picture for a short video on what we believe concerning the lay of the land and a word of encouragement from the Lord.     
Phase One: In Motion
     This first month has been a wild one.  I wish the angels would do some of this practical stuff for us, but in the meantime you gotta do what you gotta do :-). If you were wondering, YES, things here run a lot slower and disorganized than they do in the west.  So here’s the good news, a month and a half in and we are; about fully furnished and settled here in our home.  Just purchased a large SUV to cart around the team and some of you who will be visiting (prophesying). 

Officially got our residency, 7 months approved because it was our first time and that should be extended by 1 year increments once it expires.  We will be starting language classes this week and have had the opportunity of seeing God heal and deliver on a couple of different occasions during this last month.  We are still seeking the Lord for a location for our base and working towards establishing relationships with some here locally that might partner with us in the work at hand.  […] and I might start doing some traveling perhaps in the spring, we are seeking the Lord for His continued leadership on all we do.   

Family Life
     We hope that your Christmas was blessed and that you were able to celebrate our Lords birth with family and friends.  Our Christmas was blessed, despite not being with so many of our family and friends back home.  We also celebrated […] 8th birthday just a couple of days ago!  Family is so important!  One of the things God has consistently emphasized in our lives and ministry is the value of family.  God is a family man, and spirituality must look like the divine presence, word and order of God worked into our everyday family life. 

If we haven’t connected with you in a while, please forgive us.  With so much going on, we’re trying our best to give attention to the needs at hand.  However, as time permits, you can connect with us via Skype, facetime, phone, Facebook or email.  We’d love to hear from you.  Thank you for your continued prayers and support, we are indebted to your love and faithfulness to God and to us!

With Love

3 comments on “Digging for Oil in the Mesopotamian: Update from Narcis Popovici (1)

  1. Wow,
    that is beautiful to read. It reminds me of that precious verse in Isaiah 52:7- How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news, who publishes peace, who brings good news of happiness, who publishes salvation, who says to Zion, “Your God reigns.”

    These are beautiful people, who left behind western civilization for the calling of God. God bless, and keep them, and work through them. I look forward to future posts and will keep their family and group in our prayers!

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