Worship the Great I AM

Glory to the Lord Most High
King of Power and Light
Angels sing as Heaven bows
Earth resounds their song

Worthy worthy, Jesus is worthy
Praise to the Son of Man
Glory and Honor crown You forever
Worship the Great I Am
Alleluia, Alleluia

Glory to the Prince of Life
Sacred Son of God
Risen to glory, vowed His returning
Christ shall come again

Glory to the promised One
Holy Spirit of God
Pour out upon us power from heaven
Fill us with Your love


Very nice lyrics. Nice melody. Beautiful instrumentation.  One question… Why do they turn the lights off and fill the stage with orange light during worship?

6 comments on “Worship the Great I AM

  1. Gateway church Texas? Hmmm.. the pastor there invited Glenn Beck to preach there…and introduced him as a guy that loves the Lord..

    Oh…by the way Glenn is a Mormon

  2. A pastor I respect said, regarding Christian music, something like the following ‘if reading the words without music doesn’t produce the same feelings in you as the listening to the song does, then you are not responding to the message of the song, but rather the music’. Applying that in this context, I would say that the performer’s goal is not to bring about the feelings and thoughts that the words of the song would bring up in people, but rather feels the light show is more apt to bring about the emotions that are desired.

  3. I just spoke to a colleague who comes from a Christian background but is not a born-again Christian, in fact he embraces generic universalism, who went to visit a nondenominational megachurch here and said… “I had a great time… It was an awesome show”

    Evangelical churches, especially the large ones who can afford the lights and the big sound, are slipping on a dangerous slope of creating an artificial worship environment that caters to the flesh and emotion.

    Glenn Beck preaching in an evangelical church, huh? Maybe he really does love the lord. Is he on an apostleship track?

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