Less Americans Believe Alternative Life Styles are a Sin

In just 14 months there was 7 point drop in the percent of Americans who believe that homosexuality is a sin from 44% to 37%.

LifeWay Research conducted these studies, and their president commented that the country is rapidly shifting position on this issue, partly due to president Obama’s “evolving” view on gay marriage.

“There is little doubt that the President’s evolution on homosexuality probably impacted the evolution of cultural values.  This is a real and substantive shift, surprisingly large for a one-year time frame – though this was hardly a normal year on this issue’

These findings are revealed in the wake of pastor Louie Giglio’s withdrawal from the presidential inauguration prayer.  The White House has already announced that Giglio will be replaced by a pro-gay pastor as a means to not alienate anyone.

Christians believers who hold to the inerrancy and infallibility of the Bible will now be a rapidly shrinking minority in the US.

I am writing this to warn the body of Christ of our status in modern society.  Even though the Constitution gives us the right to believe the Bible as it is written, without taking Romans 1, 1 Corinthians 6, and many other pages out, we will be labeled as bigots, anti-social retros, and obstacles to progress.

Will this lead to religious persecution?  I believe yes.  Especially if Congress working with this Administration takes up “hate-speech” legislation which will prevent preaching from church pulpits from the above mentioned Bible passages.

At this point I do not envision pastors being put in jail for preaching against homosexuality.  But there is a real possibility of other legal methods being used to curtail religious freedom and free speech if such legislation is used.  Canada has already experimented with “hate-speech” legislation, and pastors there have confessed they are being pressured to not expose anti-sin views from the pulpit.

The world is changing.  Views are evolving.  A constant and confusing flux of public opinion is inundating us everyday.

Despite this we must remain anchored in the Word of God.  Anchored in Truth.

8 comments on “Less Americans Believe Alternative Life Styles are a Sin

  1. I found out recently about Exodus International, “a global outreach for churches, individuals & families offering a biblical message on same-sex attraction.”
    They really go out of their way to be non-offensive, so much so that i had to dig to find their core belief which is ultimately (in my opinion) buried under inclusiveness jargon.
    If this “leading global outreach” aims to confuse, they’ve succeeded. How many other “outreach” programs fumble on the subject matter & shy away from calling wrong what is wrong? Sugar coating the truth of God’s word does not fall in to the definition of tact. Reconciling two things, homosexuality & heterosexuality, is to negate God’s order. It is preposterous! At least that’s my 2cents on the matter.

    • Oh, and bringing in a pro-gay pastor certainly DOES alienate bible believing, true Christians. To echo what Christian Ionescu said on the matter, given that this is a festival of sin, I’m surprised they even WANT to pray.

    • Gia, I had the same reaction, why would pastor that holds true to biblical truth join a pride parade…

      Then I realized that it is the perfect opportunity to proclaim the truth. To pray in the name of Jesus. To make known the sins of the country in prayer. Too bad it will not be this way.

      • I agree it is a missed opportunity but why would people who refuse God’s Word want to pray to Him. At this point, it’s all just an empty act.

  2. No. It is not Christians who hold to Biblical inerrancy, but to a particular interpretation of particular words in the Bible. Read other interpretations of those words with an open heart.

    • Clare, all we can do at this point is agree to disagree.

      There are so many Bible passages that must be twisted to fit the idea that homosexuality is not sin. Church history and correct hermeneutics is on the side of the view exposed here. The opposite is a relatively new interpretation that arrived with the sexual revolution.

  3. Hey if a conservative pastor stressed that talking about sin was not part of his ministry what do you expect? In this country I would not blame the media, or Barak Hussein, I would blame the church and its ministers in general and the seeker friendly church in particular for the “evolution”…..there are over 300 thousand churches in this country

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