Jesus Can Forgive Even the Sin of Abortion

Jesus can forgive in fact any sin if the sinner repents.

As I review my patient’s surgical histories, I come across a high percentage of women who have had at least one abortion.  Many of them are remorseful knowing they extinguished a life, while others would not have a problem wearing a “I had an abortion” t-shirt at a pro-choice rally.

The following comment was left on my blog as a response to one of Delight in Truth’s most popular articles “Face to Face With the Reality of Abortion” (here) .  It comes  from a Christian woman who had an abortion in her youth.  It is an uplifting message of repentance and redemption.  She is an example that the blood of Christ can cover any sin, even one as horrific as abortion.  Her blog The Narrowing Path is here.

“For those who have posed the question…if you want to know how a woman could do such a thing [abort her baby], you could ask one directly. Some of us are more than willing to be honest about our experience.

It is one of the most horrendous things a woman can go through, and only the Lord himself can heal a person from the trauma of it. I know, I had one when I was a young adult. At the time, I was spiraling into a breakdown, and couldn’t even process the information about my “options”. I saw none, and with terrible dread every step of the way, went through with it, knowing it was an abominable thing to do, as my mum held my hand and bid farewell to her first grandchild.

I have wept more than I could have ever imagined over this experience, and it certainly was very poignant when my first son was born a decade later. My two children are such an undeserved gift from the Lord, given the fact that I killed my first child.

I share my story sometimes, as a support to others, and also to remind people who even Christians can backslide into terrible sinning and find themselves in this situation.

There are options, and as Christians, abortion is not one of them. It is humbling when you look at the ten commandments and have to admit to all of them, murder included. Thankfully we have a merciful and gracious God, who washes us clean with the blood of his precious Son.

From blood-red to snowy white.

The Lord has now healed me from that trauma, and forgiven me for that heinous sin. I pray that we can show the same compassion to others who have been through similar situations, without ever condoning the practice at any stage in a pregnancy.”

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How a Life Was Saved

The Boston Marathon bombing victim in the photo above is Jeff Bauman.

The man who saved his life is a peace activist named Carlos Arredondo.

I will make a few medical remarks so that Delight in Truth readers can understand the gravity of the situation in the photo above.  I could not publish the bottom half of the photo because it is extremely graphic, as the victim’s legs are no longer attached to his body, but it is available all over the internet.

In the absence of trained medical personnel immediately available, Carlos instinctively did the right thing in pinching what appears to be the victim’s popliteal artery.  This is a large artery that runs in the back of the knee.  It is the size of one’s pinky finger, and one’s entire blood volume may be lost in a matter of a few minutes via this vessel.

By the time 40% of one’s blood volume is lost in a trauma setting, shock ensues and mortality is very high.

As an anesthesiologist, my professional guess is that Jeff lost at least 25%-30% of his blood volume in this injury based on the pale color of his face, the severity of his injury (not shown) and the unfocused gaze in his eyes.

The fact that Carlos Arrendondo clamped the bleeding popliteal artery ensured that Jeff did not lose the additional blood which would have put him in the “greater than 40%” blood loss category.  That would have probably led to his demise or permanent organ damage.

Quick decisive action saved a life.

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