Five Questions Christians in American Society Should Ponder

In light of the recent Supreme Court decision which made the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional, Christians have reason to be worried.  Justice Kennedy was loud and clear when he wrote that the only possible motive to be against gay marriage is hatred.  That was codified talk by Kennedy targeting Christians as a hateful group.

Delight in Truth feels this will become the underlying motive for hate-speech legislation in our country in the near future.

We must start to really think about these 5 issues as presented by Todd Friel on his show:

1. Will churches lose their tax exempt status because they believe what the Bible teaches about homosexual sin?

2. Will pastors be forced to officiate same-sex marriage against orthodox interpretation of the Bible?

3. Will Christian schools be forced to endorse the progressive agenda or lose accreditation?

4. Will pastors be able to counsel persons struggling with homosexual desires and tell them that such lifestyle is sinful?

5. Will parents be able to tell their children that homosexuality is a sin?

I predict we will see lawsuits against churches claiming discrimination because gay church members will not be given pulpit time or worship leading roles.  It has already happened at Mariner’s church in Irvine, CA when the church fired their gay choir director when he came out of the closet.  After a 6 year legal battle the church won the case.  I foresee many churches losing these types of lawsuits in the future based on discrimination and hate speech laws.

I write about these things because the Church needs to prepare for these events.  We must continue to press forward, make the Gospel our number one mission, and pray that the Holy Spirit will change the lives we touch.

Legal Attacks Against Christians in the US on the Rise

In the wake of the ungodly election cycle we just went through, a series of stunning lawsuits against churches and Christian organizations started to take shape within the legal system.  This may be the first time in the history of the United States that a systematic approach has been undertaken to attack organizations of the Christian faith thru the courts.

One of the groups leading this coordinated charge is the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), an organization of 19,000 self-proclaimed non-theists (atheists and agnostics) who want to remove religious (but mainly Christian) influence from society.  Their main underlying argument in most of these cases is separation of church and state, as if the United States is a theocracy where the church is in charge of government.  Anytime a Christian symbol appears in public, they cry a reactionary “this is a violation of the separation of church and state!”

The FFRF has just sued Billy Graham Evangelistic Association for taking out full-page ads in the weeks leading up to election urging people to vote for pro-life candidates.  They are vehemently suing a number of Catholic bishops and parishes who instructed their members to vote based on religious principles involving issues like abortion and contraception mandates.

The October 7, 2012 event “Freedom Pulpit Sunday” where nearly 1,600 pastors decided to openly endorse life, biblical and family values and candidates from the pulpit seemed to have been the pivotal point that started this rage.

But wait… their bold tactic does not end there.   They have just demanded in the letter to the president that the words “so help me God” as well as the placing of the hand on the Bible be removed from the presidential inauguration…  again, based on the delusion that the church and state are one entity in the US!

The main goal of these attacks is to remove the non-profit status of churches and Christian organizations.  That is the goal… for now.  But I am predicting that we will quickly move to the phase of anti-bullying and hate speech legislation against pastors and churches who proclaim biblical truth.  And then Christians will face more than just monetary penalties.   They may face criminal charges and potentially prison for preaching against sin.

Christians in America need to wake up and pray for this nation and its leaders, so that God will not allow this nation to get to that point.  Persecution is coming to America and we need to anticipate it and get spiritually ready for it.