Five Questions Christians in American Society Should Ponder

In light of the recent Supreme Court decision which made the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional, Christians have reason to be worried.  Justice Kennedy was loud and clear when he wrote that the only possible motive to be against gay marriage is hatred.  That was codified talk by Kennedy targeting Christians as a hateful group.

Delight in Truth feels this will become the underlying motive for hate-speech legislation in our country in the near future.

We must start to really think about these 5 issues as presented by Todd Friel on his show:

1. Will churches lose their tax exempt status because they believe what the Bible teaches about homosexual sin?

2. Will pastors be forced to officiate same-sex marriage against orthodox interpretation of the Bible?

3. Will Christian schools be forced to endorse the progressive agenda or lose accreditation?

4. Will pastors be able to counsel persons struggling with homosexual desires and tell them that such lifestyle is sinful?

5. Will parents be able to tell their children that homosexuality is a sin?

I predict we will see lawsuits against churches claiming discrimination because gay church members will not be given pulpit time or worship leading roles.  It has already happened at Mariner’s church in Irvine, CA when the church fired their gay choir director when he came out of the closet.  After a 6 year legal battle the church won the case.  I foresee many churches losing these types of lawsuits in the future based on discrimination and hate speech laws.

I write about these things because the Church needs to prepare for these events.  We must continue to press forward, make the Gospel our number one mission, and pray that the Holy Spirit will change the lives we touch.

9 comments on “Five Questions Christians in American Society Should Ponder

  1. thank you for your post. this is a fear that my husband (an associate pastor/worship leader) and i have as well, that in the future pastors and Christians all around will not have the ‘freedom’ to openly voice their beliefs/convictions regarding homosexuality and gay marriage. Jesus come quickly!

  2. Everyone will have their right to free speech but Christians . . . We will be forced to keep our mouths shut. The laws that this country is putting on us for other’s rights will see to it. Everyone else will have the right to force on us their ways, thoughts and beliefs but if we do we will get sued for a hate crime. Darkness wants nothing to do with light and I agree with godfolwer007 . . . Jesus come quickly! . . . Thank you for these points to ponder on this our Independent Day from God! ~ Blessings ~

  3. 1. Yes.2. yes, 3. yes, 4.No 5. No. So what do we do? Ephesians 3:10. We are to display the manifold wisdom of God. We the church. Maybe we will have to go underground or meet secretly.
    I think we are being told to expect persecution like the rest of the world has experienced.

    I for one do not look forward to it, but Lord help us stand strong and display your wisdom to a world gone mad.

  4. I share your concerns, Delight.

    My pastor has said that he is willing to give up the church’s tax-exempt status if that’s what it takes to speak the truth. It is a church full of real Christians. He has their complete support.

    My daughter (21) and son (18) (and wife) know where I stand on this issue that is not going to change even if I end up in jail.

    My pastor will be sitting right next to me.

    I agree that the lawsuits will increase. They will increase in number and intensity.

    I do not have the strength to stand up to the persecution unless I rely on the Holy Spirit’s power. He has never let me down yet.

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