Bad Medicine: Plan B for 15-Year-Olds


The morning after pill “Plan B One Step” has been in the making for at least 13 years. I remember research about it being presented back in my medical school years.

It took this many years but the progressive agenda has succeeded in its goal. As of this month, girls as young as 15 can walk into a pharmacy and grab a Plan B off the aisle without a prescription.

A progressive judge has pushed the FDA into approving this non-solution to a moral problem, and parents don’t even have to know about it… until the side effects and potentially dangerous complications of Plan B will affect their daughters.

One can consult a site like for non-medical professionals, and see some of the adverse effects of this pill that contains a hefty dose of a synthetic reproductive hormone which will prevent implantation of a fertilized egg. We are talking about an abortifacient pill, one that effectively gets rid of the product of conception.

The moral argument will not do for the progressives.

How about a medical argument?

There is a reason why hormonal contraceptive pills require a prescription normally. There is a reason why hormone replacement therapy after menopause is controversial. That reason has to do with increased mortality in certain situations and medical conditions.

Now levonorgestrel will be available to all comers after age 15 over-the-counter. My main concern is with young women at risk for thromboembolic events, like those who have clotting disorders and are not yet diagnosed, and who possibly engage in other behaviors like smoking. They may form a clot after taking Plan B and suffer a potentially deadly pulmonary embolus.

What happened to the Hippocratic Oath which says “do no harm” first when treating a patient?

Our society is so blinded by Satan that it will bypass even earthly reason in excusing sin.

Christians who hold to biblical truth are forbidden from engaging in sexual immorality af any kind. That includes premarital sex and sexual experimentation. God has ordained sex only for marriage, and any attempt to remove it from marriage is a SIN.

Plan B does not solve a problem. It creates and sustains a moral problem and it potentially may cause serious harm to young women’s health.

Progressives will disagree as usual.