Scared Parent from Norway Speaks Out

Delight in Truth received this comment from Norway. It highlights the sense of fear that Norwegian citizens have with respect to their CPS. Some data has been edited to protect the author.

“Hi. Thank you everybody out there for speaking up for us parents here in Norway. We are many, we are scared, we have no hope. Please help us deliver this pain and suffering this restriction of speaking up, to resist to the government [is] too risky for us.

I am a single mother. I sent my […] year old child across the street of my working place after work to buy ice cream. Some people saw him alone and talking to a stranger in front of the ice cream fridge. They called the police. When my child came out too me with ice cream my child went to the lunch room. The police came into my work place asking for my child and the man my child was speaking with. We had to lie to the police, that we did not see a child. If they had seen him with the ice cream they would have taken him to interrogation to barnehuset. Removed him from his home beacause I didn’t watch him this second.

I was so scared, luckily I was sparred this time, next time I don’t think before I let him out playing or anything else unforeseen happens I will lose my child for not being there all the time.

This is the terror, everyday terror I live with. In a city of […] people. I know about 20 parents scarred to death to get in the same situation as me with the ice cram incident. I know of hundreds of people I have spoken to that live in fear. Working as a […] so people dare to speak with me. We live in fear, in restriction, we are suffocated in our own country. Too scared to resist, to speak.

Please help us. Talk for us. We need you out there speaking for us.”

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  1. Dear Scarred,

    Since Norway is such a rich country, I would expect everyone to have internet access. Yet, look at the blog hits here from your country. It is not enough. I am glad you are here but I have a request:

    Please share this blog with the friends whom you trust. If enough people in your country become aware of this problem (And I believe that many already are), aware of the real stories and the issues surrounding them, aware of the fact that more of the world is waking up to this evil, just maybe they will rise up and demand accountability from those who destroy families.

    May God bless you and the people of Norway Scarred!

    (This is my same comment from the previous blog post.)

    Thanks for sharing, Delight. It is an important post.

    • Hi. Thank You Chris. For all your support. Thank You for sharing my comment/post.
      I want too ad some details to my experience this day. I can see that there is some speculations in weather this is true, what I work as. And so on. I run and own a interior decoration/ gift shop in the main street of my town with employees. On the other side of the street of my workplace/my shop it’s a grocerie store. My child wanted to buy ice cream there. I also work as a coach too help people to evolve. As a second income and have clients that address the BV situation with me and other daily problems. I also know other parents scarred sick that they would be in contact with this service. People I come in contact with tell me on a weekly basis their experiences and now I was about to get in this situation my self. I remember my heart stopped when the police man opened the door to my shop asking for my child. There was a nice lady that was bying gifts and was ready to pay. I was going to get my child in the lunch room and was going home. The police man asked all of us if we had seen a child with ice cream and if there was anybody else in there or there was any other rooms and I said no and turned to the customer and she saw my eyes terrified when I turned around to look at her. She said yes, maybe at the park. I quickly started to question the police man as a nosy lady and expressed my interest in what’s going on and asking for more details. Then he just turned around and closed the door behind him. We all lied, beacause we silently know what this could result in. I tryed to just act as normal as I could after this with thousands of toughts running wild in my head. Went to my child in the lunsj room asking my child if there was something special happening in the grocerie store and my child answered that there was a man addressing him at the ice cream fridge and acted as a clown with ice cream. My reaction and evaluation of this is that someone in the grocerie shop saw this and wanted to report this, so they called the police. As I have heard the police comes first and takes the child to BV vakta and then the interigation institution barnehuset. As a result I now do NOT let my child go alone across the street to buy anything anymore. I have a anxiety deep in my soul. Not for nice people in the grocerie shop but the consequences I have to face if I have been cault doing this, letting him go alone. The problem is, if this had been recorded and I have had my record straight, by this I mean no previous reports, perfect health, nothing to address in the school. Perfect education and economy. And so on.. And I actually proved my self to get my child back. Then it would be in the documents of the officials and BV. If Iam getting unlucky in the future they would use this insidence to prove my bad parenting skills. BV is documenting anyone everywhere and building up a case against the parents in case they see fit to remove the child in the future. You can nowadays meet the wrong worker that don’t like you and feel negativity towards you and then twisting words and facts as they see fit. I live a very constricted life. Home, work, school. I do not dare to do anything that could make myself noticed in a unlucky situation. I know Iam not alone to confine my self in a small invironment. Parents do not dare to address other parents in a bad manner in case of getting reported. Smile, be polite, be perfect. This is my advise. Parents that have contact with BV loses their friends beacause the friends have children and they are afraid getting attention on them self if they help the parent with BV contact. It’s a nightmare and it’s never ending. It’s confinement in a box you do not dare to move. It’s a silent suffocation that ends after 18 years if you only have one child.. Also I would tell tourists and other visitors too look around you in the streets of Norway. Do you see happy children out playing? Look at this next time you come. Ask parents about the situation. I can most sertainly say they will tell you why..

      • Thank you for the follow-up. Your anxiey is evidence for the “snitch” culture which has been cultivated in Norway. The culture of telling on each other and calling the CPS for every little thing.

        • Thank you, thank you so much for this blog and all activity, protests, voices out there. God bless you all!!
          I still lay awake at night terrified for this. Terrified to get the evil eye on me. I know I take a huge risk telling about this at this blog, in every media, even a close friend. But we must start speaking, small to big people. We live in a personal hell with no freedom. They use our children to have total control over the fertile population. Total control and confinement!
          There are secret groups on FB where parents meet. I will try to get this blog known to them. If I gain access. People are just to afraid to trust each other..
          God be with you and the Bodnarius family, and rest of the depressed family’s of Norway.

        • Again – Mr. Prunean – there is no CPS is this story – that can be made up propaganda for all that we know – and you as a health worker living close to real Dangerous areas only use your activist brain to spread this unnecessary fear that maybe be real fear in this commenter – or just a made up propaganda – the story changes at some parts.

          Mr Nygaard: “…. CPS … that can be made up propaganda for all that we know –”

          I agree that such stories can be untruthful. The real trouble is, though, that very many of the stories from sources in Barnevernet about real families and about how they help these families, ARE made up. I know for a fact that their reports about what happens at supervised visitations between parents and children can be totally untruthful – I have been in close touch with such lying reports myself. Likewise their reports about what foster children say and what they want tend to be rather different from what these children can tell when and if they are set free.
             There is no way Barnevernet’s created trail of tragedies for children and parents gives any reason to trust their self-advertisement. They are not dependable.

        • Knut Nygaard, I am most sertainly a live and living in Norway. This is my true story, my life in our so called free land of ours. I can explain it to you in Norwegian.
          Jeg er en høyst levende person med skremmende erfaring fra det totalitære regime vi foreldre lever under. Jeg ønsker å dele dette med omverden. Vi er mange foreldre her i det norske land som lider under en terroristisk tilværelse satt i gang av BV og øvrige myndigheter der vi ikke har personvern og frihet. Ytringsfriheten er kneblet for lenge siden. Bare dine utsagn vedrørende mitt vitneutsagn er et meget godt vitne på det.

        • Thank you for sharing your story. I can imagine that people are afraid. Maybe nothing would have happened, but obviously nobody wants to get under CPS radar, because you never know, how that will end up..
          I dont think a simple fact, that the child is 8 year old would trigger any attention. Though it seems that people in Norway are very concerned about the children. Lots of mistrust and fear in Norway, it seems. I already know about few families that are either moving, or would like to move, because of Norwegian CPS.

  2. You, Mr. Prunean, omitted in your copying of this comment from a Scarred parent on the Desperate parents leave Norway page that the child was 8 years old – this single scared mother live in a town with about 60000 inhabitants – working as a personal coach most possibly at a gym. I wonder why? Do you think this mother is in any danger or of what? Yes, Norway is little – but this comment has nothing to do with the CPS – it has to do with steared up fear.

    A child at age 8 buying ice cream usually draw no attention anywhere on this planet – neither in Norway. So why are “some people” calling the police? People in Norway are like people everywhere else – they do not care about small oberservations or incidents in our daily life – if it’s a matter of life or death most of us get awake.

    To get the attention of the police at the age of 8 there has to be a reason – stealing maybe, but at that age a child don’t steal for much and most owners are pleased if they can send a message to the parent(s) – the child had a bill for a big amount – in Norway the biggest is kr. 1000, – , but a owner seldom call the police for such an observation. Maybe something happened and the child didn’t answer and the owner thought the child was on it’s own, but according to this story the police came to the mothers working place for some reason.

    A child picked up for some reason like a dog is out of context. If the child can speak and tell the name of the parent a missing child is brought home. An interference done at Barnehuset most have a reason – sexual or violence abuse – the work done there need preperation and buying icecream is not in that context at all.

    I wonder why you post this comment, Mr. Prunean – instead of using your brain to help this mother to come to her senses you use it as ammunition for the activist movement for Maximum steared up fear. Is that the right medicine given by a health worker?

    • The problem is that people seem to be eager to report in Norway if they think there is some suspicion.
      How about this story, published in Czech newspaper a while ago.
      A young Czech mother who lives in Norway went with her sister and her boyfriend to a cafe. They had a good time and have ordered one glass of grog. She had her child with her who was still in the stroller. .. They were having a good time and speaking in Czech. Next to them was an older couple sitting, who was looking at them. Some time later, the older couple went to the waitress and told her something and pointed at this group. Then police has arrived and they took them all into the interrogation. The young mother spoke Norwegian, the others have not. They were in shock about what is happening. The social workers tried to take the baby, but because the baby started to cry, they returned it to the mother. The mother was questioned about who she is, whats her name, why is she drinking alcohol (one glass!) at the same time that she cares for a baby.
      Her husband has arrived who is Norwegian and doctor and suddenly the whole situation has turned. The atmosphere was much more friendlier and the police has apologized, after a while the family was released.

      The mother is asking..what would have happened if my father was not Norwegian and a doctor? She has no trust in such a system like that. I know about two other families who are moving back, because they dont want to live in such a country, where you can get reported by your neighbors or just random people.

      • Do you believe in this story? I have been to Norway many times and generally speeking, people don´t take care about you and your behavior. They do their bussiness. You can meet many different people from various etnic groups especially in bigger towns, people are used to foreigners and their different ways of doing things. Maybe this woman was drunken and very noisy , we don´t know. We can´t decide if the story from some tabloid pages ( was truth at all. You can be reported by your neighbor or just random people in the Czech republic as well.In fact, the boys from so called “Kuřim case” were saved because of an neighbor who informed the social service.

        • Veronika, in Kurim the neighbor has seen images on his monitoring camera of a boy a boy laying naked and tied, locked in a broom cupboard.

          Every normal person would report something like that. You can not compare these too..

        • Veronika, sorry to say but this is a very poor judgement. If it didn’t happen to you or you have not seen something like this that means it might not be true. I lived in a communist country until the age of 17. I’ve never seen people arrested for no reason on the streets. Nevertheless, should I discard those thousands of testimonies that say it happened to them just because I lived in that country and I have never seen something like that happening? There are many things that happen around us and we are not aware of them. CPS is functioning in other countries (ex. Austria and Germany) but you won’t see in these countries thousands of people testifying about the horror of CPS. Your mind seems to be set on this logic: if CPS is involved, for sure something bad happened or if CPS is not functioning in your /our country therefore where CPS confiscates children that automatically means they are doing their job or the job they are supposed to do. They have no right to confiscate children without a due process.

    • I beg to differ, people in Norway seem to be reporting much more. They are brainwashed into being alert about the situation around children. Exactly, how many concerns are yearly made to CPS in Norway and how many children live there? You should know..

      • Brainwashed? We should protect the most vulnerable, children and it´s fine if it´s an important task for Norwegians population. Norwegians are better than us in it. 128 children were tortured to death by their parents in the Czech republic in the last 5 years in comparasiton with 15 children in Norway in the same period ((ČR 128 utýraných dětí, Norsko 15 – to říkají souhrnná data za pět let).

        • As there are twice as many people in the C.R., I don’t think you numbers are really indicative of anything, Veronika. And, as your statements have been incorrect in the past, why should we accept them now?

          What Pavla and Octavian are “saying” above is essentially there is no logic, based on the facts, in your or Knut’s statements above. I would agree with them.

        • Yes, twice as many people live in the Czech republic. We would have the same numbers of tortured children (in realation to population) as Norway if we had 30 cases (15.2). We have even more children outside the family than Norway according to our Ministry of social affaires statistics.

    • Give it up, Knut. You have ZERO credibility in this fight. EVERYONE knows that you are a shill for the BV cult. Spit all the inane rhetoric you want, it will NEVER change the fact that your BV cult breaks EVERY law and violates EVERY Human and Civil right. Your pathetic cult WILL be destroyed, rebuilt and have BETTER policies with PROPERLY TRAINED workers. The cultists they have now WILL face life in prison and this WILL be handed down from The Hague and the United Nations.

      I suggest that you open your eyes to the true reality. And that reality is is that BV is nothing more than a Government operated Human Trafficking Ring.

    • I do wonder how you, Knut, can be so active writing on the Internet and at the same time be responsible for around 30 children (or were there even more?) in your Barnevern care? I think I should send a concern of neglect to your boss.

    • Norway is a great country, it’s almost too good.
      When something is too good to be true, it probably is …
      Norway has suffered a lot in the past, now it’s getting the much deserved reward.

      But something is wrong in this modern “paradise”, the country’s leaders want to destroy the gene pool and culture, while keeping appearances.
      It’s not something specific to Norway, it just happened to have a more prepared population for cultural-marxism.

      I was surprised when I first heard that some Norwegians cried when the communist regime was removed from Romania, but now I understand why.
      “Panem et circem” the romans/latins used to say, bread and circus.

      Romanian communism lacked both, ever since Ceausescu’s visit to North Korea and the austerity policy during communism.
      Some western countries implemented a different communism and changed it’s name. They created an ideological communism while keeping the appearances of a free market.

      During communism, I never heard of people being kidnapped, tortured, I just knew that there was not enough food, for no apparent reason.
      After communism fell, many people, including family friends told me that they were interrogated for days, to the point of nervous breakdown.
      There are many books now with the testimonies of political prisoners.

      I suspect that after the fall of modern communism in western countries, we will hear the truth.

      The mirage of prosperity is making people sell their neighbors, but it’s all done behind closed doors.

      If the culture of death will continue and more children are kidnapped to be forcefully adopted by gay and other families, then I see no future for those countries.

      The Islamic invasion is their only hope, it’s actually a blessing in disguise, a lot of suffering yes, but a revival of common sense and the love for Life itself, not the desire to live one’s life without moral rules.

      I hope Norway can recover it’s compass and find North again, so they can own their country and lead it to moral prosperity, not just the economic one.

      • This is an excellent statement, Andrei.

        “But something is wrong in this modern “paradise”, the country’s leaders want to destroy the gene pool and culture, while keeping appearances.”

        I actually think the original intent of this modern “paradise” was to create a super race. It is one reason why immigrants are targeted. “If we can make immigrants like us…” The attempt to create a super race has backfired. It is not the gene pool that is being destroyed. It is the soul of a nation.

    • It wasn´t any comparison from my part. I don´t believe the story from “maminka page. I have visited Norway more times, I studied there and I know that the strangers don´t care about you and your children in a restaurant and they don´t call the police if you drink a glass of grog or wine. That´s absurd. People aren´t interested in you (they mind their bussiness) unless you disturb a peace or something similar. The “ice cream story” is an absurd one as well. We don´t know why the strangers called the police- they had to have some reason to waste their time on that. You can see many children buying ice cream on their own in Norway- nobody cares about it.
      You mention that everybody can report to the social service in Norway… and I wanted to higlight that you have the same right or even obligation in the Czech republic as well.

    • I agree on 100%. Norwegian and Czech people don´t differ so much as you think when it comes to their ability to use their brains. You usually don´t report anyone for minor reason, you don´t dream about being a part of an investigation etc. You care about yourself (exceptions: serious situations when you feel you should do something or a revenge to your ex- partner).

  3. When you come to Norway as a tourist or you begin to live there, you do not see what is behind the curtains. Norway turns out its real face when you live there for a while. The face Norway shows to the world is completely different to reality.
    The shocking point in the case discussed here is, that it will not happen everytime, but it can happen everytime. Norway is not a save country for families at all. Once the BV decides to take your children away (and they don’t need a reason, they construct their reasons, building on nothing) they do it and they don’t want to return the kids at all. Looks like the children are sold in the moment they take them. When they kidnapped our four children, my wife talked to a BV-employee and told her, she has the feeling, tahat the children were already sold. The employee replied, that she would have the same feeling….
    Barnevern in Norway is barbaric, it is uncultivated and inhumane. No one should close the eyes from this.
    If you have children and do not feel save anymore in Norway, leave the land immediately. I offer a place to stay for a few days for all, that must flee the country for BV-reasons. Just take contact (Facebook Hubert Schabel)

    • Hubert: “The shocking point in the case discussed here is, that it will not happen everytime, but it can happen everytime.”
         – Or let us say it can happen at any time, and without any relationship to any actual offense having been committed by parents or any actual abuse / neglect suffered by the child.
      Again the argument turns up of abused children not being discovered or helped. But the really important question then is: In what way are they helped by the CPS attacking quite different families and ruining their lives? The CPS is so incompetent and wayward in their beliefs that they hit out wildly, often missing cases of real needs, even refusing to give simpl, practical help where it is clearly needed, more often than not harming families with their “help”.

      • I dont know how big is the chance that BV gets his eyes set on the family? Are there any statistics about how many children are there in Norway and how many interventions are forced on the family incl. care orders?

        The point is, that nobody knows. Once you get under their radar, you can not be sure how that ends up.. If people can get reported for trivial reasons that creates atmosphere of fear. Knut is telling us, there is no fear in Norway? Well I hear from parents in Norway that they are afraid. They do watch out what they do, who are their neighbors etc.. I would hate to live like that.

          Pavla: “I would hate to live like that.”

          Yes. But still, it is better in the long run for people to be realistically afraid and awak, than to be taken by surprise when they have been unrealistically trustful.

          I just saw an old tv program about Hungarians who had escaped in 1956 and who were after 1990 able to revisit, the now grown-up children of one man, married to a Norwegian, going with him and intending to live in Hungary for a while at least. There was talk about 1956, what they had risked, what they had lost and gained, and a very clear opinion was: No price is too high for freedom.

    • “When you come to Norway as a tourist or you begin to live there, you do not see what is behind the curtains. Norway turns out its real face when you live there for a while. The face Norway shows to the world is completely different to reality.”

      I’m sure I would have the same experience, Hubert. But that was before I learned all that I have about the truth.

      • Sure, you have to live there for longer period of time and get familiar with the situation. But you can watch the way of behaving of people even as let´s say a student who has been living in Norway for one academic year.I´m in contact with people in Norway, Norwegians and Czechs,for example with woman who have lived in Norway for 23 years and she raised 2 children… These people speak about “bullshit propaganda”, about misleading “facts” etc. I do know even Czech ladies who have worked or studied in BV or have worked in “barnehage”, in videregaende skole… and they all agree on the fact that it is not easy to remove a child from home. Norwegian families are not afraid at all (in their huge majority), just 0,7% of all children live in an institution or in a foster family (including relatives as foster and voluntary removal of children) for your information. The numbers are higher in other countries including the Czech republic or Romania. And you have to follow laws to remove children and the decision is made by the Court. Police is involved (the “ice cream” story where Bv wasn´t involved at all) only if there is a suspect of a broken law.


        • What about Nadia’s account of her stay in a Mothers’ Home or “Center” as it is called, Veronika?

          Has Nadia been lying to me? Has Margaret Hennum, the nurse who has tried to help Nadia been lying to me, Veronika?

          If you think they are lying to me, please explain to me what is really happening at places like Vilde.

          I can’t get Knut to make a comment either way. He has nibbled around the edges of the issue a bit, but he won’t say if Nadia’s story is true or not. He won’t allow me to see one of the training manuals used to train “Center” workers.

          He has not answered very simple questions that many have had and he is the representative for the Barnevernet here.

          Can you give me a source for your statistics here, Veronika?

          “The numbers are higher in other countries including the Czech republic or Romania.”

          I’ll leave this statement for others as I know someone will disagree with you.

          I’m in contact with people in Norway, too, Veronika. They are telling me different things than your friends in Norway have told you.

          At this point, I will believe my primary sources unless you can discredit them. If you can do that, I will come to be on your side.

        • Veronika, do you talk about numbers per capita?
          Do you include adopted children after foster care?
          Romania has far more citizens, so far higher numbers are expected…

    • When I returned from my first trip to Norway, I was really impressed how well things worked there.

      But a Romanian guy on the airplane told me that a relative/friend(don’t remember exactly) had two boys, one of them told the teachers that he was spanked at home, while the other told them that they were not.
      They had a person from Barnevernet live with the for months before giving them the OK to keep their children.
      This is a true story, there was no reason for him to lie to me, a stranger.
      Also at the time I didn’t know much about Barnevernet, Bodnariu’s case and all the others.
      I am seriously scared by the thought that one could lose their child while visiting as a tourist or living there.

      You don’t see Barnevernet, but you see other indicators like drug addicts, many teenagers so drunk that the snow becomes yellow from all the urine and the vomit. Even though there are no stray dogs and you even see teenagers beg for food since they only brought alcohol with them and don’t have any money left.

      A colleague of mine was almost forced into a mountain cabin by a Norwegian drunk girl while his future wife was nearby. One could say: “What’s wrong with that ?”.
      If you are a teenager you might enjoy the company of girls, but as a responsible adult, it’s no joke.

      This is a good indicator that a closed doors culture is growing in Norway and things are really messed-up.
      Many Norwegians complain about the lack of enthusiasm for work in the younger generation, that could lead to an economic regression.

  4. Veronika, you cannot compare CPS in countries like Czech Republic or Estonia with countries like Norway where CPS’s employees have very good salaries and where CPS became a business. Since CPS is financed based on number of children confiscated, of course they will confiscate all the abused children and on top of it they will try to build a case out of nothing. My question: how would you define a CPS that confiscate all the abused children and besides that they confiscate other hundreds of children from good parents? A CPS like that is good or bad? According to your logic you may say “it’s excelent because they protect all the abused children”. Another hypotetical situation: The Police in Vietnam arrest all the thiefs but in addition to that they condemn a great number of innocent people. How is the Police in that country? You don’t listen to the victims until you become a victim or you are struggling to defend the abusive system for you have an interest to kiss its toes.

    • On top of real abuse cases, Norway is fabricating a large number of false abuse cases. How would you guys feel in a country with no criminals but in which innocent people can be easily convicted as criminals? Would you still praise that country for they eliminated the criminals or you would still have big concerns about condemning innocent people?

    There is a continuous torrent of articles and advertisements about Norway needing many more foster homes. The number the state thinks we need varies, but certainly it must be in excess of a thousand new ones every year. Judging by the enormous sums they spend on advertisements and arrangements to recruit and train foster parents, it is probably more.
       The madness has always been coupled to offers of rather high sums as wages and extra compensation for various things, some of it free of tax. Foster parents have for a number of years been able to collect a very good year’s income every year from having a foster child in the house, not to mention if they take in several foster children.
       Just now they have found out that they will increase the propaganda in Rogaland county. Rogaland is the county around Stavanger, which is the centre of Norwegian oil industry. With the recent slump in oil, thousands of people have become unemployed in the area. So now a foundation “Fyrlykta” (the light-house) is going to have campaigns outside the employment offices, to tempt out-of-work people from oil-related industry to become foster-parents. Yearly earnings up to NOK 500,000 (≈ €50,000) are announced. The young lady representing them apparently sees nothing but sunshine in such a project. Nobody asks whether all these children have been deprived of their real home without good reason. – The kind of training prospective foster parents are given includes preventing foster children from communication, let alone undisturbed communication, with their parents.

    “Unemployed people are tempted with fosterhome wages of 500,000”

    • This is so sickening! Barnevernet has become a business! They take away children from parents who LOVE their children, yea, who are willing to do anything to have them back, who lose all their money and everything they have, and offer these children to people who want to earn some extra MONEY! The love of money is the root to all evil!

      • You twist the information. Norway and especially Rogaland are in a situation where the negative change in the oil industry make people in need of some way to get an Income. We in the CPS have over a long period had trouble with the necessary recruitment for considerations to be foster parent. People seem to be pleased with their own occupation. We need homes for foreigners arriving without parents and the ordinary CPS situations. A family is no longer a lasting project and fosters seems to be just like everybody else.

        We in the CPS take the care for children as the last resort – a placement cost a lot of money and if the situation can be better or solved with other measures and placement done private or shared in Family Meeting this means less expences – but – the CPS is by Law forced to go for the altenative best for the child.

        Foster care is a professional job situation and they as other working get paid. I don’t know the numbers – foster homes is not my field.

        • Foster care is professional job situation? I wonder how professional these foster parents are. If Norway lacks foster parents, what checks are their done on the new foster parents, what follow up?
          Hang an recent article was stated that there is not such a good follow up of the foster homes and it has to improve.
          Further your own minister wants biological family and child’s network to be given advantage while placing a child in care? And still there are not enough foster homes, well well. Maybe if more than 23% of children were placed within their family (in some areas only 17 %), the problem would be solved.
          Of course they have to first look at those taken children, many of them can surely go back home.

        • The best is Tromso with 29 %. Still that is not enough, but having only 17 % of the children placed within their biological family in some municipalities is outrageous.

        • Pavla, BV and the Norwegian government want to increase the number of relative foster care if possible. One of my Czech- Norwegian friend attended the debate about BV in Bergen this year (3 weeks ago?. Amnesty International and the students of law faculty organized the event.) where a lady from BV Bergen- Fana (one district in Bergen) was presented. She spoke about their policy and efforts to increase the numbers of relatives as foster parents, they have been cooperating with family councils, with Mitt Liv and the others and they got it- 60% of children in care in Fana live in an extended family environment. You must work hard to achieve it, but this lady believed that the others would follow the best practice (the opinions of Norwegians are similiar to ours, they are not cold and without hearts, believe me).

        They have been SAYING that they prefer foster homing with relatives for 30 years at least. You need to go into why it so rarely happens. But it is not difficult to find out. The dominating reason is that the CPS does not want the children to be able to maintain unmonitored contact with their parents. If they are placed with relatives who at the same time keep natural contact with the child’s parents as often as is natural if they have their child living with them, then it will become obvious that there was no initial reason why the child should have been taken by the CPS at all. In the relatively few cases in which there really was a necessary reason (e.g. parents in prison), the arrangement could have been made without force or restriction, without conditions being imposed. The normal way the CPS forces itself into people’s lives would be seen to be unnatural and unneeded.
           So, the CPS tends to agree to family placements only if the parents and the foster parents are at loggerheads, or the foster parents agree to keep the parents out. For example, if the children are placed with grandparents, they are made to forbid the parents access to the home (which is, after all, the childhood home of one of the parents).
           There are some varying circumstances, but it is simply not true that the CPS wants placement with relatives or close friends of the family. They usually come up with an “explanation” that “In this particular case, it just isn’t possible.” – not at all true. But it is true that the CPS would lose their power.
           Another bee in their bonnet: The CPS always says that the child must have quiet, no change – stable, unvarying car, it is called. This is used to justify taking a child into care if e.g. the parents are divorced and the child has varied in which parent it wants to live with. I know this argument from actual cases. If a child who is being interfered with by the CPS says “I want to stay with father” and then later wants to go back to its mother, that is an argument for the CPS; they claim that neither parent is able to give the child the psychic stability it needs. It is of the same kind as another argument they use: if the parents move a lot, that is suspicious, according to the CPS. No mention is made of the fact that foster children are very often moved by the CPS, some of them again and again. No value is placed on keeping in tact the togetherness of the family through trouble. Nor is any value placed on learning something new in one’s life: moving to a new place, seeing new circumstances. For a child of divorced parents to be able to go back and forth to some degree might solve practical problems in times of stress.
           It all boils down to control: The CPS wants total control, no change in a child’s life, no loss of CPS power. If they lose power over families, then it will be apparent that their so-called “help” is not wanted by the families – what the families want and need is quite different, not CPS interference, nosiness, evaluations which lead to nothing positive for the family, just more “work” for the “child professions”. Hence, they will always tend to refuse placement in the extended family unless they can somehow retain control. Some such placements may be good window-dressing to show the world, but they want to stay in charge.

        • Sofia 123 – you’ll just have to start reading. There is plenty available on the internet, just do some searches with words like “barnevernet”, “kritikk”, “criticism of social work”, “CPS”, etc. You will find several websites which give a great deal of such information as you ask for.
             It is not a sensible project for us who know this field well to spend our time taking each new person by the hand, as if we were a service office being paid for individual education or as if we had some duty of convincing each sceptic who wanted NOT to believe what is going on but did not want to make an effort to inform himself/herself. We must spend whatever time we can devote to this into writing things which are generally available, and into spreading information by other means.

        Veronica: “One of my Czech- Norwegian friend attended the debate about BV in Bergen this year (3 weeks ago?. Amnesty International and the students of law faculty organized the event.) where a lady from BV Bergen- Fana (one district in Bergen) was presented. She spoke about their policy and efforts to increase the numbers of relatives as foster parents, they have been cooperating with family councils, with Mitt Liv and the others and they got it- 60% of children in care in Fana live in an extended family environment.”

        This was a meeting described on DiT before. Åge Simonsen attended, and a number of other people who really knew the inside of CPS actions.
        According to them, the youths from Amnesty Student Bergen did not have any previous knowledge, the CPS leader from Fana looked sour and hardly said a word, and certainly had no sensible reply to criticism.

        It is all very well to think about how the CPS could develop this and that idea. That is not urgent, however. What is urgent is to stop what they are doing now, and the central thing is get fully revealed that it is NOT the case that the majority of the children they take were taken for good reasons.

        By the way, I have lived in Fana for 20 years plus and have several bad CPS actions by Barnevernet there.

        • Here we have an of many Mrs, M out of date argumentations. V write a comment about how the leader of the Fana CSP 3 weeks ago described the increased use of placement with relatives as foster parents – a comment that we all should think are a move in the right direction – Mrs. M twist this positiveness to: “I have lived in Fana for 20 years plus and have several bad CPS actions by Barnevernet there” . Which 20 year plus that were I think go back to her childhood. And when did Åge Simonsen have something to do with the CPS – some 20 years plus ago? Mrs. M is not in touch with the CPS of today – she is placed in the underground archieves of the library – she is not in touch with – this months new arrivals.

        • Knut – “Mrs. M twist this positiveness to…” – I don’t think that the comments are mutually exclusive, Knut. At least I read it as – to put it into my own words – that they may have done something that sounds positive, but still beware the wolf in sheep’s clothing given her own experiences.
          I think that this is an important warning given the context of the whole subject matter. I suspect that many of us here agree that we want the best for all children, and that the community should not turn a blind eye when we see true harm being inflicted on those around us. However, as we well know there is no official definition of what is best, and so it lies with (I’m not sure, perhaps Knut can answer) the individual case worker or the local department as to what is best. ie within a defined and very local social and cultural context.
          So, like barnevernet’s goals as a whole, Fana may have appeared to do something positive on the surface, but that does not mean that they really have or will continue to do so.
          And there lies the wolf.

        • Seems to me that we in that case have lived dangerously close with our different experiences, knowledges and opinions – if the house was in the Lower Butt Hill.

        • It would be great to see, that the CPS in Fana really tries to improve. That would give a hope. Though are they going to keep it up. I understand that there can never be 100 % placement in the own biological family, but the percentage should be as high as possible. Another thing is of course why were these children taken from their parents in first place.

          Marianne, I have read somewhere that the children are placed less and less in their biological family. Few years ago the amount was higher. I would surely hope that after it was stressed how much better is it for children to be placed in known environment, the CPS would follow the instruction. I understand that they were always supposed to do so, but have not. Lets hope that things will change for the better.

          Pavla: “I would surely hope that after it was stressed how much better is it for children to be placed in known environment, the CPS would follow the instruction. I understand that they were always supposed to do so, but have not.”@

          There is no hope they will do so, I don’t think, under the present regime, simply because Solveig Horne’s instructions are purely empty talk. She just says what her ministry saiy, and they do not want any change, so everybody knows the CPS faces no sanctions or disfavour under this parrot.

          Horne’s party has a facebook page and some exasperated people have been writing them recently about Barnevernet. There are several good ones:

          but I think I will translate the very last, posted today. It is very serious and the writer, familien-er-samlet, is very knowledgeable:

          “I will express it as strongly as to say that FrP has become part of the system.
             I is possible to take a rational stand to self-declared system-supporters who quite openly want more Barnevern. We can disagree completely with politicians like former child minister Inga Marthe Torkildsen, but she sails under true colours. We know who we are up against.
             It is far worse with others, sailing under false colours. Solveig Horne is, for example, still thought by some to be one who both can and wants to “get a grip on” Barnevernet. Because of what she has previously said, many have hoped that Horne will contribute improvements.
             In actual practice, Barnevernet under her has gone from bad to worse. Instead of taking control, she lets both the bureaucracy and Barnevernet govern themselves.
             Under her regime, Barnevernet has obtained almost complete power, and the planned “inquiries”, by which the deficient system is to evaluate itself, are in reality meaningless.
             One must observe what the politicians do, not what they say. In my opinion Solveig Horne and Fremskrittspartiet (The Progress Party) have been a catastrophe for the development in Barnevernet.”

    • Tez zauwazylam zwiekszona ilosc takich ogloszen i tez skojarzylam z bezrobociem w przemysle wydobycia ropy naftowej.W pewnym okresie widzialam na ekranie komputera juz nie jedno ,ale2 , a nawet 3 takie ogloszenia jednoczesnie.Zastanawiam sie skad takie nagle , nasilone zainteresowanie rodzinami zastepczymi.Dlaczego , po co ?Jakie plany ma bv ?Czy bylo to zwiazane z fala uchodzcow ?
      Veronika twierdzi ,ze ciezko jest tu stracic dziecko.W opini mieszkajacych tu Polakow – bardzo latwo .O domach dla niedoswiadczonych matek czytalam w gazecie opinie takie , ze nie sa wcale dobrowolne i ze przebywajace tam matki i tak traca swoje dzieci w wyniku pobytu tam.

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  7. Besides tempting people to foster children by offering them a good income, they desperately also want more homosexual couples to take foster children….. The world is getting mad….. This is hard to take in…. The world is getting mad!

    In the beginning of the article they say that there are 200 children queuing up to get foster care and the number is “rising” every year! That means they are taking more and more children away from parents every year! Barnevernet probably thinks this is a good trend. They feel they are doing a good job by taking as many children as possible…. It is becoming a very lucrative business and at the same time it also contributes to the homo agenda. I am sick and tired of this madness!!!!!!!

  8. Reblogged this on agnus dei – english + romanian blog and commented:
    A scared parent in Norway: Please help us. Talk for us. We need you out there speaking for us.”

    Norway’s terrorist tactics against parents are absolutely heartbreaking. And then they wonder and are insulted that they are compared to Germany’s gestapo rule…. They are the only ones that just don’t get it! For shame!

  9. My question is simple. Why this focus on the Norwegian CPS? I do not understand the interest of our small transparent country?
    Please enligthen me why…….

    • Norway is beautiful, great, almost perfect socially and economically.
      Transparent, absolutely not.

      The problem is with the modern practice of kidnapping children against their own will, if a family can’t have their own children, then they shouldn’t.

      Adoption should be a last resort, only acceptable in extreme situations.

      Gay people chose a lifestyle incompatible with life, why should we destroy entire countries and cultures so they can feel good about themselves ?

      Children are being kidnapped for a reason, cultural marxism in action, all behind closed doors.

      I’ve talked to quite a few Norwegians, I have a better understanding of the culture, the suffering of this country and what it did wrong in modern history.

      Have you ever wondered why there are no native gypsies in Norway and most western countries ?
      I did, and the truth is ugly, I’m not sure how many Norwegians know this.

      Do you know about Frida from ABBA ?
      Do you know about half-nazi children and their torture ?

      Don’t hide the truth, every nation has it’s dark secrets, some more than others.
      Accept the bad things, not just the good ones, you have a chance to fix everything before it’s too late.

        Andrei: “Have you ever wondered why there are no native gypsies in Norway and most western countries?”

        I think I have mentioned these before but, repeating myself:

        Re the Nordic countries this book gives good insight:
        Gunnar Broberg & Nils Roll-Hansen (red) (2nd ed 2005): Eugenics and the Welfare State – Sterilization Policy in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland
        East Lansing: Michigan State University Press. ISBN 0-87013-758-1

        Re Britain an article:
        “Master Race of the Left”

  10. Why are u discussing Norway? Have u all seen the children in Romanian or Ukraine or California or Prague or Hong Kong or Chigago etc.

    It is happening all over the planet. Maybe u should read,get some knowledge and than get up to speed of what is happening on your globe,instead of protesting on 1 tiny dot of our globus!
    Who is brainwashed?

    • Sofia123, can you tell us in which country of this world a toddler is taken from his mother breast, without any reason, and put into foster home? Generally speaking this is barbarism and it happenning in Norway these days.
      I hope this would help you understand why we are focused on Norway!

    • Sofia, we are doing this because the Bodnariu family is our friend. We are putting the spotlight on Norway because of the great injustice done to the Bodnariu family. Their 5 children were removed by Barnevernet unfairly.

      We are pro-family, pro-life and there are thousands of families in Norway who are fighting a system where they stand no chance to win.

      We, the international community are their only chance to make their voice heard.

      • There has been very little focus on the Bodnariu family the last weeks on this and other pro-blogs – for me it looks like some of the followers of this movement realize that they have no influence on an ongoing case in Norway where they are not legal parts.

        I see that the movement seems split in Norway – one demonstration coming up the 28th of May for … more national supporters and maybe more focus on other cases than the Bodnariu and one demonstration coming up the 11th of June .. with a more focus on the international supporters – is this an correct obervation?

        But- none of this demonstration alter the case for the Bodnariu – if the Council man in Naustdal still will – if necessary go down with the municipal flag on the top there are hard legal days that come in the end of May – and May has been the most silent month around this family and what is going on – it seems like the air has gone out of the baloon.

        I hope for the best for this family and while we all wait for what’s coming up I will recommend a movie with the name “Search” from 2014
        The trailer

        There is much more going on in the world – and in your own backyards that are just the same or even more a threat to families and children than what’s going on in Norway.

    • Sofia 123,

      What you have said here is true. It is happening all over the world. As far as I can tell, Norway is the worst case with Sweden coming in second. If it is possible to use Norway as an example that the world will not tolerate such evil behavior, maybe we can slow down the growth of similar systems in other countries.

      BTW…do you know Topsy?

      • “There has been very little focus on the Bodnariu family the last weeks on this and other pro-blogs”

        The reason is that the focus is broadening, Knut. We are not only concerned about the Bodnariu family. They were the “tip of the spear” that got this thing rolling. The Barnevernet is to blame for that. Now, we want everyone who has been cheated of their family life to be reunited and those who have been guilty to be held accountable.

          That is exactly what Mr Nygaard does not want, Chris. He wants people to believe the Bodnariu case to be an isolated instance. That is why he keeps coming back to them when someone posts something of general implications. Another derailer is when he, to general information about devastating facts of Norwegian CPS, plays the “look in your own back yard and fix that” card.

    • In Norway childeren are considered small grownups. We even have an animalpolice now. What is bad with a system that considere evereyone as equal?

      • Do you have kids in Parliment in Norway? If not, you are not consider them equal. Your Nazi country consider them grown-up only to the point where they incriminate the parents. After they are removed from biological parents and they say they want to go back home, your perverted system does not take their desire into account. You are manipulated by your government to believe the system is good.

      • You can legiferate “all are equal”, there will always be some animals “more equal than others” (cf. “Animal Farm” by Orwell). Especially, people in power. Do you really think you are equal (in experience) to your parents, (in social position) your king and keen and… Barnevernet people, who can do (I hope, almost of) what they want…?

      • Children are not small grownups, if they were, you would listen to their cries and give them back to their parents.

        Children didn’t ask to be removed, if they did, we could accept that with a broken heart.

        They are being kidnapped against their will and any communication forbidden, this is worse than communism.

        Animal police could be a good thing, but Norway doesn’t have many animals. Does it ?
        You have four packs of wolves which are crossing the border in Sweden from time to time and the hunters kill every extra wolf so they don’t become a problem.

        I was shocked that there are extremely few animals in Norway, even domestic ones.
        You don’t even see insects, rarely birds.
        Most Norwegian animals are in the water.

        Police for what, a granny that overfed her cat, a dog that had a leash too short ?

        This is cultural Marxism and you are the the perfect “guinea-pig” for a large scale experiment.

        We want to stop this experiment NOW and not allow it to spread all over the world.

        • Sofia has been here before, Andrei, and her comments are always pro-BV as you would probably guess. You have replied well here.

  11. It turns out that Norway isn’t as rich as everyone says. With new sources of oil coming online including a recent find in the Golan in Israel, not to mention the The Leviathan gas field discovery,a large natural gas field located in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Israel, Norway’s economic future looks bleak. Check out the Norwegian debt clock:

    The oil find in the Golan makes me wonder about the recent interest in other countries to take the Golan away from Israel. Not only would Israel lose its main line of defense, it would also lose a large supply of oil if the Golan was taken. No wonder Mr. Netanyahu says that the Golan will remain Israel’s.

    This really isn’t off topic as the world glut of oil effects Norway’s bottom line. Here is another interesting article:

    This video is included in the comment section of this the “energy wars” blog post:

    I don’t see how Norway can continue to fund all of these evil social services with a main source of funding decreasing.

    • I agree with Chris that this is not off topic. Money certainly is a major motor for Barnevernet’s activities.
         But Norway is not dependent on the income from oil at the moment of selling it. We are not an oil economy in that sense. The state has, right from the start of our finding oil in the North Sea, invested oil income into industry all over the world, and can tap into it for years. To do so too heavily is not wanted policy, because we want to leave a good build-up for future generations also. Nevertheless, although oil-related industry in Norway itself has experienced a slump with quite serious unemployment, other industry seems to be going very well. And the reserves in investments all over the world are huge, even though of course their value fluctuates with fluctuations in world economy.

      • :Yes, Marianne, I have heard that they are the best invested country in the world with over 9000 companies invested in. Why is it you think they are allowing such a debt to rise in this case? I guess maybe they feel their income from all of their countries is growing faster than the debt?
        I don’t like debt, never have, and would take care of that before any investment because investments can go sour at any time.

        • “NOTE The Norwegian central government is in a net asset position, i.e. the government’s total financial assets exceed the total debt. They borrow cheap to then re invest.”

          This is the note at the bottom of the debt clock. This fact can change very quickly and I would be particularly concerned now with the world economic situation as it is. All debt should be paid off.

        • I’m neither an national economic master like our friend, Chris, but we who read Norwegian understand that the situation for Norway is much on the plus side – debt is just a tool to get the national finances going round –

          Den norske stat hadde primo mars 2015 rundt 6 750 milliarder kroner – the plus side is 6750 billion kroner – the negative side around ten times less – as an American you should be more aware of and interested in your finances in the USA

        • The information on America’s debt clock is one of the major reasons why Norway should have its debt paid up, Knut.

        • Well, I’ll tell you this even though you are not aware of it: You have more common sense by far that those who are running the worlds banks and, in America’s case, I think you would do a better job, even with your lack of knowledge in the “arena.” than our Janet Yellen. You could be brought up to speed quickly. I wish you could change places with her except that we need your expertise here. Also, Yellen is controlled and you don’t seem to have that inclination so it just wouldn’t work.

        • You probably didn’t know that communist Romania paid all it’s external debt and planned to create an alternative to the IMF with “Arab”(Iran is Farsi/Persian) countries.

          We all know what happened to communism and the “Arab” nations.
          Paying your debts is a sure way to economic assassination.

          Norway is not reliant on oil for all of it’s economy. It’s called the “Norwegian paradox”.
          I don’t worry that much for the Norwegian economy, it’s much healthier than most.

          Norway’s problems are not economic, it would take at least another generation for it to have problems because of all those hippie-like teenagers.

        • Thank you for sharing your knowledge, Andrei. I did not know that Romania had paid all of it’s external debt. When was this new IMF created?

          “Paying your debts is a sure way to economic assassination.” I don’t think you will ever be able to convince me of this.

        • Oh, I see that you used the word, “planned.” So this new IMF was never created?

          Here is some more or your comment, Andrei:

          “Norway is not reliant on oil for all of it’s economy. It’s called the ‘Norwegian paradox.'”

          I was aware of this.

          I don’t worry that much for the Norwegian economy, it’s much healthier than most.

          “Healthier than most” means almost nothing in today’s connected, worldwide economy.

          “Norway’s problems are not economic, it would take at least another generation for it to have problems because of all those hippie-like teenagers.”

          I don’t think this is true either. All it would take is one war to create economic problems for Norway in quick fashion. This is only one of several scenarios that could take the Norwegian economy down almost overnight.

          I am not trying to be argumentative, Andrei. I wish to learn from you.

        • Communist/”Arab” IMF failed, all the funds stolen by the National Security(Securitate), now SRI(Romanian Information Services), similar to CIA and FSB/KGB.
          As a child/teenager, I always thought that the National Security/Information services are a separate entity. Everyone knows now that many politicians, journalists, policemen, etc., even some priests … were/are part of this Big Brother like entity or helped them. This entity which is stronger than ever and looks like a state inside a state.
          The problem being that instead of protecting the people and the nation, they actually contribute to it’s economic assassination and destruction of any moral values.
          Compared to Norway, Romania has some similarities: both had a bad past under other empires, both depend on natural resources, both had good education, industry, socialism/communism. The timings are different and Romania was poor for most of it’s history. What is happening now in Romania looks like economic disaster. Only foreign companies are allowed to do business, Romanian businessmen are sent to jail for corruption, but nothing happens to foreign investors. Even when the FBI sends the information such as the famous EADS/Microsoft case. I don’t think Norway would ever accept that.
          Why does Romania have the highest amount of information officers(spies) compared to the total population if they can’t do their job ? Who is Big Brother working for ?
          Economically, Romania is a disaster, the good thing is that they are used to poverty and can always become peasants again. Soon enough there will be no more land because the EU forced Romania to sell all of it … at least 40% is already sold. The food goes to export, while they eat junk food with pesticides from Turkey.
          Cultural Marxism started strong this year, many journalists are paid to destroy the moral fiber and Romania could end up with it’s own Barnevernet/CPS. The existing one is weak and underfunded, which is actually a good thing for the nation and bad for those poor orphans, abused in the public CPS.
          The only good thing is that Romanians are willing to sacrifice themselves for their families, since they don’t have much to care for.
          Norway is a prosperous country, with a modern educational system that still works.
          If they can escape the cultural Marxism, this would mean a quick recovery. If not, they might return to the way it was at the beginning of the last century.

          It’s really insane if we think that communism in Romania was more stable, protected the families and moral values. The downside, austerity, political/religious persecutions, no freedom of speech.
          Today Romania is poor, high unemployment, young people unmotivated to study, heavy depopulation(negative birthrate and emigration). The recent aggressive campaign for cultural Marxism, externally funded could destroy whatever is left of it.

          In the future we could all have a surprise, China will be the leader in most areas, another country that can’t fix the government’s evil practices. All countries will have economic problems then … no direct war required, which is usually caused by poverty.

          I hope everyone will wake up and stop the insanity, go back to the foundation and moral values that helped build this civilization.

  12. I believe in prayer and that God will make a way where there seems to be no way. He works in ways we cannot see. He will make a way for the Bodnariu family and all the other families who have unjustly been torn apart!

    There are new reports that the Bodnariu family have been allowed to be all together united as a family in their home for a few short hours. It is very obvious that the children suffer under the circumstances and only wish to be back home with their mum, dad, brothers, sisters and everything they love and miss.

      • If you think this is good news, Knut, then you must think that this family should be back together permanently. I know if you give any agreement that you think this family should be together permanently that your job is at stake. I expect a non answer or….the obvious.

        • Doubtful, Chris. Mr Nygaard has stated several times that the Bodnarius are violent parents. Then, later, he started saying he sympathised with them, and “selling Naustdal CPS down the river”. Perhaps in case the Bodnarius get their children back. He does not want that to reflect of Norwegian CPS generally. Perhaps that he would like to gain the trust of readers on DiT, sort of “we all agree here, it was just a stupid mistake and the CPS elsewhere in the country is all right”.
             He also seems to have conveyed, from time to time, the opinion that it shouldn’t worry anyone that the children are away from their parents now, subject to restrictions on what they can talk to the parents about, and were taken in the way they were. This is a general opinion in the CPS. They do not understand that even if the children are set free and can come back to their family, an awful lot of harm has been done to them, which may have long-lasting, even lasting, effects. According to the CPS, being under CPS care is always good and safe for children. They do not understand the feelings of people being imprisoned by them.

        • “Perhaps that he would like to gain the trust of readers on DiT, sort of ‘we all agree here, it was just a stupid mistake and the CPS elsewhere in the country is all right.'”

          I think this is the case whenever Knut makes such a comment. Like you stated, look at his past statements about this case.

        • Yes, this case is about violence done and maybe more, but it’s handlable with help measures – and the Naustdal has done right in intervening. The start of this case is the confirmation the daughters give of violence done.

          Even if the case were ONLY “about violence”, as Mr Nygaard says, the question remains of whether it is even legal, let alone best for children, to be deprived of their parents in such a way, on such indications and for such a very long time.
             All through the Bodnariu case I have held this basic question to be more important than whether there has been a breach of law. The punishment of the parents is out of proportion, and it hits the children very badly, which puts the case in the area of revenge and power abuse.

        • Pavla – when I read this paragraph: “A team of psychologists, assigned by the County Committee for Social Affairs for an independent evaluation of the Bodnariu case, recently initiated a reunion, of a few short hours, for Marius & Ruth with all of their 5 children in their family home. All seven in the Bodnariu family welcomed their family reunion, the first in their home since they were separated 6 months ago, and the entire event was filled with joy and sorrow simultaneously; each knowing that these few short hours were only temporary.” – I think: good news.

          As I heard the Councilman in Naustdal on the “Debatt” he said something about the municipal taking seriously what children say – and we in the CPS do – our job is to listen a bit harder to what children say about their homesituation than their parents do. I think the Councilman think that the CPS is statuary hearing more that way than that the children want and hopefully express that they most of all want to reunite with their parents.

          Since it’s a case coming up soon it may be mixed with two reasons – the CPS want the County Committe to make the decision (for them) and that they will stand with their first hearing of what the daughters said to the bitter end and if the County Committe say otherwise I think all children go home with some help measures.

          If this reunion was done as an observation I think the purpose was to see how the reunion and each childs reaction passed on. Some weeks ago I met two girls in the wood where I sometimes walk with our dog. First I met one girl and two adults and my head said that she was in some kind of care. The girl seemed joyful and spoke with the adults. Around a turn – some 50 meters behind I met another girl and two adults. This girl was pale – said nothing and looked not well. I don’t think it was this two Bondariu girls, but the thought hit me – they were around the same age – that how one sibling reacts to a removal might differ as much as these two I met. I hope the homevisit gave information that make the CPS considerations far too hard – our job is not to destroy functionate and ordinary families.

          “Marius & Ruth are holding strong for their family and we too continue alongside them! While baby Ezekiel is doing better now that he is at home, the remaining older 4 children fervently expressed their desperate desire to be returned home to their parents. The toll on the children of having been separated from their natural family is undeniable, very apparent in each of the Bodnariu children, and the children’s frustration is unavoidable. In turn, the Barnevernet impudently tries to spin the family’s time together, and children’s pleas for reunion, in such a way that all these tell-tale signs reflect negatively against the parents, Marius & Ruth.” I really hope the 4 children dare to express their desire to go home and have done that for a long time. If the nurse for small children observe that E is doing better at home it will be no one except the CPS in Naustdal that might consider that after some weeks at home he shall be moved away. I have never heard of such a case. The only way E may be removed again is by something done to him in an abusive or serious neglecting way. Maybe this thoughts about E is just fear – or- his name stand on the
          same case as the others. “Barnevernet has clearly and unashamedly made known its intentions that it seeks to permanently remove all 5 of the Bodnariu children, including baby Levy Ezekiel, place each of them in separate foster homes, and only grant the parents, Marius & Ruth, limited visitation rights; a few hours per visit, four times a year.”

        • “our job is not to destroy functionate and ordinary families.”

          Is this written anywhere in Barnevernet materials, Knut? I have been pretty convinced for some time now that this is exactly the intent of your employer.

          Mr. Nygaard: ” our job is not to destroy functionate and ordinary families.”

          Barnevernet’s job should not, not EVER, be seen as being to destroy any family at all. If a family is not ordinary, that gives Barnevernet ethical justification for destroying it? If a family is not functioning it well, Barnevernet considers itself to be justified in destroying family bonds that are still there?

          This idea, that Barnevernet has psychological insight into what is good for children, is false, and it has been built up as a whole edifice of quackery.

          Our society’s ethos and legislation must be:
          1) Leave it to children and young people who want to get away from their parents, to do so. Assist them if necessary. Leave them free to move back home if they change their mind.
          2) For all others: Shield children who are manifestly ill-treated by their parents, from such ill-treatment, move them if necessary. Let them still have all the communication and visitations with their parents they want, just see to it that the parents do not ill-treat them again.
          3) Leave the rest with their parents, where they are far more likely to be loved than anywhere else, more likely to both feel and really be free, more likely to be happy and optimistic, more likely to be protected and helped.
             Let the families be as “extraordinary” as they please. We survive very well extraordinary, imperfect, unsatisfactory conditions, as long as we are with our parents. Considerably fewer survive a childhood and youth under Barnevernet without serious handicaps of the most severe kinds in later life.
          4) Get rid of all present-day ideas of social work for children and youths in Norway. Build up a completely new social service, on completely new teaching materials, with completely new teachers.

          Mr. Nygaard: “.. I have never heard of such a case.”

          Really? I have.

          Including one not long ago, of a boy who desperately wanted to go home all the time, was kept away for years with a rare visitation allowed, then at long last let out of CPS clutches. They have apparently taken him again recently, at the age of something like 16. Perhaps he had become “maladjusted” by his years in a foster home with one of the prominent political leaders in the district, and taken to criminal behaviour?

          But no, I am not going to give details of that or other cases for the benefit of Mr Nygaard and his companions – cf Sofia 123, who funnily enough asks me for “inside documents” (, as if that would be all right for me to give out to her anonymous person, while CPS circles and their supporters otherwise make a chorus about how terrible we are who publicise anything at all.

          Why do CPS and supporters here ask for particulars of cases? Well, my experience is that they are extremely nosy, and want to dig into cases until they can “judge” the family to have done this or that wrong. Maybe they want to sniff out concrete cases here on DiT as they do elsewhere on the internet, e.g. to convey to local CPS who the family is and what they say. They then blame parents in court for having made their cases public.

        • Knut, why did you think these two girls were in care? That is impossible to guess.
          Next to it even two siblings from the same biological parents can (and often have) very different character. You dont know, why the one girl was cheerful and another one was unhappy.
          I hope you are right with baby Ezekiel. They can not justify removing him for the second time. This case is about prestige and about not admitting their own mistake (BV). From reading the Peter Costea version, BV has stated very early that they will look for permanent care of these children and they wanted to start adoption procedure? How could they know sometimes in December, how this will turn out , to be so sure about starting adoption for these children? There is something very tricky here. Was the police investigation closed in that time? Probably not. Seriously, the police investigation and medical examination must be closed now. Unless BV has bulletproof evidence against the parents (real evidence), they have absolutely no reason keeping these children.
          Next week their court will start and it can take another weeks until the decision is made. The children are away for 6 months, this will cause a huge trauma on all of these children.

          Eva M. and her family have also court soon. Her children were taken away exactly 5 years ago. The family can not even see the children. Not even the grandparents, cousins, aunt, uncle, etc. They were never ever accused of anything and still they can not see the boys.

        • I’m beginning to think that Norway’s CPS has some way of differentiating those who belong to the Super Human Group (which they are all a part of) and those who don’t. The “Superior Race” knows better than reports by professionals confirming our protests. Hey, wait a minute…that means the professionals are not superior either. This is such a mystery. How is one Norwegian superior and another not?

  13. Evil BV, so now they want to remove all 5 children and place each of them in separate homes? How is it best for the children, how about the baby, that is moved back and forth and obviously very happy with his own parents. So to move the children back from foster parents to biological parents can according to BV be traumatic to the children, but to move a baby twice from his own parents is not traumatic?? I keep my fingers crossed for this family.

    • I am deeply displeased that Mr Knut is still taking sides with the CPS, which has done so much wrong to many families in Norway.

      We are angered by this communist mentality of the CPS and we will carry on taking a stand for so many families which have been destroyed by the CPS in Norway.
      I applaud you Marianne, for proving your integrity all along and for spending much of your life in speaking up for the oppressed ones in your country.
      May God reward you with everlasting life in His son Jesus Christ which has died for us, the sinners.

      • We know by now that Mr Knut is working for Barnevernet BV/CPS.
        The only problem is that they decided to kidnap the children, obviously against their own will.

        This makes it look like they have some income flow that is dependent on the number of children forcefully adopted, some by gay families that chose a toxic lifestyle incompatible with life.

  14. In my humble opinion, the owner of the website is doing a big mistake in giving a platform to the sick Barnevernet employers to perpetuate their propaganda and agenda on this website. It hurts your brain for just listening to their nonsense, I say let them manifest themselves somewhere else, there is no point in having any argument with this people as their own intention is only to perpetuate their agenda. Do you really think that Knut and everyone else is here without having the permission from a superior boss? Make not mistake their mission here is much bigger than you can imagine and they are already doing “a good job” in their mission.

    • “Do you really think that Knut and everyone else is here without having the permission from a superior boss? Make not mistake their mission here is much bigger than you can imagine and they are already doing “a good job” in their mission.”

      Seriously, Stefy. We all know the boss/man/woman is watching, probably writhing in pain by now at the performance of the pawns. You put quotations around good job. What was the purpose for those? It they fit with the rest of the statement you have made here, those like Knut who have come here have only done a good job of exposing the Barnevernet for what it is, a net for parents to fall into and an evil one at that.

    • Stefy, we were about to become friends with Knut. Sometimes he portray himself as a sheep. Then, suddenly he takes side with BV, a family distroyer.
      Victims of Norwegian Child Protective Services say the same things about the injustice made to them by the Norwegian Nazi system.

    • Stefy,we have considered that issue. Turns out that we learned a lot from them about the BV and how it works. And the works gets to see how the think and act, and who they really are.

  15. Norwegian children kidnapped in Nigeria!

    Five children of Norwegian parents have been kidnapped in Nigeria. The mother was staying home with her three youngest , three little boys, the youngest only three months old, waiting for the two oldest girls to come home from school. The school bus always used to be punctual. The mother started to get very anxious when they did`t come home. Had something happened? She had heard about other girls who had been kidnapped. Guilt started to creep into her mind. Why had she and her husband left their safe home land to come here and bring their most precious innocent little children to such a dangerous place?

    Suddenly, a black car came and stopped in front of their house. Hope mixed with dread almost suffocated the mother. Who were those who came out of the car? Were they police? Had something bad happened? They came in and told the mother to come with them to the police station. The boys had to come too. The mother was confused and explained that her maid could take care of her children. Then she asked them if they knew anything about her two girls. They looked seriously into her eyes and told her that they had taken care of them. The mother wanted to know where they were. Then they told her that they were from the Nigerian child protection service and couldn`t tell her where her girls were.

    After some long interrogations at the police station, the mother, and also the father, who had been fetched at work, were finally allowed to go home. They wanted to take their two younger boys home. But the Nigerian CPS demanded that they stay with them.

    It was hard to get any sleep that night. But they hoped and prayed that everything would be fine and that all their children would be back the next day. Around noon two black cars turned up in front of their house. There was a sigh of relief. Their children were finally coming home. But instead of four children, there came four armed policemen out of the car. The mother, who was alone home with her little baby, held him even closer. She was scared like never before. The police demanded to take her little baby too. She explained that she was breast feeding the baby and that he was dependent on her. They were adamant and told her to give away her baby or they would take him by force.The mother was naturally left in shock and despair when she saw the car leave with her baby and all her children gone…

    The same day, the parents learned that one of their neighbours had observed the family for a while. They had seen this strange Norwegian family keep their children inside the house from morning at 11 till evening 7 o`clock. And after that they were only allowed outdoors together with their parents for two hours before they went inside again. That meant that they were holding their children captive, like in prison, which was against Nigerian law.

    The Norwegian family are still, after 6 months, waiting desperately for four of their children to come home. The youngest has luckily been returned after the Nigerian CPS concluded that it had been wrong to take a breastfed baby away from the mother. The remaining 4 children are staying in two separate Nigerian families of a primitive tribe. It is rumoured that this tribe are cannibals.

    There have been unprecedented demonstrations in Norway to get the children handed back to their biological Norwegian parents. This week, a Norwegian delegation was again sent to Nigeria. The Prime Minister and a delegation of Norwegian politicians are working around the clock to bring the children safely back home to their parents. It will remain a priority, and also a financial priority, until the mission is completed.

        • You can`t quite compare these incidents with the Norwegian authorities interest in Barnevernet cases. The reason why Norway cannot just pay the terrorist`s in order to set the hostages free is that the terrorists would then just continue to take hostages in order to get their big money.And this is of course not a situation we wish to be in.Of course the Norwegian authorities care and would try all possible ways to save these hostages lives. It is very difficult.

          However, there are some similarities. If the Bodnariu children can go home to their parents and be reunited with their family, it will of course mean that justice has to be done to all the other families who have unjustly been torn apart by Barnevernet. I believe Barnevernet fears the repercussions this will have on them. It would mean that they would have to admit that they have been wrong. They would lose the prestige and trust they have pridefully been holding on to for so long.They would lose their benefits. That is why you too, Knut, are trying, with all you have, to stop this movement of protests against Barnevernet.

          But truth is, Knut, that we will not stop!!!! It has already become apparent to the whole world that Barnevernet is acting wrongly and violating human rights. And the more you try to silence us, the more pressure we will apply! You may think that we eventually will give up or forget. But that will not happen Knut! On the contrary, even more people as well as high leaders throughout the world will become attentive of Barnevernet`s attrocities!

          I do not say that you should give all children you have placed in fostercare back to their biological parents. There are of course some cases in which that is the only right thing to do. Sadly, there are parents who seriously harm their own children and who are not willing to change. But if you who work in Barnevernet are not capable of distinguishing between those cases where foster care is the only way and those cases where the parents are fine or just need some help, then you are not fit for the job. If you are taking children away from parents just in case something just might happen in the future to them that just might harm them, then you are lying when you say that you are taking children away as a “last resort”!This is not right, Knut! This is a tragedy and a shame for Norway!

          Barnevernet are crying out for more foster parents. They make disgusting advertisements, luring people to apply as foster givers for self- satisfaction reasons like getting some extra income or having children if they cannot have their own children.

          Barnevernet complains that they have got so many children waiting for foster care givers and that the number is even rising! I wonder why the number is rising? Are parents in Norway that bad? Or could it be that you in Barnevernet are not forcing children away from their parents as a last resort?

          Sure is; We will not be intimidated, neither will we stop our protests until justice is done!!!!!

        • This Norwegain – taken hostage by some ISIS militzia on the Philliphines where he owned some boats for rent – is about to loose his head the 13th of June. No organization human rights or whatever care – the government say they do something, but are not willing to save the man’s head for in doing that Norway is not loyal to our big brother – the USA.
          The heading of the article – “Prays for his life on a new video” – but – no one cares

          It seems likely that many of Mr Nygaard’s side-tracks are posted in order to make people forget about atrocities created by Barnevernet – as if readers on DiT are like 2-year-olds, turning their heads this way and that when a new distraction turns up from another quarter. Used to confusing people with off-topic statements?
              Or how would the tragic fates of French and Sekkingstad bear on why Norwegian authorities, which certainly have no say in the Philippines or Congo, see fit to let Barnevernet act as they do? Here in Norway our authorities could stop such behaviour at will. Instead, they keep repeating that they “cannot enter into individual cases” and that “children are only taken from their parents as a last resort, after every kind of cooperation with the parents has been tried”. If they are once in a while made to face an atrocious instance of Barnevernet’s behaviour, they declare that they are “shocked, but …..”

        • Yes, Marianne, Knut has use the deflection tactic many times. It is a waste of his time, but some of it shows us what he believes. He follows a wolf in sheep’s clothing, Bill Johnson. Johnson preaches a different gospel than the one found in scripture. He is a identified easily as a heretic. And I don’t use the term “heretic” easily.

        • Very well written Hildi and I am sorry about your experiences in Switzerland the first years. I can imagine that you wanted to move from that place. Good that you managed to find another place and friends and enjoy your life there.

  16. You are right Marianne, in your observation about Knut.
    He says what he says because he does not have anything else to say.His writings do not bring any expertise or anything of any kind of help to the situation Norway finds itself in, being run and abused by CPS.
    Maybe God will give him repentance and he will turn to an honest kind of work.

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