Message from Dr. John Dayal to the Government of Norway


Support for Bodnariu from a land far away: INDIA!!! Dr. John Dayal is a Christian writer and secretary-general of All-India Christian Council and he has a message for the government of Norway. Please share.



8 comments on “Message from Dr. John Dayal to the Government of Norway

    Dr Dayal was there at the demonstration in New Delhi on 31 January too. He says that they have of course very serious problems in India, problems good people are working on all the time, but that that should not prevent them from joining with us about THIS problem.
       John Dayal responded immediately when Mrs Aiyar contacted him about the general problems of Western child protection, which has affected Indians abroad too, in several countries.
       We need this cross-cultural understanding of how basic the togetherness of children and parents is.

  2. It is crazy what is happening in Norway under the power of barnevernet! I get more and more appalled! I just read in an article that barnevernet increasingly take away babies from their mothers just a few hours after they are born. In 2008 they took 16 children away and in 2014 they took away 44 newborn babies. Forced adoptions are also increasing.Norwegian leaders are even applauding this trend arguing that an early intervention is the most favourable.

    So here we have babies brutally forced and taken away from their mothers even before these mothers can prove themselves as mothers…. Barnevernet simply assume that they cannot be good enough mothers if they for instance are too young, have had a difficult past, have depression, or have just anything that looks like a deficit in barnevernet`s eyes… How bad can things get? I get really disgusted with this barnevernet!! What a discriminating agency!! Can`t they even consider that these mothers have family, friends or anyone who could help if something gets difficult?Where is the respect for the mothers? This epidemic has to stop!!!!!!!

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