School Director in Norway Forced to Resign After Supporting Bodnariu on Facebook

George Alexander, a kindergarten director of Romanian descent in Norway resigned his post after Barnevernet put pressure on him. He was a vocal critic in social media of the way Barnevernet handled the confiscation of the Bodnariu, Nan and other Romanian children.

Following comments made on Facebook, he was “followed, supervised and denied,” by his bosses he said.

Barnevernet told him: “You are not allowed to do this… that… (referring to his Facebook posts). You are only allowed to breathe Norwegian air.”

Alexander continues: “I was told I am being sanctioned due to my involvement in the Barnevernet cases”

It turns out that CPS victims were reaching out to him for help, but the State tried to keep him quiet by threatening him.

He announced his resignation today on his public FB timeline: “I chose to be free. To remain myself. I resigned my directorship.”


Delight in Truth thinks this is a significant development. We knew that the Norwegian CPS was sensitive about its image in social media, but not to this extent. It is now clear that they are desperate about the negative international publicity they have received in the last 3 months following the high-profile Bodnariu case where they impulsively and abusively confiscated 5 children.

These are the same tactics that Alexander observed in communist Romania. Freedom of speech is sacrificed in favor of State ideology, and freedom of expression is now reduced to the right to breath Norwegian air.

We will continue our activism and this will only increase as we approach D-Day, the massive international anti-Barnevernet protest on April 16th, 2016 when over 100,000 people will participate world-wide.

How far has Barnevernet dug itself? Will they reverse course and immediately return the Bodnariu children?

Will they undo the shame that is pouring on Norway at this time?

photo and quotes: G.A. public facebook timeline


25 comments on “School Director in Norway Forced to Resign After Supporting Bodnariu on Facebook

  1. ” eşti obligat să trimiţi informaţiile chiar şi dacă nu eşti sigur că sunt adevărate, ci numai nişte bănuieli/suspiciuni.” – Alexander

    “you are obligated to send information [about families to BV] even though you are not sure if it is true, but is in fact just suspicion”

    Alexander talking about pressure being put on teachers to report to BV

      “you are obligated to send information [about families to BV] even though you are not sure if it is true, but is in fact just suspicion”
      “Alexander talking about pressure being put on teachers to report to BV”

      Sure. Your suspicions can be as flimsy and vague as anything. The CPS people are supposed to be so capable of finding out the truth in a jiffy. I can certainly confirm that such pressure to report is being applied all the time, on all sorts of professions and not least on kindergarten teachers. There is newspaper propaganda every day: “Too few reports to the CPS from kindergartens”, “Kindergarten personnel did not report this case, although it should have been clear that the child did not interact normally with the others”.

      Many CPS cases start in kindergarten, with the personnel “noticing” or “observing” something which “worries them” about the child OR about the parents, e.g a parent has twice not been on time with the child in the morning and didn’t say “Byebye” to the child, or the mother does not want her child to be in kindergarten full time and has applied for a half-day place, or the child did not look at its father when the father came to fetch it at the end of the day, or the parents will not have a systematic schedule about which of them is going to fetch the child at the end of each day.

      A not insignificant part of the training kindergarten personnel have to have to get their qualification papers, consists of CPS “theory”. Mr Alexander has been really courageous to speak up at all and no doubt is condemned by the whole “kindergarten establishment”.


  2. I also believe this is significant for the same reasons, Delight.

    I admire Mr. Alexander. I think he may be blackballed from getting any type of government work. He’ll have to look in the private sector to support himself and any family that he might have.

    ““I chose to be free. To remain myself. I resigned my directorship.”

    He is a brave man. A man of integrity has to make these types of decisions even if he has to make financial sacrifices. There is no other option.

    I will pray for him. I know that God will provide for him.

    “The truth will set you free.”

    Thanks for the information, Delight.

    God’s blessings…

  3. A kindergarden director is not a school director. He has been working for someone either a private firm or the municipality. The CPS has nothing to do with his job position – he has not been working for them.
    This has – if it’s not Alexander’s own wish to do with profisionality and loyalty towards to his employer, his staff – although Alexander don’t trust the CPS his staff do and are loyal to the legal framwork – the tooperative municipal network and the the handling of job activity according to Norwegian laws.
    As a kindergarden director he could either talk a concern from a kindergarden teacher to rest or he could give his accept and sign up together with his colleague.
    Kindergarden is a almost daily obersvation spot from the child is 1 years old. The staff can observere changes and they can wonder why this child behave in a certain way. They talk with the parents and try to guide if that is thought fruitful, but they will have knowledge about this particular childs homesituation. They are saddled to send a concern to the CPS after acceptance from their director and after having given the parents knowledge of this. This is not done if considered acute.

    • “The CPS has nothing to do with his job position – he has not been working for them.

      Of course Alexander does not work for CPS. But CPS interference has EVERYTHING to do with this job.

      Why is CPS harassing him to stop posting about Bodnariu on his PRIVATE facebook page?

      Why did they tell him his rights are limited to breathing Norwegian air?

      Not very nice, this Barnevernet…

      • In his own words – he wanted to be free and so resigned. The CPS had not been inolved – as i read this – in anything on his facebook: Există momente în viață, când, oricât de dureros ar fi, trebuie să faci o alegere în drumul tău…
        Important, însă, de fiecare dată, este cum îi vei privi în ochi, după aceea, pe oameni… Pe oamenii care au nevoie de ajutorul tău…

        Am ales să fiu Liber. Să rămân eu însumi.

        Mi-am dat, deci, DEMISIA din funcția mea de director…

        • Oh, Knut. How can you not get this?

          (I’m responding to the English part of this comment as it’s the only language I speak fluently.)

        • There are moments in life when you must do some painful resolutions. How shall I manage to see the people who are in need for help in the eyes – they who need Your help? I choose to be free. Be myself. I have done my part and now resign as kindergarden director. ( Google and what I get out of it – if others who manage the language – they can fix it – I hope)

        • You are a very confused man, Knut. I only hope God will be as kind to you as the people on this blog have been.

          I wouldn’t count on it if I were you.

    • Takk for du, på en objektiv og enkel måte. forklarer andre sider av saker. Det er du god til og det blir satt stor pris på.

  4. Have you seen any documentation of this? I think – if any – his employer has found out and maybe talked with him. I don’t think CPS have acsess to that kind of speech. If he – as a director – a staff-leader – don’t accept the legal framework he – and he alone – has done himself useless for that kind of work.
    Facebook is the Place where a lot of People talk themselves out of businesses, relationships, politics and now – a kindergarden director.

    • Knut, just spare us with your brain washed remarks. Don’t you see that nobody believe your posts. Your are from another page: the Nazi and Communist one. You cannot lie to us. Try to other places.

  5. warning !!! Knyt Nygaard is observed all over Facebook, trying to down play anything that is harsh criticism against Barnevernet. And his tactics are sometimes, to “throw a bag” of criticism, back to whom ever is brave enough to stand up tall and strong against evil state practise. Some people believe he is one of the “trolls” put out by the government to protect the image of the state…I have no clue if that idea has any reality in it. But, hereby: you are informed…about the profile Knut Nyygard.

    • Arianne, Knut recognized in one of his FB posts that he is working for BV.
      So, yes he is a BV troll. Just ignore him.
      He is doing a no value BV propaganda on all pages which criticize BV Nazi behavior. Seems that they are disparate.
      Knut, maybe a re-location in Russia would be a promotion for you! 🙂

      • I think Knut Nygaard is doing a whole lot of use! He is showing you good people just the way Barnevernet thinks, argues, waves away criticism, takes every question of “Why and how can you act like this?” to be a question for him to “inform” you about the excellence of the law and “how the system works”.
        Don’t you understand what it is like being in the hands of those people? Do you understand why families are worn down, broken? I am sure you do. What he describes is real. There is neither sense nor sensibility in it.

        • I agree, Marianne. Knut’s foul language has improved for a reason. He wishes to remain on this forum and he is accomplishing the exact opposite of his intentions.

          God’s blessings…

      • Dear friend!
        Nowadays Russia is one of the 3-4 states in which your freedom as a parent,as a religious person and moral one,is protected!Russia has learnt a lot from his horrible past!In fact,even the Russian women that had children stolen by Barnevernet,told the media that Russia is safer than any other Eastern country,from this point of view!

    • Arianne, Nygaard really does confirm that all the tall “tales” about the CPS are true, doesn’t he? Every one of them. His posts are like a fairy tale come true regarding information we usually give about the CPS which people won’t believe because it sounds so unbelievable. He plods along, “teaching” everybody about the system and the law. By the way, I’ve read your story about Norwegian CPS and I’ve tried to reach you. You said that you know someone who is preparing a documentary about Barnevernet. You may contact me at email: octavianaz @ (no space).
      Here is one of my articles that you may share on your social media:

  6. Huge respect for mr Alexander, hope that there are also a lot of norwegians that have the same courage and are not the same as that brainwashed idiot here. Norway is the best land to life in in the world. If that is true than they don’t have to say it themselves, others will do that

  7. for now on we will have need such kind of people like mr. Alexandru God bless him and his family. whole world is upside down.Jesus is coming soon.Be ready to meet Him.

  8. Dear friends!
    It’s guite difficult to explain who is Knut Nygaard in reality!
    Let me explains the facts: he is Romanian.This means that he lives in a country which is ruled nowadays by o group of thieves,corrupts,homosexuals,drunkers,adulterous and etc,etc.Even the Romanian president,Klaus Johannis,a German ethnic,has reached his “throne” using corruption and he is known in Romania as a person who sold children in Canada from poor families that didn’t afford to raise their children.In other words,KJ-the Romanian president made CHILD-HUMAN TRAFFIKING!Now,you will ask how this horrible person reached the presidency: he was helped by George Soros and all that linked satanists that surounds him!
    Last year,in 2015 there had been a provoked fire accident at one of the pubs in Bucharest: Colectiv!(Now it is widely believed that the fire was set up following the president and his fellows’ orders)!Romanians got very angry and,from that point,many Soros organizations such as Accept,Asur,A clean Romania etc instigated people to react in streets against the corruption of the Klaus Johannis greatest enemy: Victor Ponta and his party(which are also a band of corrupts and thieves).
    During this period these Sorosist organisations prepared a gouvernment of “technocrats”,but instead is a gouvernment of satanists,lesbians,gays and followers of one of the most controversial character which formed a yoga-pedophile organisation in Romania,Gregorian Bivolaru.
    The new gouvernment was placed,as a react of the stupid Romanian youngers that called themseves as the “smart and free youngers”,who went out streets and called for the changing of the gouvernment!
    You are asking what is the link between Knut Nygaard and this situation in Romania.The link is that Knut is one of that “smart and free youngers”,and much more: he belongs to one of the sorosist organisations!
    I suppose you know who is and what George Soros does and did in this world!
    Knut Nygaard is no more than a person from their own system(not sure if he knows how stupid and unaware of the real situation is).Soros and his fellows want no more that distroying the family,then sodomization of the children and the population!

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