Anti-Barnevernet Discourse at the Protest in San Francisco

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I am here first of all as a Christian but also as a husband, a father and a physician to join you in protesting against the great injustice done by the Norwegian Child Protective Services (Barnevernet) to the Bodnariu family.

We are here to sound a world-wide alarm that the five Bodnariu children were abusively removed from their home without due process, without a social investigation, and without warning.

Imagine your children not returning home from school one day.  Imagine CPS and law enforcement walking into your house and grabbing two more children. Imagine agents coming in and snatching a nursing infant off his mother’s breast.

Many of you grew up under a brutal communist regime, but you have never seen such a crime against an infant. The early months in an infant’s life are formative in his relationship with his mother, and this has been brutally disconnected.

History and expert testimony by Norwegian lawyers shows that there is a greater than 90% chance children removed by Barnevernet will not be returned to their parents.

This is what is happening to the Bodnariu family. All based on a teacher’s ideological whim, a teacher who was not happy that the children were raised in a godly home, under biblical principles, singing Christian songs and expressing their faith.

Senator Ben Oni Ardelean was correct when he said this case has elements of religious persecution.

The Norwegian society is quietly approving of such actions. They have grown over the years to accept that it is OK for children to be permanently removed from their families for TRIVIAL reasons.

Norway, this is not normal!

Norway, this is not acceptable!

We are calling on the good people of Norway to open their eyes and see the human rights violations happening in their communities.

Here are some details of this case. Listen and be shocked

  • Barnevernet is waging psychological warfare against the Bodnariu children: The CPS has told the older girls that they will live apart from their parents until they are adults. Hence the heartbreaking letter from the girl where she wrote to her parents: “I thought you were going to die.” 
  • The CPS has tried to get the parents to testify false information against each other. They tried to get Marius and Ruth to divorce. People inside Norway who are familiar with these cases have confirmed that this is standard operating procedure in Barnevernet. 
  • This is the institution that “FORGOT” to bring the children with them for parental visitation.
  • CPS has used biased investigators in the case. It is reported that one of the social workers knows Ruth, and moreover may harbor jealousy towards her since they attending nursing school together. This was a biased investigation from the start.
  • Then came threats from CPS that the children are being put up for adoption. This is before any kind of psychological evaluation of the parents or any kind of final court orders. This is an oppressive tactic meant to destroy the parents.
  • Barnevernet is a business. A massive business. It is one of the largest sectors of Norwegian government with tens of thousands of employees and surrogate parents. The govt pays 50,000 Euros per child per year for a “wanna be” parent. No wonder there is such an incentive in Norwegian society to keep this demonic business going.

I have a baby at home the same age as baby Ezekiel and I cannot imagine the trauma he has experienced.

We have to go back to the time of Pharaoh in Egypt and the infanticide of King Herod for any kind of reference in this case.

That’s right, you heard me right: Pharaoh, Herod and Barnevernet. Confiscating children and destroying families.

We are here as Christians to protest this great injustice, and it is biblical to do what we are doing. Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ was executed without a fair trial, without due process, and without evidence of wrongdoing. The prophet Isaiah said about Christ: “By oppression and judgment he was taken away. Yet who of his generation protested?

We are witnesses to the oppression and unfair judgment against the Bodnariu family, but our generation will not be quiet about it.

We will not give up, we will not tire and we will not stop until the Bodnariu children are returned home and Barnevernet is reformed!

Thank you for coming

God bless you all

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  2. Reblogged this on ceciliebedsvaag and commented:
    I can testify that everything said is how it is in Norway today. Barnevernet is an evil organization which removes children permanently from good parents. It has been eleven years since the first time I came in contact with this demonic institution. On February 21, 2005 my mother reported me to Vinderen barneverntjeneste. It was her birthday. Only a few days before I had given her a portrait of my beautiful daughter, 5 months old, as birthday present. She betrayed me and in the meeting with the social workers told the most disgusting lies. I got a telephonecall the next day. The social workers were on their way to my house. They were coming in a taxicab. I was devastated and when they read me the notice of concern aloud I started to cry. Of course, this was taken as proof of mental instability by the two imbecilles from barnevernet. My case was finally dismissed eight months later that year after I had endured two so-called investigations. Barnevernet left my family alone for almost two years when my mother decided to report me for sexually abusing my daughter. This time my daughter was taken to an emergency shelter where she stayed for two months. I won in the County Board (fylkesnemnda) and got her back. Barnevernet persevered and a new trial was scheduled in January 2008. Again I won. However I was pressured into having my daughter examined which I did. Nothing was wrong with her. She had an intelligence well above average. But barnevernet were not satisfied. My mother continued sending false notices of concern, and in October that year I lost 2-3 in fylkesnemnda. Next I was threatened by the judge to have a psychological examination. One clinical psychologist and one psychiatrist were appointed. I did not accept the psychologist who were infamous for always siding with barnevernet. She was biased. The psychiatrist was a communist who had bought himself surrogate twins from India. He was going to raise the children alone, without a mother. The judge tricked me into coming to Oslo after she had disclosed the report to barnevernet, and my daughter was confiscated without a court decision. The trial lasted four days and took place behind closed doors. I was not represented by a lawyer. Barnevernet’s witnsses were mostly anonymous. Their identity were not disclosed to me. During the trial the judge kept laughing. It was a trivial case for her, “en sånn barnevernsak” she said first time I met her. It was only three weeks since my daughter had been taken away from me, and I was in psychological pain. Still they expected me to shake hands with the social worker who had taken my daughter. I did not, and the visitation was reduced from 4 to 2 hours every second month. I saw my daughter six times. Then all viistation rights were denied. Today my daughter lives in England with a surrogate family. The address has been secret for seven years and we are not allowed any direct contact. I send letters and gifts every month and barnevernet reads my letters and open the packages. My daughter is doing well in school and she is fine. She wrote me a letter telling me that she would like to speak with me. Barnevernet will not let us meet until she is 18 years old. They have also threatened me with forced adoption. I am treated like a criminal. The leader of barnevernet keeps telling everyone that I have battered her. When I go to London on shopping trip barnevernet alerts the UK police. All the female passengers on my flight on October 22, 2015 from Rygge in Norway had to show their passport to two waiting police officers at Stansted Airport because of barnevernet’s paranoia of kidnapping. This is my story so far. I give my full support to the Bodnarius. I am not broken but fit for fight, and I will continue to use my pen, not sword, in the fair war against this tyranny. So help me God.

  3. I have coughed up a translation of Jan Simonsen’s article from yesterday, linked to above by Angel. Information in it fits well with the speech in San Francisco: European politicians from Romania are getting together with politicians from The Czech Republic and other countries, to discuss further action vs Norway:

    One should not expect all the world from politicians conferring like that, but at least they have made a start, they are not isolated, each nation on its own. I am very glad to hear it, it gives a bit of hope. Their being together several nations will also perhaps lead to better understanding that although religion plays quite a role in Barnevernet’s action in the Bodnariu case, other cases show a myriad of details of all sorts, so there is no clear, open and fair principles operating in the CPS, there is only a want to take children into CPS power, and therefore enmity to biological family, especially to the children’s parents. So, hopefully, politicians from different nations will understand more and more.

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  5. A somewhat similar case, and a procession!

    Norwegians are both docile, self-satisfied, ignorant, frightened and cowardly as regards Barnevernet.

    Nevertheless, sometime somebody wakes up, a little, for a while.

    Here are some good photos from February 2013, from a very fine action in a small country district, the municipality of Samnanger, just inland from Bergen. The county is Hordaland, right south of Sogn og Fjordane. The same County Committee handles CPS cases for both counties.

    Two children had been grabbed by the CPS at school, one of them after being held back and questioned by the school’s health nurse. There were statements that the oldest had been spanked or hit by their mother, the younger (5-6 years old) had allegedly bin hit – with a comb! (Perhaps his mother had tried to make him stand still while she was combing his hair?)

    A lot of people in the district took part in a torch procession. This was in winter, and you can see how the torches light up as twilight is falling:

    The text on the first picture says:

    The people of Samnanger say “no” to an ignorant Barnevern!
    The chief of Bernevernet must go (resign).
    The administration is there for the people, not the other way around!

    As I said, this is a small municipality, and it was estimated that 10 per cent of the citizens took part in the procession. Not bad!

    The mayor and the head of the municipal administration were dead against the protesters, and even rang up people who worked in municipal positions, telling them that as they were municipal employees, it was illegal for them to take part in the procession; they were obliged to side with their employer’s official position! (No such thing, and the municipal administrator had legal schooling and should know better.)

    For a long time the family and half the local politicians thought that common sense and good arguments would be sure to win through (the other half sided with the CPS, as did the local religious minister). They let themselves be sidetracked doing all sorts of things which they were used to would work when other things in society “went wrong”. Among other things they paid out over a million crowns (≈ $125,000) to have an “evaluation” done, and selected a lawyer’s office in Bergen to head the evaluation and bring into the picture psychological experts etc. Both the lawyers concerned and no doubt the experts they used were very “ecperienced” in CPS matters, having ofted acted FOR municipalities against families. The locals also went to Fylkesmannen (the County administrator, who is the state’s top representative in a county), thinking that he would put the municipality, which is the boss of the local CPS, right. No such thing, of course, and the children remained in foster homes. But at a fairly late stage the parents at last understood the danger, so the mother took the two youngest children with her and went quickly back to her homeland.

    When the case came up for the County Committee, the CPS had also included the two youngest in their demand for transfer of custody. It took hours in the County Committee, with phone calls to the census registry, before the County Committee concluded that the youngest children had been registered “out of Norway”. They could not then claim that they were just away on a holiday and demand them back through Interpol.

    Unfortunately, the facebook page run by a support group in Samnanger has been closed down. It wouldn’t surprise me if the people who ran it have been pressured in some way. The pictures of the torch procession, however, are on the Forum Redd Våre Barn’s website perfectly legally. I do not know anything much further about the case; the family has not kept in touch, which is very understandable. But let us hope that the support group for the Bodnariu family keeps its facebook page there permanently. It is actually important.

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  8. The Christian newspaper Vårt Land still sticks to saying that the Bodnariu case is nothing to do with religion, and pretends that that is the only thing that needs concern Romanian families in Norway.

    Rumenere rømmer Norge – frykter barnevernet (Romanians flee Norway – fear Barnevernet)ømmer-norge-frykter-barnevernet-1.687248

    Here is journalist Friestad again, this time interviewing Beniamin Ciuciu, who is a pastor for the Romanian congregation south of Stavanger in Rogaland. He says that three of the women in the congregation have taken six children with them and gone back to Romania.

    Ciuciu is apparently concerned that his congregation has been reduced from 40 to half that number, some have gone to Romania, and many others keep away because Ciuciu has taken exception to what is called “the actions against Barnevernet”. He expresses worry that in this way, children are separated from fathers or parents. He says “It helps nobody to go back to Romania and let the husband stay behind to work. The family is separated anyway then.”

    One Alexandru Cuc up north (Skjervøy) says the fear and the leaving is sad and unnecessary. “So long they know that they have done nothing wrong to their children, they have nothing to fear”.

    Goodness me, they are as dense and uppety as the Norwegian families who “have never heard” of unwarranted actions from Barnevernet – – until the children are taken and they write or ring to one of “us” and think we can tell them of a “right way” to get the children back, because their case “is unwarranted, it is an exception”.

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