“Right to Life” Does not Belong in New York

I never thought I would hear a president or a governor make such a statement.

I never thought a governor would make a public statement that a segment of people of his state do not belong there.


That is exactly what democrat New York governor Andrew Cuomo said about those who think there is such a concept of “right to life.”  Here is the quote:

“Who are they? Are they these extreme conservatives who are right-to-life…? Is that who they are? Because if that’s who they are and they’re the extreme conservatives, they have no place in the state of New York, because that’s not who New Yorkers are.”

Such a sad turn of events when we consider his father’s stance on abortion.  The elder Cuomo declared in the 1980’s that everyone has a right to life including unborn babies. And now the current gov. Cuomo not only disagrees with the pro-life position, he wants to kick pro-lifers out of his state.

How many millions are you going to kick out of New York, Mr. Cuomo? Are the tens of thousands slaughters every year before they are born not enough?

Now, we know that politicians are crafty, and they are very careful speaking on issues relating to race, religion, life, etc. But every once in a while, they expose what is in their heart for all to see. Such is the case with the New York governor. The darkness and hate he harbors in his soul was displayed for the nation to see.

For liberals like Cuomo, tolerance applies only if you agree with them.

How long will God in His holiness and justice tolerate the sin of humanity and the slaughter of millions of babies in their moms’ tummy?

How long oh, LORD?

11 comments on ““Right to Life” Does not Belong in New York

  1. I am not surprised, yet still speechless at the boldness of the declaration, because he is speaking here of people who value human life, not criminals, drug dealers, etc! The world hated Him who lived a perfect life, so they will certainly hate us.

    • Rodi, Someone is restraining the unleashing against the Saints, because the drive is certainly there on the part of the forces of darkness represented by such people.

      We will follow very closely what happens in the relatively near future, as the end times unfold.

  2. It’s nothing new and expected. The onslaught against the future generations is a plan of the devil to destroy everything God has created. I guess he thinks, ‘If I’m going down, then I will bring as many with me.’ He seems to have convinced the world that in order to propagate the future, we must get rid of that future…the future being the children.

    • Absolutely true. The most intensive efforts on the part of the so called progressives are aimed at our young children. Which makes me appreciate parents who home school their kids and who put them in private education.

  3. “Wow” and “How long, O Lord?” is right.

    I agree with each of the other comments here. I welcome those Pro-Life New Yorkers to come and live in the Natural State (Arkansas), the state with the third best record on abortion (from a pro-life position).

    This godless statement isn’t surprising since New York is ranked as the 4th least protector of life state in the “union.” Actually, those New Yorkers don’t have to move all the way to Arkansas. Next door, the state of Pennsylvania is the 5th most protective state in the U.S.

    I had not heard this statement. Thanks for keeping up to speed, Delight.

    God’s blessings…

    • In your state you are more likely to be surrounded by Christians, Chris. And that is a blessing. On the west coast, we are more progressive, more developed, more educated. Allegedly. But the wisdom of the world is foolishness after all…

  4. We home-school our four children, and they are better for it. They are brighter, smarter, more polite and their education is more complete. We can focus on their strengths and help where they are their weakest. No wonder the gov’t hates homeschooling. Our kids are so far ahead of those in the public schools, they could quite right now, have a six month holiday and then they would be just ahead of the rest.

    • Nice to hear you guys are homeschooling. There are a few families in our church who are doing the same. Their children are very bright, and socially developed, but also their parents are very involved in the process.

      What kind of college plans do you guys have for the kids? Christian colleges would be ideal, but unfortunately liberalism and progressive agenda has infiltrated there also. I went to public school my whole life, but thank God, He kept me on the straight and narrow, because the things one is exposed to in there could sway one’s faith.

      • The best thing I can say is, “We will wait upon God to decide. If we have a choice, it will be no college or university for our kids. Even if God has His hand on them, and He does, they would be exposed to too much. I am not willing to put them through that for education. Big Deal! I run my own business and we are semi-retired now, so when they get older, they can take up the business and run it for us. They will be supplied for no matter which way the wind blows. It’ll be a totally different world in twenty years.

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