Child Marriage is an Outrage

People say that a picture is worth a thousand words.

From the bride dresses to the ring on the girl’s finger, I will let this picture speak a thousand words.

The truth about Islamic child marriage is painful and it must be told.


19 comments on “Child Marriage is an Outrage

  1. Something very precious to our Lord and these beautiful little girls has been stolen by a perverse religion! Their innocence. In the only true and living God’s way, young girls are to be protected by their birth fathers and their innocence is to preserved until they become a bride to a man in holy matrimony.

    These young girls pictured have something stolen that the Occults take great pleasure in stealing their personal spirits, this practice is not only immoral but keeps company with the hidden practices of the occult.

  2. this just turns my stomach… it is absolutely positively deviant behavior. Where is the outrage from the West? from human rights activists? from anybody????

  3. This is by no means the extent of their disgusting practices. They practice mutilation of the vagina. Absolutely despicable. It is sad to have to make a reference to it… it should be told.

  4. And the world, nation after nation is following in lock step with Muslims – from the church to the oval office. Islamic women cannot fight – they live in terror. PRAY for those lost and dying in this horrific religion and speak up when the Holy Spirit gives you opportunity to do.

    Thank you for speaking up in sharing this photo. This is not a hate crime, YET.!!!.

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