LeBron James Compared to… God



The judgement and theological statements coming out of the NBA these days must be exposed in order to see the kind of concept folks have about God.

Indiana Pacers point guard George Hill compared LeBron James to God:

“It’s only like one person that’s more scarier than that and that’s God,” Hill said after Pacer’s 97-93 Game 2 win last week against James’ team.

The Miami Heat star responded by saying he is  “nowhere near close” to being God because “I made two mistakes tonight that hurt our team…”

The funny thing here is not the comparison to the Divine.

The funny, ridiculous, crazy, and blasphemous development is that LeBron James actually entertained the concept of being compared to the Great I AM.

This guy might be capable of really thinking he might achieve divinity if he had a perfect game or season.

Being a physical specimen that drives down the lane like a locomotive and having more money than all my readers put together multiplied by 1,000 can certainly awaken the idolatry of Romans 1.

Idolatry of self is at the core of our fallen race.  The idea of being like God put us in our current trouble when two less than content people in Eden decided it would be cool to be like God.

Even the statement “nowhere near close” to being God is irrelevant in this context because it raises the possibility of actually arriving at divinity.

So for now we will just enjoy watching the Bron play (also pray?) above the rim.

Because if we could see God play, we would die in less than an instant.

image Corey Sipkin

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