The Advent of Fetal Surgery Strengthens the Pro-Life Position


The procedures and steps taken during fetal surgery provide overwhelming support to the Pro-Life stance.

The picture above shows an incision in a pregnant uterus and the hand of a 21-week fetus exhibiting the grasp reflex.  Parents of newborns know this reflex very well because the baby will squeeze tight when his/her palms are stimulated.

That is exactly what this unanesthetized fetus is doing in this picture.  

Which brings us to the next point… Why would the surgeon and anesthesiologist need to anesthetize the fetus if he/she is not a person and supposedly does not feel pain until week 24 as claimed by many experts?  

The answer is that fetal anesthesia is necessary during fetal surgery because the fetus withdraws from the painful stimuli, providing strong evidence that he/she feels pain.  It has been shown that placing needles in the fetal hepatic vein releases stress hormones in fetal blood (here).  It has also been shown that anesthesia blunts this type of response. 

If this is true, and we know it is true based on peer-reviewed literature in PubMed, imagine how much worse is the pain of tearing limbs during second trimester abortions!

How drastic is the contrast between these two scenarios: on one hand a fetal surgeon skillfully operates on a baby’s spine when still in the womb, while on the other hand an abortionist crushes the skull using a metal clamp still in the womb!  The former is considered a miracle of modern medicine, while the later is a choice by the ignorant mother and a merciless butcher. 

Delight in Truth continues to expose the idea that if the American public would have first hand information with respect to the miracles of fetal surgery, the films of babies playing in-utero, the testimony of abortion survivors, and ultimately the horrors of abortion, the American public would be overwhelmingly Pro-Life.  

But for now ignorance is bliss on this topic.  Gosnell’s trial and the exposition of his clinic have hopefully started to shake up the public slumber on this topic.

Delight in Truth will continue to champion the right to life as guaranteed by the constitutional slogan “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” and ultimately by our Creator, because His Spirit is called the Spirit of Life.

photo by Michael Clancy

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