Abortion as Murder in the Legal System

The horrible case of kidnapper/raper/murderer Ariel Castro is one of the most sickening news events of the past year.

In a long list of despicable things this man did was the alleged act of violently causing his victims to miscarry their babies when he got them pregnant. It is alleged that he did this by punching the pregnant abdomen of his victims in addition to starving them.

It caught my attention that prosecutors are considering charging him with the murder of those unborn babies.

Lets break it down and see how inconsistent our society is with respect to abortion.

An evil man like Castro induces the death of a number of unborn children.  He will likely be convicted and spend a lifetime in jail as he should.  The issue here is between three parties: Castro, the unborn children who have been murdered, and the LAW.

Let us switch scenarios and examine what happens in Planned Parenthood every day.  Abortionists induce the physical death of millions of unborn babies and society gives them a pass.  Why? Because the pregnant mother says it is ok to murder her unborn child.

The result of Castro’s actions and the esteemed abortionist’s actions is the same: death.

Yet we treat them so differently as a society.  Castro will go to jail.  The abortionist will live the high life.

This schizophrenic morality which we practice as a society is the reason for this paradox.  Maternal consent for abortion DOES NOT IN ANYWAY change the outcome of that abortion.  It matters not if the abortionist is a violator like Castro or an abortionist in Planned Parenthood.

Abortion is an active process that kills someone.

Abortion results in death.

Abortion is murder.

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3 comments on “Abortion as Murder in the Legal System

  1. I had similar thoughts when I read that the prosecutor is going after the perpetrator, even possibly seeking the death sentence for the murder of these (his own) unborn children. Putting aside the sordid circumstances, It is a big contradiction to (rightfully) seek it for a father murdering his unborn children, yet not for a mother taking the same action inside an abortion clinic. It is the same exact despicable act of killing an innocent human being.

    • The peak of the feminist movement which occurred in 1973 is what allows this double standard unfortunately. BTW another one of these peaks, but more quietly, occurred in the Obama presidency when he appointed two lefties on the Supreme Court. They are rejoicing in the valley of the choice/left/anti-life.

      • what I fear is that eventually, in order to prevent any type of legal scenario from chipping away at abortion rights, indictments such as the one against Castro will disappear altogether.

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