Modern Hymn

In an environment where contemporary Christian music has suffered from the absence of deep theological and lyrical quality, David Crowder Band comes through with a great modern hymn on their 2012 album Give Us Rest.  Jesus is the focus of the song as it paints His sacrifice for us.

The red of blood hit the dirt
And the whole earth mourned and the whole world shook
As we watched them nail Him to a tree
Oh the wretched souls of sinners like me

God you came
God you came
My God you came down

God you came
God you came
My God you came down

Faint and weary you have sought me
Oh my Saviour God through the cross you have bought me
What a love, your Son for my salvation
What a cost, your wondrous incarnation

God you came
God you came
My God you came down

God you came
God you came
My God you came down

6 comments on “Modern Hymn

    • If you say so… 🙂 But then again, this post is not a modeling exhibition. It’s about the message… you don’t find many songs in CCM these days with a hymnal type of message.

      Check out the standard pictures you find on the internet of Luther and Calvin… Ouch… Would make Crowder look like a model 🙂

  1. Hmmm a model for the Lord the Rings movies… 🙂
    in 1960 the guy would not have been allowed to appear on a secular tv show…
    Actually Luther and Calvin are not that bad…considering that those are paintings not pictures 🙂

    • Luther and Calvin  look clean cut and well dressed ( and from what I know of history carried themselves with dignity and respect ) where it doesn’t appear that any of those things could be said about this guy unless he’s been living in the wilderness… 🙂 

      The two verses might be better than typical for a christian rock band, but I would suggest that the usage of repetitive chorusus rather than more verses of true content is targeting an emotional response instead of a spiritual one.  

      But hey, this is just my opinion.  🙂

    • I would like to see Calvin walk into a 1960 church with that 12 inch goat tee… To use Gabi’s hypothetical situation… Or better yet, a 2012 Romanian penti church… And see the reaction he gets 🙂

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