Pro Life Victory in Arkansas

This week the pro-life movement in Arkansas gained a small but important victory in the battle against abortion.

Both houses of the legislature passed the “pain-capable unborn child protection act” or anti-abortion pain bill for any baby over 20 weeks gestation.  The bill argues that the fetus is capable of feeling pain and therefore suffers a horrific death at the hands of the abortionist.

Even though democratic governor Mike Bebee vetoed this life saving bill, both houses of the legislature came through with an override and the bill is now passed.

The constitutionality of the law will most likely be challenged by the ACLU, but for now the law stands.

Progress is slow and methodical, but the pro-life movement continues to grow especially among younger people, many of whom are Catholics and Evangelicals.  One could argue that is not a victory because it only limits abortion, and it does not ban it completely, and I agree that any abortion is an act of depravity and a grave sin.

But in the grand scheme of abortion legality which is here to stay for the foreseeable future, our time-tested course is to chip away at this behemoth from any and all angles.  These kind of pro life victories help invigorate those who persevere in this legal and spiritual battle.

The sanctity of life is held up by the testimony of the One who’s Spirit is called the Spirit of life (Romans 8).  Our actions and testimony must be in line with the One who is called the Spirit of life.

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