Surprised by a Greeting?

I was having lunch today in the hospital cafeteria with some other doctors when a lady passed by, looked at me, and said hello.  I remembered her as a radiology technologist in our hospital, and the last time I spoke to her was one or two years ago. I did not remember her name.  I smiled and said hello back, and I returned to my conversation.

A minute later she passed by again, looked at me again, and this time she said “He is risen!”

I looked up and she had a radiant smile on her face. Time slowed down for a few seconds and I remembered meeting her a few years ago in the interventional suite while she was setting up her equipment. To my surprise she was blasting Jesus music in that God-forsaken radiology room where no anesthesiologist ever wants to do a case.  I remembered telling her that it was a pleasure working with someone who loves Jesus and is not ashamed of his gospel. She seemed very happy that she found a brother in Christ who happened to be a physician, and the sentiment was mutual.

This time I made eye contact and said “Amen, Amen!”

I should have answered with the traditional eastern Christian salutation “Truly, He has risen!” I missed the opportunity, but such is the situation when one is surprised…

This greeting is not practiced as much here in the United States, but this wiki page shows the various countries where it is the norm around Easter.

This beautiful exchange was significant because it showed me once again that while we as believers are living in the world, we are not alone. We have other believers around us, and God uses them to encourage us.

Our love for God unites us.

The Resurrection unites us.

So let it ring… Christ  is risen!

Will You Attend an Easter Service?

That was the question that Life Way Research asked 1,060 adults in a recent survey.

The results are perplexing because only about half of professing Christians said yes.

The Resurrection Day celebration is the greatest event in the Christian calendar (no, Christmas is not the biggest Christian holiday), and these results are  a sign of the lukewarm state of the church in this country.

Only 57% of Catholics, 58% of Protestants and 45% of non-denominational Christians said YES, they plan on attending church on Easter.

Where is the joy? Where is the anticipation of celebration? Where is the anticipation of the Second Coming of Christ and the resurrection of the dead?

Awaken us Lord, from this terrible slumber!

Survey: One in Five Americans Undecided About Easter Church AttendanceSurvey: One in Five Americans Undecided About Easter Church Attendance