Planned Parenthood and the Virgin Mary

Some may still remember the despicable Christmas Planned Parenthood (PP) campaign from the recent past, a campaign from the depths of hell.

They had the audacity to take the Gospel message and change it to promote a carnage worse than the Newtown massacre.  “Peace on earth,” the message from God, became “choice on earth” a message from Satan.  Can anyone remember what happened last time Satan altered the words of God?  Hint: the setting was the garden of Eden, and man listened to Satan’s lies as opposed to the truth that came directly from God.

Rightfully so, catholics, evangelicals and godly people across the country united in a huge backlash against PP, but this has not dented PP’s onslaught against unborn babies.

The murderous spirits of Herod the Great and Pharaoh, and their blood thirst for infanticide is alive and well today embodied in the actions of PP.

I recently came across the t-shirt slogan “the virgin Mary was an unwed teenage mother,” and sadly young women just like Mary are the prime target of the abortion platform.  They shamelessly invoke Mary in their agenda as described by LifeSiteNews in the article here.   At a pro-life conference in Canada, abortion rights activists stormed the conference hall chanting the blasphemous French song “Oh, If Mary had known about abortion, we wouldn’t have to deal with all this nonsense.”

If PP existed in Mary’s day I am convinced they would have been a tool used by Satan to try to kill Jesus before He would have been born.  In his rage against the King of Kings, Satan used Herod the Great’s infanticide to no avail because God’s providential plan of redemption for humanity would not be derailed.  PP and all the Satanic forces behind them could not have aborted Jesus no matter how hard they would have tried.

Another instrument of Satan, Joseph Stalin is reported to have said, “A single death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic.”  Similarly our society as grown accustomed to missing the microscopic and the big picture on this issue.  Abortion is not viewed as taking a life, it is viewed as a statistic.  But abortion in America is not just statistics, its 55 million tragedies – many at the hand of PP.

Millions of women in America and across the globe and are targeted every year with Satan’s abortion agenda.  In Romania one in three pregnancies is aborted!  And Romania is a country where 98%+ declare themselves “Christian!”

Yes, the Newtown massacre was the biggest tragedy since 9/11, but the tragedy that goes on in PP every day far outweighs 9/11 and all other American mass shootings combined!

God created man in His image, and every one of those tiny little babies whose bodies are destroyed by the instruments of death is a tiny reflection of God.  Christians need to realize the underlying spiritual war against God that goes on as PP unravel their platform.

At the first Christmas Satan did not prevail against Jesus, and neither will Planned Parenthood prevail in the end.

Let’s  pray for the young women who are targeted by Planned Parenthood, that they will come to realize that all the answers can be found at the cross of Jesus.  Let’s also keep in prayer the women who have had an abortion.  They need to understand that such a grave sin can be forgiven by the One who had NO sin but was made sin for us.