Ancient Canaan on HBO’s Game of Thrones

Here is more reason for Christians to not have HBO.  I came across a news article announcing that in their penultimate Game of Thrones show of the season, HBO is depicting a human sacrifice to some god.

Repeated scenes of violent rape, graphic incest, infanticide and the like were not enough on Game of Thrones. Now die-hard, addicted fans get to experience what the Bible describes as perhaps the most gruesome ancient Canaanite abomination: human sacrifice by fire.

The Old Testament tells us that the Moabites sacrificed their children to Chemosh, the Ammonites to Moloch, and other Canaanites to Baal. The Bible is a DESCRIPTIVE book, meaning it gives examples of such violent acts (see the Moabites doing this in 2 Kings 3).  It also details God’s judgement against these incredibly violent nations when He tells Moses and Joshua to exterminate them from the face of the earth: men, women and children. All these are DESCRIPTIVE narrations, and not PRESCRIPTIVE, meaning they do not prescribe (in this case violence) to its readers.

But in a quest to whet the appetite of the depraved human mind, HBO knows no boundaries of decency when it comes to language, sexuality and now occult and horrific practices.

And now, news sites everywhere are asking if HBO went too far.

But wait.

Suppose I tell you that Moloch et al are not the only gods who required child sacrifice. Suppose I tell you that there is a god by the name of Self receiving 55 million+ child sacrifices since 1973 in the US alone.

One (fake) human sacrifice on HBO is raising eyebrows in mainstream media?

How about millions of abortions, some of which happened in the third trimester with the baby fighting for her life as the forceps and suction cannula are tearing her body?

Not much outrage on CNN or Fox News about that.

We will see new boundaries crossed, new levels of immorality, novel ways of perverting marriage, and more indifference to sin in the coming years.

But for now, HBO is the setting of the new ancient Canaan, and Canaanite history repeats itself on the TV screen and in real life.

4 comments on “Ancient Canaan on HBO’s Game of Thrones

  1. Never in any Canaanite holy text is Human Sacrifice mentioned.
    In the Bible, your god commands Abraham to sacrifice his son. And Jephthah sacrifices his daughter in the name of your god. Not to mention Jesus, the ultimate human sacrifice.
    And when it comes to Incest, the Bible is full of it, with Lot’s Daughters and Noahs family.
    -Sincerely. your friendly neighborhood Canaanite

    • Dear Canaanite, you don’t sound so friendly, but then again written text does not convey emotion very well.

      Your brief comment betrays your ignorance and misunderstanding of the matter.

      The LORD’s command to Abraham was a test, and it was the angel of the LORD who prevented him from sacrificing Isaac.

      Many scholars disagree that Jephtah sacrificed her daughter. It was strictly prohibited by mosaic Law.

      Jesus? Yes, he was murdered by Jews via Romans, but his death is considered an atoning sacrifice for sin, theologically speaking. Certainly not the way you analogize it.

      Incest? Throughly condemned in the Bible. It was a descriptive act, not prescriptive.

      • The Carthagenians were worshipers of Moloch and God used the Roman Empire to wipe them out of the face of the earth. And if you read the history of the wars the Romans almost lost. Hannibal was at the gates. But God’s plan was clear. Demon worshipers were to be destroyed. The silly made up gods the Romans had were easier to be delt with.

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