China – The Joy of Owning Their Own Bible

Check out this video and be amazed how much these Chinese Christians longed to have a Bible of their own. In many such places they have to share Bibles or portions of a Bible. Many do not have their own Bible, but today the people in the video finally get a copy of their own.

10 comments on “China – The Joy of Owning Their Own Bible

  1. Wow!!! It brought tears to my eyes seeing their reaction when they got a hold of a bible. It puts us (those who r here in U.S.) to shame cause we may have 3 or 4 or 8 different bibles in different translations and often they collect dust bc we have other things to do.
    So, I pray to God that he puts more thirst in us for His word…since the word of God is the sword we christians are to use when being confronted with the evil spirits….
    These days many people say that truth is relative…in other words, each person makes truth whatever they wanted to be….however, Jesus said that God’s word is TRUTH.
    Thanks so much, chris, for posting this. May God bless u for defending the truth…even if the powers of darkness so vehemently oppose it.

    • Tibi, I got myself a stack of Bibles in various translations and I feel guilty because in China they have to share Bibles and copy them by hand. Not long ago, that was the case in Romania, but God is good and his word cannot be stopped. Thanks for visiting.

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  3. Amen to both Andrew an The Master’s Slave.

    What an awesome video. As Andrew has stated, how fortunate we are to have the access we do. How many Bible catalogs do I get every month (sadly many of the authors in these “Christian” catalogs are false teachers)? Bible Gateway among other online sources allows us to know God’s Word better than ever. Yet, in the developed world it appears that we have become lethargic, if not downright apathetic.

    May God bless these people and their study of His Word.

    Thanks for sharing, Delight.

    God’s blessings…

    • Hey Chris,

      Think about this for a moment…how UNfortunate we are to have all of these Bibles, Bible product catalogs and a “Christian” book store on every corner. We have more access to Bibles and the like than any other country on earth, and we are the most ungodly nation on earth. I come from Canada and the persecution isn’t near as bad as it is in the States, but still the compromise and apostasy I see wherever I go is disturbing and yet, most people here go to church and call themselves Christian. We need some fierce persecution and perhaps the goats would run away leaving the true Christians standing.

      • Very unfortunate that we have Christians without holiness. Christians without the fruit of the Spirit in their lives. I call them Christians who are not born-again. Obama says he is a Christian, but he says that other religions lead to heaven, he supports the abortion and gay agenda, and he voted for a bill to withhold resuscitation from babies who are born alive after botched abortions… There are many Christians like him. When persecution comes, they will deny that they are Christians.

      • So true Master’s Slave.

        I know your country has legalized same-sex marriage. More and more states here are doing the same. The compromise and apostasy that you “speak” of is certainly disturbing.

        Many “Christians” are ok with things like same-sex marriage, abortion, or homosexuality. How can one call themselves a Christian when it is clear in my mind that each go against God’s Word.

        Persecution always stokes the fires of revival. I’m no prophet but I think persecution has begun but we’ve seen nothing yet. Persecution has always grown the church in the past. We’ll have to wait and see what happens I guess.

        Thanks for your very true comment. I seem to use the word “ungodly” a lot myself these days.

        God’s blessings…

  4. Master’s Slave, i agree with your last sentence. Are we ready for it? If the day comes when they put a gun to our heads, will we stand strong? I pray for strength for all of us who will not hesitate. Matt. 28:20.

  5. The beauty of having such persecution is it will definitely separate the men from the boys, the sheep from the goats and the wheat from the tares. Those who live the Christianized lie, will back off when the pressure gets too strong, and those who are truly saved will relish in the Ever Narrowing Way as I call it. God will squeeze us like a tube of toothpaste and only those truly saved will end up conforming to Christ’s image. The Ever Narrowing Way is such for a reason: It’s hard and it will eventually kill you. Not the kind of message one hears at Joel Osteen’s church.

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