Abortion, then Regret

“Two years ago today, November 11, 2013, I had an abortion. It still hurts just as much now today as it did the day it happened. This abortion was not something I wanted to do, but my boyfriend at the time insisted he knew what was better for me than I did and told me if I didn’t do it he would leave me, and I would be alone. I was so wrapped up in the relationship, I didn’t want to let him down, so I did what he said. On the drive home, I cried and cried, and he yelled at me and said, “you can’t change what happened, so stop crying.”

The next day he broke up with me, and from that day until about a month ago, he strung me along and told me it was my fault that I went through with the abortion. I have yet to go talk to someone about this sensitive topic because I have not been able to verbally talk about it with anyone and I am afraid to talk about it face to face. I would like to see a day where abortion was done away with so no other girl has to feel this pain. It is one of the worst pains I have felt in my life.”

Age: 21
Location: Goshen, Indiana
Date: November 11, 2013

The is the testimony of regret.

Regret is a step in the right direction, but it is only the first step in the process that ultimately relieves the fundamental pain in the soul of this young woman.

Delight in Truth argues that abortion in many of these cases is not the central problem.  The heart of the matter has to do with a lifestyle of sin in rebellion to God, and the absence of the Gospel in the life of individuals who undergo abortions.

Abortion, although a sin in itself, is a by-product or a consequence of living in sin. The result of sin hurts on so many levels. Premarital sexual relationships are often complicated by abortion. Many of these women who undergo the procedure already know ahead of time that their relationship is wrong.

In the case above, the woman aborted the baby in order to keep the boyfriend.


That is not a relationship that is based on the love of God for his church, the way a marriage is defined in the Bible.

The problem above is that sin has not be addressed at its root. This sin is now an overwhelming burden that cannot be endured. This is where the cross comes into the picture.  Jesus died even for the sin of abortion.  The Bible tells us that he took our inequities upon Himself so that His children will not bear the guilt and eternal punishment.

Jesus took upon Himself even the sin of abortion.

I pray this anonymous mom will find Jesus.

6 comments on “Abortion, then Regret

  1. This is so heartbreaking. The only answer to this young woman’s pain is Jesus, as you rightly pointed out. And, for the church to wake up and call abortion by its rightful name- “murder”. How many girls would go through with the process if we called it what it truly is- i.e. the murder of their own child?

  2. How many are like this young woman and never tell their stories to anyone until years of pain have passed? She has taken a step in the right direction. Now, as both of you have made clear, she needs what only God can give. There are many “free” Christian clinics across this nation that help women like this. She would be wise to start by getting some counceling at one of these refuges. A good sign is that this woman cried. Some are so hard hearted that they brag about the number of abortions they’ve had and they continue to fight for “the right” to murder. Lord have mercy.

    Thanks for keeping this topic close to the top of your list, Delight. It is so important.

  3. Abortion is not always a by product of sin. There are women who abort because husbands coerce them. Or there are those pressured because of adverse diagnosis. while abortion is never ok, it is not always a result of living in sin.

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