How a Decision Blessed the World with Music

In 1958 a pregnant mother went to the hospital with severe abdominal pain.  A diagnosis of acute appendicitis was made and surgery was the obvious best option.

It can be a formidable challenge to anesthetize and do surgery on a pregnant patient, especially non-obstetric surgery. Every time I face such a case, I am well aware that I must take care of two patients, and their lives and well-being are equally important to me. The stakes are increased not only because there are two individuals under my care, but because pregnancy increases the anesthetic risk for the mother significantly.

Image how much more difficult this situation was in 1958, when surgical and anesthetic technique was not nearly as developed as today!

At the time of surgery, the young mother-to-be was advised to abort her baby due to the risk of developmental defects as a result of surgery and anesthesia. But contrary to medical advice, the mom trusted God and decided to keep the baby in the hopes things will work out alright.

She gave birth to a boy who had congenital glaucoma, but who was otherwise healthy.  He had decreased vision, and following some trauma during a football game he lost his vision at age 12.

But this boy was special for a different reason. He was blessed with an unbelievable talent. He had and continues to have the voice of an angel.

During a concert he thanked his mother, Edi, who made the right decision to allow him to live so he can bless the world with the common grace of beautiful music.  He ended up selling over 70 million records, and his music is well-loved throughout the world.

That musician’s name is Andrea Bocelli.

5 comments on “How a Decision Blessed the World with Music

  1. What an awesome testimony. Often wondered about Mr. Bocelli’s blindness, now I know. My wife and I are fans of his and enjoy his gift very much. What a blessing that came as a mother said no to death and yes to the Father of life.

  2. What an awesome story, Delight.

    Mr. Andrea Bocelli will be appearing in Some Eastern American cities from November through February. He continues to use the amazing talent that God has given him.

    It is interesting to know that you deal with such cases. I pray that God will help you make the right decisions in these difficult situations. God has given you a gift, Delight. I know that your view is that it should be used for God’s glory. You, your family, and your work will be in my prayers.

    Great post.

    Thanks for sharing…

    • For what it’s worth, I was born in 1958 myself. I’ve sung in choirs before but I don’t have a anything like Mr. Bocelli’s voice. I don’t have time to be in a choir now, but I’m looking forward to singing in heaven.

  3. Great story. So many babies saved from abortion have gone on to live such amazing lives… in fact, I’d almost say that ALL babies saved from abortion live pretty amazing lives… Cheating death before you’re even born… that’s pretty amazing!

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