The Most Nefarious Crime of all Time

Rawan: Child bride dead at 8.

On 9/11 when we remember what Islamic terrorism did on US soil, we must turn our attention to the growing problem of Islam-endorsed pedophilia. The rape of a child especially when coupled with her murder is the worst crime imaginable.

It is such a horrific problem that I have been putting it off and dreading to write a post about it.   But the world and more importantly the Church needs to know the truth and be embolden even more to bring to the good news to Muslims.

The story of 8-year-old Rawan (pictured above from the Examiner) is a game changer in this nefarious religion.

She was a child bride from Yemen who died on her wedding night after being wed to a 40-year-old man. She suffered fatal internal injuries after being raped by this so-called husband.  Her story was carried by multiple news outlets in multiple countries, but surprisingly it received little coverage in the US.

The reason why this type of crime happens is because Islam endorses it.  Islam endorses pedophilia.

Muhammad himself married underage women.  Aisha was 6 years old when she was married to him, and that marriage was consummated when she was 9-years-old (presented here).

Modern Islamic clerics have issued fatwas to endorse child marriages as the world stood by, and continues to stand by.

The depravity of this practice cannot be put into words.  Islam is a religion that is based on deviant sex, and it shows when homicidal terrorists like the 9/11 hijackers are promised 70 virgins as soon as they get to “heaven.”  These same terrorists frequented bars, strip clubs and prostitutes leading up to the ultimate act that took them to hell.

Why is Delight in Truth writing about this abomination?

Because the Church needs to be aware about the moderate/liberal forms of Islam which originate in the same theology practiced by these pedophilic criminals.  And some claim that the three major monotheistic religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) share the same God but revealed in different ways.


The answer to this madness is the Gospel.  Only the Gospel can show these people how fallen and depraved they (we all) are, and how much they need Jesus to atone for their sin.

The world continues to ignore Islamic pedophilia.

But if the Church really cares about these little girls, it will increase its effort to spread the Gospel. It is a spiritual solution.  It is the only solution.

9 comments on “The Most Nefarious Crime of all Time

  1. Delight, a post that confronts this disgusting practice among Muslims. It is indeed a horrible tragedy that continues unabated. This is just the tip of the ice-berg. Some of these savages cut young females on the clitoris’ as part of their disgusting practices so the males only can enjoy martial sex.

    How can anybody consider this as a god fearing religion? I totally agree about the moderate/liberals who support this sickness. Beware people of America Islams sole objective is world domination via religious fanatism. This is just one more example of a godless group of people bent on self gratification.

    Wake up! This type of fanatism is no different than Hitlers Nazi’s.

  2. Thanks for covering this topic, Delight.

    It is a difficult thing to imagine, but there it is. That beautiful little girl at the top of this post is dead because of deviant sexual behavior.

    I agree with Manny that many (not all) Muslims want to dominate the world. I know they will not get their wish.

    I believe a limited war in the Middle East is near. I think Israel will expand her boundaries. And along with the expansion will come the deaths of many Muslims who will try to attack and take the land promised to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and their descendants.

    I think we will see some “fireworks” in our lifetimes and, as we’ve “discussed” before, the possible return of our Lord.

    What will happen to the U.S.? I know, because of the abortion issue, America will be judged. How severe that judgement is depends on, I think, the degree to which we support Israel.

    So we watch and pray as Jesus asked us…and we try to be a witness to Muslims as you have suggested. As you have “stated,” “the Gospel is the only solution.”

  3. May the Lord bless you for denouncing evil in all its forms and for not settling for a false ‘social’ gospel. These are horrifying things to see happening in this world, especially to children. However, the true awfulness of these situations is the offense of such actions before our holy, almighty God. And the offense of silence by so many who profess faith in His precious son, Jesus Christ. Preaching the Gospel is the only solution. Amen to that, dear brother in Christ!

  4. I listened to a radio show today, and the host made an excellent point explaining why the American media is closing their eyes on the Muslim atrocities…. He said the liberals hate Christianity so much that they would use any means to remove it from the public square, the old saying “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”

    At a deeper level, it is a spiritual war, Satan is using his children in the war against the children of God… that is obvious for anybody that has eyes..

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