Children: Between Life and Death

Moloch With Child

As a father of three young children I shutter when I read things like this in the Bible.

“They have built the high places of Topheth in the Valley of Ben Hinnom to burn their sons and daughters in the fire—something I did not command, nor did it enter my mind.”  Jer 7:31

“And you took your sons and your daughters, whom you had borne to me, and these you sacrificed to them to be devoured. Were your whorings so small a matter that you slaughtered my children and delivered them up as an offering by fire to them?”  Ez 16:20-21

“And they burned their sons and their daughters as offerings and used divination and omens and sold themselves to do evil in the sight of the Lord, provoking him to anger.”  2 Kings 17:17

So great was the idolatry of Israel that they have resorted to child sacrifices to appease Molek and other gods of the nations surrounding Israel. How can a parent bring themselves to the point of placing their small child on the outstretched arms of a white-hot bronze statue of Molek that has been pre-heated in fire?  The child would be roasted alive, perhaps catching fire immediately upon contact with the white-hot metal.

Some say these claim are an invention of Jewish and Christian imagination and that there is no concrete evidence for child sacrifice in the ancient Middle East.


Archeological discoveries of cremated bodies of hundreds of children, baby lambs and goats at a Carthaginian burial site provides substantial evidence for child sacrifice by fire.  The Phoenicians have been known to worship deities who demanded child sacrifice in exchange for future fertility.

Dear readers, Molek continues to demand payment even today.  The US has aborted in excess of 50 million unborn babies since 1973 and just last week, Iowa Democrats lifted up prayers to Molek in this video:

The abomination of abominations is continuing today in the slaughter of the unborn.  They are a helpless third-party with no representation as two other parties (mother and abortionist) independently make a decision for their demise.

As Christians, we must continue to point to this injustice and pray that the Holy Spirit would open eyes and minds to see the priceless beauty of life.

36 comments on “Children: Between Life and Death

  1. These people don’t even know how deluded they are and how badly they are mocking God. Nor do they know that their prayer is going down to their master, not up to the God who creates all life and whose justice will prevail in the end. This is absolutely disgusting, to thank for the slaughter of innocent children.

  2. Our supreme court uses the term “fetal demise” when it comes to abortion.

    I guess that’s so that it won’t seem as brutal.

    I think a bunch of very “important” people meet up in the Redwoods (CA) yearly and do some sort of weird ceremony involving a large owl-like statue. Some have said that the owl represents molek. They simulate the killing of a small child in the ceremony. Very strange.

    It doesn’t surprise me that archeological evidence has been found that verifies the scriptures you have quoted. The more time passes, the more the validity of the Bible is apparent, and least in my opinion. At the same time, it appears that more people are walking away from the truths of God’s Word today than ever before.

    Thanks for sharing this sad but educational info, Delight.

    God’s blessings…

    • It is interesting to see that certain scholars try to bury the evidence. They say that child sacrifice is a myth, that the enemies of the Canaanites (Israel) are the ones accusing them of such. Too bad they miss the fact that Jeremiah and the other prophets are accusing their own people, the Hebrews, of such practice! They tend to overlook that… how convenient…

  3. Praying to God for his blessings on abortion. Wow. Is this woman being sarcastic when she says we pray to the Lord? That is a seared conscience.

      • No. They don’t understand who God is. You’re right. I think they must be praying to some kind of god with a little g…but it’s not the God of the scriptures. It’s too bad. Very sad video to see.

      • Hi Chris. Happy day to ya. I just followed the link from your blog and ended up here. I read your blog you know. lol…have for years! I just talk mostly on mine. It’s just that this lady and her “praying” was incredible. Like watching a satanic ritual actually…seriously, that’s what came to mind. Call me crazy. I do believe that abortion is nothing more than sacrifice…whether it be a conscience sacrifice on the part of the women doing it…I doubt that very seriously…seems to be done out of ignorance but the way this lady prays, seems like it is most definitely a sacrifice to her in which she is asking some god for a blessing over.

        • Hey dawnmarie.

          It’s nice to know that you are reading my blog. As you know, I’ve been reading yours lately, also. We do go back years, don’t we?

          The video is like watching a satanic ritual.

          As you have mentioned to Delight, that lady has a seared conscience. Those around here aren’t any better for taking part.

          I’m glad you found Delight’s blog.

          Happy day to ya, too…

  4. Self is on the throne. Molech is indeed worshipped. The malignant nature of unregenerate man is indeed a foul smell. These folks indeed have a seared conscience and condone murder of babies. Little do they know or care they are fueling the fires of hell. As for the so-called Christians who condone abortion they are in fact practicing Idolatrers.Rebloged on

  5. Oh my word, this post is brilliant! People don’t see it as child sacrifice because “we dont live in the dark ages”, but that is exactly what it is and Molek performs exactly as he did. Yuck. Vile.

    • I was aborted once and my soul /light came back into existence tow months later via the same mother do to frequency recognition she is a good person she has a hard time living with it the second time I was connected with my mother I almost we’ll I did die but was revived these two rapid exits have allowed me to remember inbetween physical and no physical every thing that happens to a soul or being is meant to happen that is gods plan abortion is not natural but as humans we are Abel to perform this there fore it is ok we need to do so to realize a different way and those succumb to this action gain from it in one way or another the (lost children) in my book is nonsense I am one of them and I have brought knowledge from experiencing it this is my faith because I don’t just have faith I know faith, faith in what I’ve seen first hand, remembering the beautiful process of life after death of a pure soul who is not lost our soul is energy electricity light it can not be created or destroys or lost. I have writin some what of a poem or story pertaining to my experience remembering exiting and reentering the physical world . This is the ultimate truth and I’m not the only one with the knowledge we are not the lost children we are the children who guide the lost

      • Friend, Jesus can heal you.

        He can set you free from addiction, any obsession, and confusion in life. We are born and live only once. You must make that step of believing in Jesus. He is revealed in the Bible which is the book that brings the good news of salvation for those who believe in Jesus’s message.

        The choices you make in this life will determine if you will spend eternity in the presence of God, in glory, or in hell which was prepared for Satan and his angels. We only live and die once. Your soul cannot come back into this life once you die. You get one shot. It is final.

        John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

        • nothing in this world points in the direction of permanent hell or heaven or one shot your validation is not your own you something man made ill show u something god has made and it has alot more to say than the bible i have to admit they tried pretty hard to compete tho but they are only human beings i want you to realy read wat ive posted on this site a couple of times mind the spelling and punctuaion errors it all just comes out of me and i have to type it rather quickly and im not a good typist. bassically you do what every other christian person does , u say your right and the only socalled proof if u can call it that is a verse from the bible stating wat youv previously said in the first couple of scentences pleasr at least try to think about wat i am saying to you it is not evil it is not something i have read and trying to spread it is simply using what we should use to realize how things work and it is much more power full than the bible im not saying at all to do what you want and id doesnt matter that would be called satanisim according to christiansi call it being very young angry confused soul with out the knoledge that the negitivity will deffinentally catch to them im saying that the earth will show you how to live right and it will also show you that it is impossible to go to heaven or hell forever now when you die, being that our souls are light and time cannot be precieved. it is as long as you need it to be and as pain full but there is always a way out of it you are forced to look at everything that you affected this world in a negitive way and work it out it can be rough and for some very rough. becaese at death we realize how wrong it was and how it realy affected others u now see it from another perspective with the help of god /your higher and lower selvs ur all hangin out talkin for as long as u gotta is as simple as i can put it

        • and u c i am not worried about telling you that u need to change your beliefs the gift and tool of time will do that its self thats the difference none has to realy spread the word on what i believe every one eventually sees this now christianity takes alot or scare tactic cinvincing i just realy dont c how u can believe and not see the science of miricals and that realy god and science are realy one in the same and please dont say that im a scientologits ive stated before that i realy have no interest in delving into other religions i know enough to know that anything made up by man is simply false we neev to reevaluate who and what we look to for guidence i have always had my belief system it is ive had them from a young age and needed to figure out wat it was that confirmed those beliefs and i did and it was only so that i could show people wat exactally i was talking about

  6. i dont understand why u tell me im wrong and that u know based on a book you have read and maby some good things happening to u and others who are christian and thease good things that happen u say is due to wat u believe and the power of jesus. i say we are worthy and the good that happens in your life is due to the power of prayer period not the fact that u pray to who u friend i just happen to see how things realy work and and it all is just clear to me i for one have wittnessed my life after death exiting this plane as a beam of light connecting litterally with the stars/heavens and there wasnt much to sort out about the life that i had left because like i said i was aborted and thus gave me the gift of knowing this is new i am rare jesus was new and his beliefs were rare in fact they are not wat they say in the bible he was saying have no fear our god id merciful no matter what. he comforted the afflicted and tormeanted he did not however say unless u view me asbeing the only human connected with god/the son of god this is where it is twisted and christianity separates us from god in fact there were many like jesus who said the same and they come in and out of the physical through out time when the mass is frightened and confused they are always shuned by the main religion and belief systems and usually die because of it.u are on a good path the one that u need to be on but u must realize that u have done things that need addressed and u will not attain spiritual enlightenmeant by simply accepting jesus for wat some one has told u to belive him to be it is not that east u and your higher self know wat youv done and it will get sorted out and you will come back and forget you were ever here in order to realize unless of course your job is to help people realize that wat im saying is the truth then you will remember.wat christians believe is because of fear and that is a barrier but all barriers come down in this thing we are in called time.wat i believe is based something i know and grasp fully and ,not to sound ignorant at all but u dont and it is not because you are not smart enuff its because you are scared to even think about wat im saying as the truth because that would mean eternal damnnation for you .u c a perfectly built system of control a self run systematic religion which does not make sense but it doessay one thing that is right because it tells one to do good, but it says or u will go to hell forever so dont dare do this or that and feel guilt and pray wat we say and believe this one big sore thumb which is get used to the way this book says it is no matter what u see hapening around you do not think and reason based on the real bible being earth and the things that happen around you and they call this haveing faith have faith in yourself accept all things that happen in this world do not try to change humans tru nature forwe are learning fron wat we do and i could go on forever on what eventually happens when we do permanently leave the physical world but thats a whole nother page that i will try to put in a few words we become a state that is fully understanding of all we become part of the earth stars watever it may be in order to let physical life keep progressing in a positive direction we get no where by stopping others from doing evil we have no right thats wanting to take a short cut to heaven like a cheat code it takes much longer for that to happen and that is the tru plan now i believe wat ive said will impact you at least a little more than your going to admit due to fear my fellow that is ok u will see and you do see and you might reply in short again my friend jesus will save you no he wont but he wil show u how to save your sellf and humanity by showing us how not leading us there if we decide to join his and his fathers club it is much more complicated than that and im also going to tell you that you think that i have read so many new age books i could build a house with them these are all realizatins of mine and my experience and observance and from at one time having so much fear as a child that i would be dammed because all of theahe grownups were telling me to believe something that i couldnt because i knew the truth i had seen it felt it and i was soon able to explain it in a way that would make sense to others that is my job i dont have to convince my self ,just help others understand and in order to do this i had to study what man is not responsible for creating at least not man on earth, and it was earth and all its beauty and horror

  7. once again u tell me that you only live once and eterlal heaven or hell and what not u say this ecause of what youv been told to believe not from what you know to be true look around nothing is permenant even wen we do go to what i call heaven being so at peace your soul is now capeable of becoming stabel enuff to be what physical life needs to liv on and you are thic example this clue this rock this star light ,energy and humans look at your being ,your emmenance of pure fluidity and perfect construction and how you behave ant the process in which you exist and it is far from permenant when earth is done here there will be another i line being pulled gloser to the sun due to gravity recycling the one that was and putting the one next in line in the perfect spot for life to thrive and learn and the non physical spirits some may choose to come back to guide in the beginning and some may not it .it is when no phisical life exists all at the same time in this whole entire universe that would be a complete and seperate god and this cannot happen because we are now connected with the entities who made it to heaven and enabel us to still exist and learn.u see it simply cant work wat u are saying it goes against science and nature and thease both are verry good things which make them god we cannot remain as nonphysical beings chillin with god wit human memory next to god energy does not behave like this at all nature will correct its self to progress for the good and we are part of that everything in nature works in the same self correcting wayu see the fish and shark pictire and instantly personifu with a religion that goes against everything natural and give these beings that are in perfect harmony together human fear and parinoia u see the fish surround the sharks they have a whole ocean they have a job and it is to sustain the shark and the health of the ocean and the existince of man they have accepted this and yes they dont sit there and just get eaten they make it a beautiful game and take the TIME they have been given for it is a tool and a gift and another chance

    • At least consider this.

      The claims made by Jesus Christ in the Bible and the events that happened to him are backed up by many prophecies written in Jewish texts hundred of years before he was born. That is the evidence that authenticates that what he says is the truth.

      I do not want to force you in anyway to accept what I believe, I am merely presenting you Jesus, the One who has the ultimate power to make you a whole new person.

      I will give you one example:

      Hundreds of years before Christ was killed, king David wrote Psalm 22 the following things which were done to Christ by Roman soldiers:

      16 Dogs surround me,
      a pack of villains encircles me;
      they pierce my hands and my feet.
      17 All my bones are on display;
      people stare and gloat over me.
      18 They divide my clothes among them
      and cast lots for my garment.

      -HIs hands and feet were pierced
      -they divided his clothes among them
      -they cast lots for his shirt

      These events are documented in the gospels which were written after Christ’s death, but they were prophecised many hundred years before…

      If all these things have come true, then there must be truth in what Jesus has to say, what do you think?

      • i dont base mt faith on wat man had documeanted i base it on wat god has put fourthi realy dont understand how any one would look at that any other wat and yes all of those things did happen to jesus but he did not under go all of this because he believed wat the bible states he does its because he was trying to spread exactly what i am saying

        • believe it or not what i am about i already wrote and i messed up when trying to post it. now its floating in cyber space so here he go again. i go through and read my posts to make sure they make sence and words dont get changed due to my spel check,and i deffinentally need to stard putting puncuation in it just comes so fast i have to type it quickly so MY BAD YO now i came across a statemeant that i wrote is when no phisical life exists all at the same time in this whole entire universe that would be a complete god and this cannot happen because we are now connected with the entities who made it to heaven and enabel us to still exist and:now i do believe this but im goung to trouroughlyexplain so try to read slow ill try to make it as simple as i can. what i realy meant is thats not that it is impossible, but it is only when physical life ceses to exist at the complete rotation of a cycle on earth thatit may occure and even then it may not.christianitys view and my view on god differ here christians believe in being created by god and starting out as separate from god and heaven and hell being permanent,well like ive said,upon death one cones in contact with everything that he has affected and experienced in each physical life ,and a decision is made not by the mind we have now but the mind we have gainied through this earth time cycle in our higher selvs. being that our souls are energy that cannot be created nor destroyed nor stationary always going foward this is how it behaves now when not in a physical body. planet that was earth is being recycled being pulled toward the sun due to gravity and the planet behind earth mars which has all of the ingrediants for life to begin gets pulled in to place where eathh once was that is when physical life starts its new this process takes a very long time and it is not just humans that are involved it is all physical life.during this process there is a great fire on earth as it gets pulled closer to the sun,and a great flood on the planet next in line as it gets to wher this earth once was. there is much water under inside of mars as well as all ot the other ingredients needed for live.the fire/exhale of the previous eath is its last breath and the flood is the inhale as it talkes its first breath and when living creaturs start to thrive there this is the heart beat in between each breath of earth.u see every thing follows the same patteren of life on smaler and larger scales as humans when be are born we inhale and when we die we exhale .i can compare the cleansing fire of prior earth as an exhale due to the fact that fire expells outward and the flood the inhale because our lungs condense and give you life on a smaller scale in the same way also it resembles fire as light and water condensing and alowing to absorbe oxygen allowing the heart to beat as sound meaning that every breath that we tale is a live and death and in between each heart beat is where god lives and wnen all of the souls are connected at this time of earths recycle proceff and do not have a physical world to live in yet this connection of all of our souls :RESONATING:because we ARE a frequency are connected this can be veiwed as god du to the fact that we are not seperate but all are a peice of god temporarily separated by our vessels /body houses whch house the light /soul to the speed of sound to in time:the light of god resides within us:.the rotation of a cycle when our souls come into a world, our oneness at the time which can be vieved as god now the resonation of all of our energy/souls/light when this resonence occurs is is when god spoke upon creation according to thisis the fact that there is never going to be a permanent hell for any one just necessary observationof their life and experiences chosen next. the fact that time can not exist be percieved in while light means that it can feel as long as u need your observation to be inbetween lives we all know what we have done in this life and dinile is only possible in the physical world because time is percieved and we have the choice but light is the truth that cannot be denyed now if you do not come bact to a physical world it is because either you have the knoledge of this process and are so stable that you can reside in something that humans look at for clues to realize this process be it stars a tree a waterfall anything in nature thats bucause your energy has become stabel pure to teach the way and enable the way thus when we enter heaven with god we are god and hell is someone without this knowledge unabel to realize this upon dying right away the process and percieving a long painfull experience becaucse he truly did not believe this process in life so he is kind of stuck for a while not that his energy is stationary but just passing up the opportunity to re enter earth for a while until his soul realizes and excepts this process but one will always get another life to realize this eventually.someone who believes in the christian hell and has ssinned but thinks he can just repent and accept jusus for what the bible says percieves a hell once they start the real process of what the soul does and are shown their sins after death and think that is them going to hell ,they do this to them selvs it is not permanent but you deffinentally dont get into what i call heaven by believeing that ther is a hell you will most deffinentally get to live in the physical world again tho.the important thing for everyone to realize is to study what if around us in nature and the process that is takes and that there is never going to be a permanent hell for us to go to now we will all have to look at what weve done negitive in life after death and but we cant think that we are being shown this as :look at what you have done:and think that it is a seperate being /christian god condemning us to eternal hell for it and people that repent think that they get to skip this part and when the dont, they create the christian hell cuz its exaxtally what they think is happening to them. the order that it happens in is you see what youve afflicted then you and u feel the guilt as our light speeds up you feel consolemeant and u the good that you have done and then feel love of :god: then the decision on the experiences necessary for the next life made by :god: and it is in this order because negitive has a slower vibrational frequency than positive and as soon as the soul leaves the body it begins to travel as it speeds up hittinh the speed of light connecting with :god ;.now the love of god we feel at the end of that process is how we as humans are enter as a pure soul with the ability to love and thats because god/we have forgivin us/ourselvs and the decision is made and usually we dont remember the process of exit reentering and we dont remember being there either after we arrive at least not abel to communicate verbally as infants, but we slowly forget in time.lastly reentry is the soul slowing fron the speed of light to sound and then to the vibration of the physical body.i wrote a story about my memory of this but ill post it later because my eyes kinda hurt now and i still have to revise this for punctuation n stuff.thank you very much for reading this i mean that alot for any one who does.

        • I cannot post your comments right now because they do not make sense and they do not help the audience of this blog. If you write them with short sentences and to the point of the article, I will reconsider. Thanks!

  8. he was trying to tell people that our god was not a punishing god and to not fear death everything would eventually work out via the system in which was created so that we could spiritually grow

  9. hey how do u go and edit your own comments cuz i go through and read it sometime just to c like pretty .man i dont use periods n stuff and i need to start and there are some words that arent supposed to be what they are and i want to correct when i say that “it is when no phisical life exists all at the same time in this whole entire universe that would be a complete and seperate god and this cannot happen because we are now connected with the entities who made it to heaven and enabel us to still exist and learn” in this statement i meant to say it is when no phisical life exists all at the same time in this whole entire universe that would be a complete god and this happens in between each earth cycle and every one is dead at the same time and the christians call this judgemeant day and it kinda is judgement day but once again get all hung up on the seperate god that where gonna go c and one time only once heven n hel forever thing but acccording to my beliefe when a person dies they become in contact with everyone they ever were and came in contact with pretty much because energy / our soul does this recognizes its frequency resonence, well when this earth gets recycled and physical life ceses to exist it is a macrocosim of the same process of life and death in haling and exhaling. this doesnt happen abruptly either and volcanos and people runnin and scremin we just die off all physical life including animals and everything now when the last soul leaves this plane the last connection is made and and earth is barren and that when all of out souls /light /frequengys all resonate together hence the word that god speaks in the beginning of time . when our souls are entering a physical existence so the words beginning and ending are percived by us .time light and physical matter are always there but there was a gods word for that to if u know what i mean like i said,there are alot if bigger versions of this happening and alot of smaller things like this hapening micro macro gods word /like the birth of stars galexys babies anything coming into physical existence is gods word/us lot of phusical things are hapening and alllllllloooooooott of time is passing longer than 7 days but i believe this to be alegorical also planet which used to be earth is burning is next to be earth is now flooding and this mind u physical life is not there to get burned or flooded but.shit is confusing i know its hard for me to even explain sometimes now its during this process we are all kind of going thru our stuff and figuring out what needs to happen next prety much either staiyin the next earth which is mars once it gets close enuff to the sun or spiritual attaiinmeant meaning heaven having realized beauty in all and that we aer not seperate and we are now the entities who enabel life to continue still exist and learn.the most important thing we must realize at this time is that we will not ever burn in hell for ever without choosing to or without a way out and when we start to not fear this we can progress and the only way to realize this truth is by studying truth

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