Medical Miracle in Congress

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Jaime Herrera Beutler is a US congresswoman, and she is a Christian and a pro-life hero.

The 34-year-old congresswoman gave birth two weeks ago to a baby with Potter’s syndrome, a baby who should be dead, but miraculously is alive.

During her pregnancy it was discovered that the baby’s kidneys were not developing and the baby was not producing urine.  Such a condition is not compatible with life because without urine production, there is no amniotic fluid, and without amniotic fluid the lungs will not develop.

If one consults an obstetrics textbook, one will see that Potter’s syndrome is basically an absolute indication for aborting the baby.   There is no way around it since the baby cannot survive without the renal and pulmonary systems.

That is what the medical textbook says.

But Herrera Beutler follows a different textbook.

One that says that the “fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” (James 5:16)

Following experimental intrauterine saline infusions, Herrera Beutler gave birth to a baby with normal lungs!  In a recent picture, the baby is seen without ventilatory or oxygen support.  She will receive peritoneal dialysis until she can receive a kidney transplant and have a shot at normal development.

The congresswoman and her family believed in the sanctity of life and they were rewarded for putting their faith in God.

She said: “We are grateful to the thousands who joined us in praying for a miracle. But most of all, we are grateful to God for answering those prayers.”

The progressives will attack her for her godly decision against abortion.

But God has rewarded her courage with a beautiful daughter.

photo credit: FB

7 comments on “Medical Miracle in Congress

  1. What a wonderful story of trusting our Lord in spite of circumstances. Two very brave and loving parents. No stronger love than a mother for her child or a Father his life for his family. May or lord richly bless them. Blessings in Jesus name.

    • Indeed, Manny, but one of the key issues here is that Herrera Beutler is not your average person.

      She is in her second term as US congresswoman and she has had the courage to publicize her stance for life, risking popularity with the liberal wing of the republican party. And it was so nice to see her reference to prayer and to God!

      Nice to know that we have some Christians in Congress!

  2. This wonderful woman from Washington State is someone I can relate to. My daughter was on peritoneal dialysis until she received a kidney transplant from a nephew of mine.

    It is nice to know that we have Christians in Congress, and it is nice to know that some follow a different textbook.

    Since the transplant, Hannah is in remission from FSGS for three years,. FSGS is the scaring of the kidney tissues which allows protein loss through urination. This causes all types of issues.

    Thankfully, like this baby, Hannah is doing well.

    May God continue to bless them both as they grow in the Lord.

    BTW…Hannah has published 3 books on Amazon (2 on Lulu) to help those who have experienced FSGS or any other kidney ailment. God is definitely in the story.

    Thanks for sharing Delight and God’s blessings…

    • Chris, you are full of surprises. That is an amazing story, to know that your daughter went through a successful transplant! Wow, what an experience and test of faith to go through dialysis, chronic illness, major surgery, and recovery with a child. I am confident that you and your family grew closer to God in the process.

      • We have grown closer to Him. It’s amazing how God can use something like a chronic illness to help us grow.

        Of course, I was there the day of the surgery. It was done at Baptist Hospital in Little Rock, Arkansas.

        It was truly a miraculous experience, one that I’m sure you are familiar with working in the medical field. The doctors did an outstanding job.

        For that, we will always be very thankful.

  3. Great is Thy faithfulness – Blessed be The Name of the LORD.

    His mercies endure FOREVER.!!!!.

    We live by faith and not by sight, thankful this couple knew the difference. This child will live to bring glory and honor to our KING.

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