Abortion Survival: A Miracle of Life in Ohio

In a classic case of Romans 1 suppression of truth, the irony of ironies has taken place.

In a case of darkness, death, and abortion, God has ordained that life will defeat death.

Ariel Knights is a pro-choice 22-year-old woman who sought to abort her second pregnancy due to a medical condition where the uterus is separated into two compartments.  This condition makes the pregnancy high risk due to increased likelihood of preterm labor and other possible complications.

She underwent the brutal procedure in an abortion mill in Akron, Ohio only to find out in a later emergency room visit that she continued to have a baby in her uterus.

And the baby was alive! And unharmed!

This is an absolute physical miracle.  One has to wonder, even with a divided uterus, how can a tiny, fragile life survive the slaughter of the suction cannula and the forceps of the abortionist?

Blinded by the belief that this baby was a threat to her, Knights sought abortion again, but no clinic would take her complicated case, so she opted to carry the pregnancy and eventually deliver a baby who is doing well.  She calls the little girl her “miracle baby.”

Given the amazing miracle this mom experienced, she continues to be pro-choice and open to the idea abortion.

The Bible tells us that God speaks “many times in many ways” (Heb 1:1) but people “in their unrighteousness suppress the truth.”  (Rom 1:18)

This young woman was asked about the irony of the failed abortion, and she revealed that she is turning a blind eye to it:

“That’s a sore subject to think about. I mean, it’s just hard, thinking she’s here and thinking, if they would have done their job. … It’s just something I don’t like to think about.”

Ariel Knights is suppressing the truth by refusing to be convicted by the miracle that has taken place in her life.

She knows that abortion is murder, but she is not willing to think about it.  This would identify her sinful state which she is currently suppressing, as apostle Paul explains in Romans 1.

Judgement and conviction in our hearts with respect to sin is the work of the Holy Spirit.

I pray that God will use this amazing, awesome miracle to make Ariel realize her need for a Savior.

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4 comments on “Abortion Survival: A Miracle of Life in Ohio

  1. sad… because this baby is failed by the mother, the father, the grandparents, the schools that teach immorality in sex ed class and pass out condoms and birth control that are not foolproof even when used, and society at large. I heard a preacher say he visited a maximum security jail recently and one of the inmates, who was appointed a chaplain, and he said, “If we had more Bibles in the schools, there would be less people locked up for life in here”- Because many of those life term criminals had never encountered the Bible (heard the Word) until in jail.

    • Rodi I transfered my 1st grader into a charter school much further from my house because of the reason you mentioned. In public school in California, they are required to teach sex ed and the normality of homosexual relations starting in kindergarten! (SB48 legislated into law without public vote)

      • the teachers in public schools are so corrupt. They are not content to disbelieving the Bible, but they are also intent to ensure they brain wash the kids against what their parents teach them about the Bible. Our kids have run into so many of those kinds of teachers who openly mock and scorn and tell them, “You don’t actually believe all those fairy tales in the Bible, do you?” The agenda everywhere is not just tolerance for the secular, but a push to force our own children to embrace and become like them. You did a good thing by by moving your child from a potentially hostile environment where every day, the teachers would be working hard to dismantle everything you stand for and teach your children to believe in. Sunt vremuri foarte, foarte grele pentru copii nostril, numai Dumnezeu poate sa-i fereasca de lepadare a credintei. This requires lots of prayer on our part…

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