The Still Wind of the Spirit: Update From Narcis Popovici


Narcis and his wife have moved to a very hostile environment to extend the Kingdom of God in that place.  Keeping names and places censored for their safety, here is an update from them:

Life and Family
How quickly time flies, springtime is already upon us!  We are excited about this spring for several reasons; it will be our first spring spent here, my wife and I will be celebrating our 11 year anniversary, and mostly because we expect great things in and from God in this season of blossom and life.  Since our last update, we as a family along with the rest of the team were able to take a road trip to a city nestled in the mountains in the direction of Turkey.  We had a wonderful time there with some friends and the family.  We were able to bring the kids to visit a UN Syrian-refugee camp that hosts almost 70,000 mostly Syrian Kurds that have fled as a result of the now 2 year war there.  The people were very open and welcoming to the family and team as a whole, and we are praying about how we can bring both the message of LIFE and relief to those precious people on an ongoing level.  As a family, we are consistently being reminded by the Lord that to become a habitation and revelation of the Glory of Christ must remain one of our chief aims, not just as individuals but as a family unit.  As in any culture, and especially within this one, there is a deep need to reveal the incarnate Lord through family.  “Visitation” (which is necessary) focuses on the immediate need only.  “Habitation” is an aim at becoming something, namely; a resting place for the One whom often finds no place to rest His head.

Life within the Vine
This last month has been a busy one!  Besides the family/ministry trip, we were able to be a part of a campaign that used media over the country to promote relational forgiveness, and offered followup to any interested.  Literally, thousands phoned or emailed in wanting to know more about where this “power to forgive” came from.  Relationship problems become a great platform for the gospel, since the creature’s relationship with God and subsequently his neighbor are some of the prime effects of sin.  Some were not interested once they found out which angle we were coming from, yet many from all over the country wanted to know more.  We were able to follow-up with a couple of these, who to our excitement had recently gotten born again!  F… and I were also able to take a trip to the capital.  There we connected with Andrew White, the Vicar of …  He has been in the capital ministering and working towards Middle East reconciliation since 1998. It was a wonderful trip filled with ministry, fellowship and the opportunity to see one of the richest cities in Biblical history.  More importantly, we were able to connect with brother Andrew on other levels as well.  After about a year of communicating with brother Andrew and prayer, both he and us felt it right to partner together towards our establishing the base here in our city, The Mesopotamian School of Ministry, and House of Prayer.  We believe that it will serve as a regional hub for the glory of God, a place of prayer and presence as well as training and the raising up of Christ filled leaders.  We are hoping to establish a stationary school as well as hopes of doing abbreviated mobile schools in the region, especially for those who cannot easily relocate for differing reasons.  Please let us know if when you pray, you hear the Lord calling you to partner with us in this divine endeavor!

Prayer and Thanks
We are so grateful for you all!  Your prayers and support are creating a platform for the glory of God in this region and the generations to come!  I can sincerely say your co-laboring in the gospel has made it possible for us to live in the “still wind of the Spirit”.  “Wind”, because the Spirit is always blowing where He wills, looking to save, heal, empower, and advance the Kingdom of His Son.  And “still” because in this “Wind”, the gravitational pull is always centered upon the worship of the Triune-God.  The place of the single eye towards love and trust in the One whom we exist for.  So, again…a big Thank you to our friends and family in Chicago, the faithful Romanians all over the West-Coast and all of our other brothers and sisters in Louisiana, Florida, D.C. Texas, and around the world who have invested in God’s Glory in the Middle East.  We love and appreciate you!
With love

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