The Church as a Model for Atheists

Scripture tells us that God placed eternity in the hearts of men, and the sentiment to seek God, to worship, and to have fellowship with a purpose beyond just a “get-together.”

Surprise, surprise… even those who are atheists provide evidence for this in their actions.

The Sunday Assembly in London is an atheist church, a godless church,  which has copied the practice of the Body of Christ.  They meet on Sundays, they sings songs, have some announcements, a reading, and a sermon from guest speaker.

The godless are copying the godly.

It might be a good thing.

They claim to be very open-minded and I hope they would eventually invite a Christian speaker to present to them a Christian worldview and the Gospel, which may give the Holy Spirit the opportunity to change some of them.  What an amazing testimony that would be!

On the other hand, this may turn into a larger movement, an alternative to the real Church which will deceive many towards perdition.

In a Christian Post article, Matt Slick, president and founder of Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry, says that a movement like this is dangerous. “The devil is working through them to replace the Christian church with the church of the devil.  Atheism is the ultimate denial of God,” Slick said. “This movement is a manifestation of the enemy of the Gospel trying to replace Christianity, corrupt it and weaken it.”

“It might be that they become united and become a stronger front against Christianity. That is my concern. This has potential to do a lot of damage to the Church”

If Satan has the capacity to disguise himself into an angel of light to attempt to deceive the masses, he surely can use a copycat church to do the same.

Our job is to show unbelievers that even atheists feel the deep longing for that Something, for the unknown God of Acts 17, for the need to gather with purpose.  Under the light of Scripture we know that purpose is to worship the One and true God.

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5 comments on “The Church as a Model for Atheists

  1. this reminds me of the church portrayed in the ‘Left behind’ series. I used to wonder why people would gather to listen to non God exalting and boring talks about nothing important, but, they are trying to fill that hole in their heart that only their Creator can fill. I feel sorry for these people, it has to be some form of emptiness, which is driving them to copy church practices.

  2. Atheist church is to me, the church of Laodicea, where Jesus stands at the door and knock … it means that Jesus is outside the church, at the door. Challenge is the second part of verse 20 of Revelation 3 …. if Jesus respond personally and look for individual fellowship, why the Christian church still put so much emphasis on organization-wide evangelism, and does not encourage evangelism from individual to individual promoting every believer to be a leader?

    • These guys are not even close to Laodicea, Cornel. At least Laodiceans were professors of Christian faith if not real Christians. These guys in London flat out deny the existence of God.

      On evangelism, I agree with you 100%. The most effective way to evangelize is person to person. Many times the people who convert at church or evangelizare in church, have been brought there by precious brothers and sisters who have been methodically evangelizing them person to person for a long long time!

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