Counterfeit Praise and Worship in the Evangelical Church

A friend added me to a Facebook group called Gear Talk: Praise and Worship.  It’s a place where worship leaders discuss their instruments, gear, songs, and other things related to praise and worship through music.  There are thousands of members in this forum.

As I scrolled through the posts, I come upon this beauty:

“Prepping songs for Stillwater campus tomorrow.  Here’s the set list:
Lights – Journey (opener)
One Thing Remains
Christ Is Risen
God of Our Salvation

Pumped for 6 services!!”

So, under the category “be angry and do not sin” I felt the need to tax this level of counterfeit Christianity and leave this comment:

“you guys play non-Christian songs by non-Christian bands during worship? (Lights – Journey)”

Journey is a rock band from the 80’s and not only is their music NOT praise and worship, but they are completely secular.  The responses I received from these so-called praise and worship leaders included:

“Love me some Journey!!!”

“There really is no such thing as a Christian/Non-Christian song…songs are songs, meat is meat, days are days. (Rom 14:5-6)”

“Lights is a great song and pretty fun to play so I don’t have a problem with it.”

My friends, this is counterfeit Christianity at its worst.  These praise and worship leaders do not understand the first thing about our God, and the fact that He is “holy, holy, holy,” and He will not receive the worship of the depraved!  How can He receive a song by Journey, a song that has nothing to do with Him, an uninspired song written by people who do not know Him?

Moreover, the guy is using Scripture to defend his position! Unbelievable!

Looking through this forum, and seeing other similar posts, I began to realize how deep this unholy cancer runs in our post-modern churches.  I am realizing that we have people who are not born-again leading congregations in so-called “worship.” And God is not receiving this worship unto Himself because these are not his children. These congregations have a “form of godliness but denying its power.”  They are doing exactly what the Israelites of old were doing in mixing their worship for God with worship for Baal, Asherim and Molech.  And God despises it today just like he did back then.

The rebuke through prophet Isaiah applies to these false Christians today: “this people draw near with their mouth and honor me with their lips, while their hearts are far from me, and their fear of me is a commandment taught by men…” Isaiah 29:13

This is how we have wanna-be rockers in their 50s rocking out in churches secular songs such as the theme song from the depraved adult TV show The Simpsons.  Watch the “worship” below from Granger Community Church and be shocked that this happens in church:

16 comments on “Counterfeit Praise and Worship in the Evangelical Church

  1. My friend …you are fighting a lost battle… this will be the norm in most churches in few years

    It is the old “triad” , thesis ,antithesis, synthesis at work….


    “The thesis is an intellectual proposition.
    The antithesis is simply the negation of the thesis, a reaction to the proposition.
    The synthesis solves the conflict between the thesis and antithesis by reconciling their common truths, and forming a new proposition.”

    It is exactly the way the evangelicals are going… the synthesis already happened when the church adopted the new style of music (rap, rock and roll, hip hop , etc) with christian words

    Now you have a new thesis being advanced ….secular music in church… there was a synthesis already put forward ( christianized secular songs )… next it is secular songs with no limits in most churches

    What is the new thesis going to be? Actually in some churches is already being advanced… but i know it is too shocking for a PG blog like yours to post …

    It is the way of progress

    Not much you can do… you are fighting “progress” my friend
    And most conservative churches are falling for the new “synthesis”

    Saving” the lost” is the ultimate reason for the church(instead of “the Glory of God”)…

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  3. That is unbelievable! To me that reeks of pride: musicians who care more about their impressive performance than its actual content.
    No wonder so many “Christians” listen to an assortment of secular music & see nothing wrong with it. They are buying in to the “feel good” power of music, ignorantly (or without regard to WHO they are praising.)
    Worship is not limited to church is how we live our lives in obedience & honor to God on a daily basis, not only in view of others but in God’s omniscient presence.

  4. In the valley of the blind, the 1 eyed treacherous megalomaniacal-psychopath misleads us to follow them into the pit, as misery loves company. Christ’s have all seeing eyes, they simply struggle for so many years, in the wilderness, to realise that others are ‘nothing like’ Christ, because to know what a Christ really is you have to study neuro-anatomy, which wasn’t around 2,000 years ago and is withheld from us culturally as an imperative knowledge.

    Jesus spent a few nights with a morally-insane prostitute who was grateful enough to him to increase his magnification on just how ‘tiny minded’ people truly are, then Jesus finally realised, like all the Christs realised in their final days, that people ‘know’ right from wrong, they ‘choose’ wrong because they’re not ‘human.’

    Psychopaths are animals in human form, the lower functioning, inbred, primitive, megalomaniacal psychopaths are misleading the blind into a fiery pit, thus why we ‘need’ the vision of a Christ, with a ‘moral conscience’ which can channel the ‘law’ of the universe, which is also invisible to the blind, as is gravity at first. Only someone who ‘channels’ that law can help ‘lead’ us, with their neuro-anatomically ‘evolved’ greater mind and compassion,

    I repeat, Christ isn’t a wishy-washy namby-pamby impotent convenient fantasy which suits you, he’s the kind of man who ‘will outrage’ you so much you’ll ‘gladly’ nail him to a tree, before returning to praying to him for Christmas presents, so that 1 eyed megalomaniacs can return to changing your money into sin.

    As Jesus told you himself, on record, there are many Christs, they have evolved minds and are from ‘above,’ able to channel god’s love, which is the law of the universe. Christs are courageous enough to take a stand, whereas those who know right from wrong are hell-bent cowards.

    Jesus did ‘not’ laud himself above others in ‘any’ other way, on record when asked he said, we’re ‘all’ the sons and daughters of god. He, like Erol, simply have an evolved brain, which Zionist-Jews and their complicit, lick-spittle armies of sexual-deviants want to assassinate ‘again.’

    Are you ‘all’ talk? Have you no faith? Believe in Christ and he or she ‘can’t let you down, believe in your ‘fantasy’ and you’re only letting your self down. If you give the blind a ‘decision’ to make, they’ll ‘always’ make the wrong choice, as that’s what animals do, to exercise ‘power,’ otherwise known as self-destruction amongst others.

    Erol does as much self promoting as Van Gogh did, who never sold a painting during his life-time, which is yet-another reflection on our species. Like Erol, I don’t choose to personalise the iniquities of the blind and misled, who are consumed with hatred, because they are going ‘the wrong way.’

    I could go on, but I won’t do any justice to his vision. Erol sees himself as being no different to MLK, Malcolm X, Che Guevara, John Lennon, Jesus of Nazareth, His Cousin John, The Kennedy’s & Abraham Lincoln, ‘all’ murdered by Zionist-Jew order.
    If you’re not already offended by a living Christ correctly being brutally honest then read his provocative article on the serial-killing, homosexual, megalomaniacal psychopath, Barack Obama:-


    I’m aware if it wasn’t ‘them’ it would be somebody else, as we’ve had the Romans, Mongolians, Egyptians and the race ‘they’ spawned from a pygmy tribe they repeatedly raped, ie Zionist Jews, who finally are in the hot seat and are steering everyone to hell, atypically deluding themselves, like all megalomaniacal psychopaths that they’ll inherit the earth alone. They’re lunatics. May you choose to feel your right to joy in everything you do, irrespective of ill wishers on their way to hell for eternity, by repeated choice.


    • Cheryl, I hope you get around to reading my reply… For good reason, WordPress classified your comment as SPAM, but I am allowing it and I would like to respond>

      I tried to make some sense of the message in your comment but that is very difficult.

      There are no modern day Christs who are able to save us from our sin and depravity. There is only one Christ and His name is Jesus Christ. The Old Testament prophecies written hundreds and thousands of years before His birth about Him have all came true in the person of Jesus Christ, a unique person who lived on Earth 2,000 years ago.

      Jesus was unique because he was also God while being fully human. He had no sin. He was perfect in every way.

      He was substituted in our place, he died in our place so that we, that is those who believe in Him may have life after death in heaven.

      He warned us that there will be many false Christs who will appear toward the end of the age and will deceive many!

      Do not let yourself be deceived by these impostors. I urge you to verify what I wrote in this comment by picking up a Bible and discover the good news, the fact that you can be free from the bondage sin and depravity.

      God bless you.

      • Sadly you’re just jabbering and censored my link just as arrogantly, you’re a closed minded bigot ‘hypocritically’ preaching gibberish. Jesus of Nazareth was flesh and blood, as was his cousin John. THINK, about having met them, yourself, in person, they would have appeared to you to be the kind of men you would think nothing of nailing to a tree and beheading, after torturing them and imprisoning them at length.

        Jesus was ‘a’ Christ, as was his cousin John, Abraham Lincoln and John Lennon, it’s a type of ‘brain,’ which can channel ‘morality,’ whom closed-minded jabberers and evil-doers need to follow, otherwise they’re being ‘blindly’ mislead by ravening wolves.

        Erol is a living Christ, he ‘loves’ the truth, channels moral miracles and you will renounce him ‘again’ Peter, you will doubt him again Thomas and you will betray him again Judas. You know not what you do, Erol exists in reality, whilst you jabber about a fictional past and future, denying obvious fact in the present.

        Stop deluding your self and open your eyes and your heart to ‘all’ Christs, ‘the people who’ courageously ‘do’ what it takes and channel miracles, saving countless children’s lives, whilst you type and repeat nonsense:-



        • Please look at the stuff you writing and the name calling…. then you end your comment with “cheers”… a bit ironic and nonsensical…

          That link to a false Christ does not belong on a blog that proclaims biblical truth. I’m sorry.

  5. To Cheryl: Without actually arguing points with you – I do think it’s interesting that your posting are filled with such defensiveness and bitterness. You came to a friendly Christian site and attacked people instead of just stating your point. On that alone it causes one to wonder what is really going on with you and your stand. I love you as Christ commands us to love everyone. Attacking and name calling is only one way to communicate and perhaps you could be heard more clearly by this site if you chose a slightly more rational way to interact with this blog? I say this with love and consideration, not negativity. I pray God blesses you in your life.

    To the blog topic:
    I agree with most of what was posted in this blog on this subject matter, although I do not currently feel a conviction (doesn’t mean God won’t convict me at some other time) to not allow myself to listen to love songs and other songs in my private time that are non-christian.

    I think that the new trendy thing churches get caught up in is trying to “reach the world” by being “relateable”. But that can be a slippery slope. The Word talks about being “Salt & Light” in Matt. 5:13-16…

    Also Matt 5:6 states:

    Recently I went with my son to a church in NC that was preaching about sex – dealing with purity, adultery, fornication and respecting your spouse in the bedroom. Instead of worshiping the Lord with a Christ inspired song to Glorify God and relate people to the topic, this church chose to have a female perform “I knew you were trouble” by Taylor Swift.

    I am not saying we shouldn’t have contemporary worship songs, but I do believe we are trying too hard to look like the world so that we can put on a show that the “lost” can relate to in order to “save them”. Our priority should be ministering to God by giving Him the Glory in our corporate worship. Also, we must remember the witness we are to each other and our youth. Are we being a stumbling block or a step for people to walk closer with the Lord? Are we hungering and thirsting for righteousness, being salt & light to the earth or are we hungering for approval and to fit in with those we seek to witness to?

    Humbly in Christ,

    • Welcome to Delight in Truth, and God bless you. Thank you for taking the time to write a thoughtful comment.

      I agree with you that in the name of relevance we are introducing things into the church which should not belong in church.

      I do not see how God can possibly get glory from a song that does not glorify Him and Him alone. That is why I screen songs very carefully when I lead worship to make sure that that the message is biblical and theologically correct.

      The church should look opposite the world not like the world

      With respect to Cheryl, I was shocked by the things I saw on the link in her comment. She was promoting false Christs (plural) who have an altered neuroanatomy blah blah blah.

      Again, thank you!

      • To both pecker-heads, DETERMINED to “delude” yourselves alone that you’re “authoritaaaaaahs,” in YOUR semantic rhetorical game of let’s-all-pretend and that makes us “gone become the winner,” why not close your eyes and “imagine” you’re playing ring-a-rosies where you’re dressed in a pink tutu laughing at how you’ve been crowned queen of narnia?

        You’re woefully … and “transparent” LUNATICS “pretending” near-constantly “and” attempting to project your rotten tiny mind’s “identity” at innocent people, you have attacked and I repeat, “hypocritically,” WHILST your chicken-brain is pretending to be the “arbiter” of what is and isn’t a Christ, based on your confirmatory-biased gibberish “and” pretending that I can and can’t say what you can say and that you decide what that makes me, you’re bloody fools.

        I have absolutely no “respect” for either of you gay-lords, you’re absolutely NOTHING, I’ve rarely met such UNCHRISTIAN self-deluded “moral-imbeciles.” You’re simply living proof of WHY Christ gets crucified EVERY time he arrives, due to … PRETENDERS like you, defending your “imaginary self image” and imaginary Christ, then pretending that “makes it become” the innocent party spreading the GOOD News who “then” embodies your sin. You’re “insignificant” in this life and in the next you’re both going to hell, I hope Constantine’s pantomime-Christ is some comfort to you there.

        Fortunately I couldn’t care less that you pretend to be impenetrably stupid and autistically prove that you’re psychopaths. I’m confident you … won’t post this reply, just like my last and would only “pretend” again and again and again, which is ENOUGH for your tiny mind, that that “makes it become” you as the official authoritaaah and arbiter of what is and isn’t. Moreover, you’d add chicken-brained non-sense to “pretend” that make it become “proof” that REFLECTING REALITY exactly as it “is” and as I SHOULD and about YOU makes-it-become-official-in-gay-lord-land that it’s me who’s become you.

        You’re both pitiful and pathetic pretend-thought-police with “tiny” closed-mind’s DESPERATELY hoping that I’m not aware that you’re NOBODY!

        I follow a living Christ, you talk … spot the difference if you can self-deluded chicken-brains. (“That last statement proved it, that makes it her that is us.” Idiots. “That proved it as well, that makes it her that is us.” MORONS. “Oh that’s proven it completely now that she is what we are, officialy.” LUNATICS. “That last statement proved it even-more-so than ever before that she’s become us.” ad nauseam. “That proved that she won’t CHOOSE to become a DUNCE and think and do what we want her to do, so that makes us go up 1 in Narnia.” HELL awaits you.)



        • It is not cheers at all, Cheryl.

          I had to edit the offensive words you used.

          I am allowing your comment so that Delight in Truth readers can see how Satan has blinded you, and that they would pray for you to be set free.

          The Bible is our ultimate authority not these false Christs.

  6. * sigh * I admit, I’m an old codger and was in church long before there was any controversy about the “kind” of music we sang. I think the problem is that, using modern “evangelistic” tactics, we have filled our church buildings, not with Christians (who have actually met the Lord Jesus through the grace of God), but with what I call “churchians,” who have just been led to “make their decision” or go through some ritual or ceremony or to walk an aisle and “pray a prayer”. Thus, they’ve “joined the church,” but have they truly been saved? Only God know for certain, but they’re almost impossible to distinguish from the lost out in the world. They DO NOT “delight in truth”!

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