Evangelical Romanian Gypsy Worship: Psalm 117

These are songs from Romanian Evangelical Gypsies in the middle of a wedding.  The first clip is based on Psalm 117.  The second clip is a simple “Hallelujah.” All I can say is… amazing.  Worship atmosphere during a wedding…

Praise the Lord all ye nations,

Praise Him all ye people.

Everlasting is His truth,

And His kindness is great to us.

Hallelu, hallelujah, hallelu, hallelujah

Praise the Lord, hallelujah, hallelujah!

Praise the Lord, hallelujah,

Hallelu, hallelujah!

Praise the Lord, hallelujah, hallelujah!

10 comments on “Evangelical Romanian Gypsy Worship: Psalm 117

  1. oamenii astia stiu sa se bucure in cantare, desi, cum am citit intr-un ziar romanesc recent: Etnia tiganeasca este cea mai dispretuita de secole pentru “traditiile” ei…
    Dumnezeu i-a binecuvantat cu talent la cantat!

    • They are extremely blessed Rodi, with wonderful, natural, effortless, beautiful voices. At a recent youth convention we took a song from Rugul Aprins and sang it… One thousand youth caught on singing “Isus, Isus, Isus” and it was soooo uplifting to see that moment of worship toward God!

      • hopefully you will post some of those west coast videos- of songs, sermons, messages- what a great way to share in your events. I know there are so many regional events that we don’t even keep track of, since we are outside that particular geographical area. So please share!

    • Rodi, that is sad.
      Si uite ce oameni frumosi inside and out!
      Cea care canta Isaura ce gorgeous e si poarta invelitoare!!
      mireasa la fel.

        • Chris, honestly I don’t know much about it.
          I had a friend la penti si purta baticul normal deci nu asa.
          Pe mine ma impresioneaza smerenia lor ( la femei ).
          Faptul ca ei sunt discriminati in Romania is beyond sad for me.

  2. LOOOOVE gypsie music!!!!
    Paul Washer about the Romanian Gypsies
    He was telling a bunch of proper Baptist that they need to go to Romania to see a gypsie church and how they worship…than he goes:
    “those people are wild at heart but they are saved to the bone”

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