Living in Tomorrow, Today! Update from Narcis Popovici (2)

Narcis, his wife and kids, and another family left EVERYTHING behind to answer the call of the Lord to extend His Kingdom into a hostile country. They live there now and they need our support and prayers.  With previous permission, here is the latest update from them.  Names and places have been erased to protect them.

Life and Family
D… and I were just having a coffee for her birthday a few days ago and talking through God’s faithfulness to us through the years and how important it is to find in Christ the source of all our LIFE and LOVE.  We were able to celebrate her 32nd birthday with the team, it was fun!  D… is homeschooling the kids and being the wonderful woman of God and inspiration that she is.  Learning to find Him in the everyday moments of life is often what separates the men from the boys (or girls from women :-)).  She’s also been doing great at picking up Arabic, along with the kids.  The kids are being their usual selves, anyone who’s ever raised 3 boys should know what I mean.  It has been one of my joys being able to make this move and progress together as a family.  In the past, most of the […] we’ve undertaken has been me traveling without the family, but there’s nothing I love more than being with them in the journey.  On another note, we hope to take a family trip to Romania this summer, in order to get the paperwork started for the family’s Romanian citizenship and introduce the kids to a part of their heritage they’ve never had the opportunity to experience yet.

God’s Revelation is God’s Invitation
We believe that in God’s self-disclosing nature, He’s wanting to awaken in our hearts “faith”, an invitation to come.  Our hearts are burning to see His Glory transform this region of the world.  The only reason that’s even the case is because He has allowed us into His hearts desire for this people.  As a team we know that a part of what we are called to is sow into the generation to come.  But we also firmly believe that there is a dimension in God that we can touch, that we can enter, now.  Pulling into our present experience that which His heart is longing for.

Points for Prayer and Progress
Some of the things we covet your prayers on is favor and financing for our base here.  We have potentially found a place that would cover our licensing and suit our “House of Prayer” and “School of Equipping”.  We have prayed and feel peace from the Lord to move forward with it.  If all goes well, it will run us around $1800 a month for rent, not including utilities.  Please pray that we will build with the right people.  Also, F… and I will be doing some traveling in the near future within the region, connecting with people of like heart believing for open doors for the gospel of the glory of Christ.  We covet your prayers and support for these endeavors, whether stationary or mobile.  We have also been able to start some relationships with some local Muslim’s here and will be going out more consistently here as the weather gets warmer.  Please pray that God will pour out His mighty Spirit as the gospel prevails upon hearts, minds and bodies with the effective work of Calvary.  We are believing for mighty conversions and baptisms in the Holy Spirit.  Our God is great!  Thank you all again so much for all of your loving prayers and support towards our family, the team and the work here in […] and the […].  Peace to you all…

With Love… here is a video message:

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