The Pro Life Movement as a Civil Rights Movement

The Pro Life movement has been invigorated in recent years like never before.  It is now moving in the direction of the Civil Rights movement, that is a Right to Life cause, despite the fact that abortion legality is here to stay.

The line has been drawn in the sand 40 years ago, but as the Bible tells us, in the last days we are seeing an increasing separation between good and evil.  The contrast has never been greater on the issue of the unborn, primarily because many young people are beginning to see the evil of abortion that their parents ignored.

Many of the staunched feminists of the Roe v Wade era have passed, and the new wave of abortionist feminism is not nearly as dedicated to their cause as the previous generation.  The recent TIME Magazine article on this topic explains the reasons for it.

But the mainstream media will not let you hear of it.

At the superficially covered ‘March for Life’ event in Washington this week where 500,000 pro lifers participated, there was a higher percentage of young people compared to previous marches.  These Christians have made their stand for the fundamental right to life.  And all the pro-life websites are taking notice.

So are the politicians.

Senator Rand Paul (Presbyterian) spoke at the rally and said:

“I have a question for those who don’t respect and won’t protect life: Can a nation long endure that does not respect the sanctity of life?”

“Can a nation conceived in liberty carry its head high if it denies protection to the youngest and most vulnerable of its citizens? Can a country founded on God-given rights continue to thrive without understanding that life is a precious gift from our Creator?”

He called for this new generation to be part of a great “revival” for the country centered on justice and compassion, seeing the present state of the nation as being in moral peril.

I have seen this polarization in my medical career.  I have NEVER met a doctor in my generation who specializes in abortion.  All the abortion doctors I know are from the previous generation, and they are about to retire.  In fact many of them are way past the retiring age because the system NEEDS them and will not let them retire.

New doctors coming out of med school do not want to do abortions.  Many find it morally wrong, but most find it absolutely hideous.  The idea is absolutely physically repulsive and is in stark contrast with our committment to healing.  We will not become a tool of the abortionist activist movement.

There is a song by Jesus Culture ( 😉 ) called ‘Break Every Chain’ that talks about an army rising up in the name of Jesus to proclaim the power that is in the name of Jesus.  This young generation of believers may be the ones to finally match the abortionist’s activism… but do it in the name of Jesus.

Roe v Wade will not be overturned.  But the fight to limit it at the state and federal level is intensifying.  On the spiritual front the fight is the fiercest it has ever been.

Could we be seeing the beginning of a new spiritual revival… possibly the last one before Christ’s return?

image credit: Drew Angerer/The New York Times

6 comments on “The Pro Life Movement as a Civil Rights Movement

  1. There’s some sense in this article, and some nonsense too. Suggesting a world power that holds life cheaply “can’t last” ignores the rather obvious example of the Roman Empire, which lasted a lot longer than the USA has, all the while holding life much more cheaply than we do. The continuance of the glory and expansion of Rome was always more important than any individual’s life.

    I sincerely do hope the pro-lifers grow toward being a civil rights movement. The only rational ways to eliminate the need for abortion are to offer contraceptives cheaply and universally, educate children about sex BEFORE the hormones have a chance to take over, and provide tax subsidies or support for adoption of the majority of “unadoptables”: drug-addicted babies, kids over age 4, ones of the “wrong color”, kids with “something wrong” (birth defects, psychological problems, abuse/neglect histories). Nearly everyone who wants to adopt will only accept a “billion dollar baby” (healthy white infant), and the majority of those available for adoption aren’t.

    • Thank you for stopping by.

      As you can tell this is a spiritual perspective blog, so I would add to your list to prevent abortion the teaching of abstinence from sexual relations before marriage, and the deep love that can found in monogomous relationships after marriage.

      You raise excellent issues on adoption and I have been exposed and humbled by some of the adoptions I have seen as a physician… messed up kids, medical problem kids, crack mom kids…

      I ask myself how the adoptive parents had a strength and courage to undertake such action… I wish we would see more of it…

      thanks again.

      • As I know you are much more educated in the areas of biology and medicine, I wanted to hit you up for a medical opinion, please forgive my ignorance. I see this phrase thrown around about reducing the ‘need for abortion’. Now, from what I remember from high school biology, abstinence prevents 100% of ‘unwanted’ pregnancies, leaving aside despicable crime of rape for the moment, which is a forced lack of abstinence. I also don’t recall ever hearing of a medical condition that requires a person NOT to practice abstinence. Please correct me if my understanding of biology is incorrect.

        However, if that is correct, then by definition ‘unwanted’ pregnancies are the result of a desired action, not a required action. So, the discussion is not about a need for abortion, but rather a desire for abortion. I admit I was raised in a conservative family, but we were never taught things like money, fame, power, personal comfort or desire was sufficient grounds for killing another person or constituted a need for killing another person.

        I know someone will probably come in with a health of the mother argument, but I think every intellectually honest person knows we haven’t had 50+ million abortions in this country because the pregnancies were ectopic, etc.

        • Matt you are very correct. We really are talking about volition when it comes to going through with abortion. Even though the activists deny it, there is always a choice. Some women have many abortions throughout their life time! All because they considered the baby a threat to their lifestyle!

          Ectopics do not count because those lead to the baby’s demise early on.

          Life of the mother cases really apply to an unbelievable low amount of cases per year. I had this discussion with some OBs at work, and they were estimating that we are talking a few cases per state per year. Our medications and technology has gotten so good that we can get a mom and her pregnancy far enough along that we can deliver the baby early with good prognosis.

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