Femicide: A Rising Global Crisis

photo by CindyDuCheney @whispersngiggles.com

The systematic killing of unborn baby girls via sex selective abortion is reaching unprecedented levels in China, India, and other Asian and Eastern European countries.  The ungodly practice of aborting a baby for the simple fact that she is a girl is one of the most abhorring things this planet has seen, and I wonder how long before God’s patience runs out and His wrath will be served for this evil.

The implementation of the One Child Policy in China in 1978, and the availability of ultrasound technology in the recent past in rural areas of Asia have led to the realization of a staggering statistic: 163 million unborn baby girls were aborted simply because it was inconvenient that they were female (1).

In countries such as China and India the male to female ratio is as least 120 men for every 100 women (2). Just to compare, the normal and healthy gender ratio at birth is approximately 106 boys to 100 girls (3). That WAS the ratio in China in 1979.   By 2020, the Chinese government estimates that there will be at least 30 million men of marriageable age that may be unable to find a spouse (4).

There are many reasons that sociologists and anthropologists will give for this wicked phenomenon, but frankly these are very secondary when you consider the murderous act itself.  How are we to consider cultural, religious and economic factors when the blood of these innocent lives is crying out to their Creator for justice?

You make think this is shocking and that it could never happen in the US?

The PRENDA Act introduced in Congress in 2012 would have made it a crime for anyone attempting to coerce or solicit a woman to abort based on the race or sex of her unborn child.  The people introducing the bill thought it would be a no-brain-er to pass and the vote was taken under a fast-track procedure called “suspension” which requires 2/3 of the House vote.  Guess what?! It failed!  Here in the US where half the people claim to be evangelicals! Look up here to see how your congress representative voted.

Not only do women have many things set against them in this world as adults, but now the fight for their life begins in the womb. A $12 ultrasound readily available in Asia makes this all possible.  It is in fact human evil and wickedness that makes this happen, and it is directly related to idolatry.

Religious beliefs often bolster the preference for male offspring.  Some Asian communities persist in the deep-seated belief that ancestors are worshiped in the afterlife through the male line (1).  Add to that the high importance of the family name, and the fact that boys become the family retirement account… and the idolatrous picture begins to take shape.  Everything in these mostly Hindu and Buddhist regions is geared toward self-improvement and self-worship, and it so happens that a baby girl will get in the way of it!

Experts on this phenomenon are currently predicting and in India sex selective abortion will get MUCH worse. We are only seeing the beginning stages.

How much worse than that 163 million girls already murdered?  How much more shedding of the innocent blood of unborn children?

The words of the wise man in Proverbs 6:17-18 reminds us that among the seven things that God finds abominable are

“…hands that shed innocent blood,
a heart that devises wicked plans,
feet that make haste to run to evil…”

How long, God, before human wickedness reaches its full measure?


1. Christianity Today. Genocide in Shades of Pink. 28 December 2012
2. The Economist. The War on Baby Girls: Gendercide. 4 March 2010
3. United Nations Population Fund
4.  http://www.allgirlsallowed.org/category/topics/gendercide

6 comments on “Femicide: A Rising Global Crisis

  1. It’s amazing that I don’t even remember hearing about the existence of the PRENDA act. The chilling policies of legislating the killing of unborn children continue to evolve. God help us, and awaken in us the abhorrence we should feel at the shedding of innocent blood. It continually amazes me, of all the news reports of people getting fines and jail time for abusing animals, yet, as a country we legislate brutal murder through abortion.

    • Rodi, not many people heard about PRENDA… the mainstream media did a good job to suppress it.. like in Romans 1, suppressing the truth…

      Also not many people know that our president voted multiple times while in the Illinois legislature to deny first aid help and resuscitation to babies born alive following botched abortions. I cringe when I think about it.

      • I can think of few things humanity has ever contrived more wicked than the practice that our president actually supported.

        Sadly, I don’t know how many people even care anymore, our society has become so conditioned to be focused on ourselves, to consider our children for what they bring to us (like pets) rather than what our responsibilities are to them, or their position in front of God. I expect selective gender abortion is already widespread in the United States. Imagine how common and socially accepted it is these days to abort a child with Down’s Syndrome, or other ‘handicaps’. I hope this is not true in the church, but I wonder.

        Also, I put ‘handicaps’ in quotes, because this mostly reflects variation from what we consider the norm. By that I mean, it takes the arrogance of man, to look at a child, that I perceive as less gifted than myself and assess that therefore I am somehow superior. As though the limitations on my intellect and/or physical abilities are any greater than his/hers when viewed in proper perspective to the Almighty.

        • I hope just like you Matt that abortion is not widespread in the church. But indications are otherwise. I noticed you did not capitalize “church” because we know there is a big difference between the authentic body of Christ and the secular church…

          For example, I work in a faith based hospital (Presbyterian) which performs pregnancy terminations.

          Stats have showed in the past that Catholics are much more stringent against abortions than so called Protestant Christians…

  2. Like you mentioned in your article, there are many pagan religions in various third world countries who simply don’t value life because their system of beliefs revolves around the worship of “self.” Isn’t that the basic tenet of evolution? Survival of the fittest, even if that means exploiting an unfair advantage. The principalities of this world and their ruler, are pitting humanity against itself, unabashed by the shamefully low blow to the most vulnerable, the unborn.
    The only comfort I find in this most disparaging crime against humanity, is that God is in control. Christ’s justice will prevail and His judgement will come against all responsible for shedding innocent blood. Those children may not have had a chance to be born, but they were given life by the Creator. They are with Him now, spared from the brutality of the people who did not want them.

    • Gia, I used to hate abortion. But in the last few years this issue has become a burning fire in my soul. Maybe it’s because now I have children of my own… I absolutely abhor the idea of abortion, especially ultrasound guided abortion… it’s like hunting a dumb beast or fishing… only this is a human being being hunted and destroyed.

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