The Prosperity Gospel and the Poor of Africa

Watch this short documentary and be shocked at how this false gospel is taking advantage of poor Christians in Africa.  Material gain is the central message and it resonates well with the poverty-stricken people there.  The Church needs to be aware of this false teaching which has replaced the message of Christ with the message of prosperity.

7 comments on “The Prosperity Gospel and the Poor of Africa

    • Bine ai venit Adi…

      Mi-am propus sa nu ating controverse despre comunitatea din Romania pentruca audienta blogului este in mare majoritate tinerii Romani-Americani care sunt 100% deconectati de Romania. Si Strajerii/Iosif Ton au fost dezbatuti pe multe bloguri acum vreo 2 ani in urma.

      Having said that…

      Nu prea sunt de accord cu multe din miscarile carismatice, in special cu teologia, practicile, si inchinarea lor. Probabil voi aborda carismatismul de aici din America in general pe viitor.

      Multumesc pt vizita.

  1. Horrid stuff. I have friends who are missionaries in southern Nigeria. They say it is awful to see the prosperity stuff there. And to contrast it to the intense suffering of Christians in the North is almost unbearable.

    Ggrowing up in the Philipines I was often struck by stark contrast of the fancy Catholic churches and the Igelsio Ni Christo sparkling white churches. Right next to a million people living on a garbage dump, or in some small, poor rural town..there would be a big, shiny church. Sigh…

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