Frank Pastore Fulfilled his Earthly Mission

Former baseball star, Christian apologist and radio host Frank Pastore has gone to be with the Lord yesterday afternoon at the age of 55.

I had the opportunity to see him give his testimony back in the 90’s at a Romanian Mission One youth conference in Southern California.  He was an atheist or agnostic at best who was set in his ways before someone on his baseball team convinced him to read the CS Lewis classic Mere Christianity.

God used the arguments that Lewis made in that book to open Frank’s eyes to see that God really exists, and that was the beginning of a fundamental change in his life, a change that we call the new birth.  He went on to obtain advanced theology degrees and became a well articulated, well spoken defender of the Christian faith.

I learned my first basic concepts of Christian apologetics from Frank while listening to his radio show.  I remember being amazed how well he defended Christianity from the cosmological argument all the way to the moral argument and to Jesus,  in order to point toward the existence of God.

I listened to his radio show on many occasions… His last show was on November 19th, 2012, three hours before he suffered a motorcycle crash on the freeway.  In that show he talked about life and death, how this world and this body is not his home, and how his body could die in a motorcycle accident but his soul will live on.  This turned out to be prophetic given the way he died.

Frank Pastore is now with his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Click on the link below to listed to a one minute excerpt from his last show.

2 comments on “Frank Pastore Fulfilled his Earthly Mission

  1. I started listening to his radio show in November on 99.5 KKLA…I must have been about 1-2 weeks in when he had his accident. I’m glad to have caught a part of him before he could no longer broadcast. …And about that prophesy…wow!

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