False Teaching Alert: Universalism Among Evangelicals

UNIVERSALIM:  definitions

1. the principles and practices of a liberal Christian denomination founded in the 18th century originally to uphold belief in universal salvation and now united with Unitarianism

2. a school of modern and post-modern “Christian” theology which includes the belief in the doctrine of universal reconciliation, the view that all human beings and all fallen creatures will ultimately be restored to right relationship with God in heaven.

3. emphasis on the “all religions lead to heaven” and acceptance of all religions in an inclusive manner, believing in a universal reconciliation between humanity and the divine.

Shane Hipps is the (former) co-pastor of Mars Hill Bible (Mega) Church in Grandville, Michigan.  He used to pastor that megachurch with famous author Rob Bell who wrote the book “Love Wins” where Bell questions the existence of hell.

I draw your attention to the following video which is a trailer for Hipps’ new book.

Pay close attention to the remarks made about Jesus as being the “wind” in the many sails of the wide religious landscape.  When he says that Jesus does not claim Christianity as His own, does he really mean that Gospel found in the Bible is not the only way to God?

4 comments on “False Teaching Alert: Universalism Among Evangelicals

    • Definitely has the hip factor though… Laid back attitude, goat tee, dismissive toward the religion bearing Christ’s name…

      “But false prophets also arose among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you, who will secretly bring in destructive heresies” 2 Pet 2:1

  1. This reminds me of black liberation theology, the social gospel, and the prosperity gospel – men taking the teachings of Jesus and distorting them in order to give people a better prospect at life. And Shane Hipps is doing the same. Only the worst part is that he is encouraging people to stay where they are. No invitation to even ‘seek’ Jesus since according to Hipps Jesus can be everywhere and in any religion.

    Acuma trebuie sa scriu in Romaneste- ce ma enerveaza cel mai mult e cand merg la ‘book stores’ si vad cartile lor intre cartile crestine. Odata am luat toate cartile lui Chopra despre Isus si le-am mutat in sectia de metafizica. Astazi e posibil sa Il cauti pe Hristos si sa te alegi cu carti din astea care nu au nimic de a face cu Hristos. Imi place sa merg des pe la ‘book stores’ sa vad ce e nou si sa citesc unele carti care nu le-as cumpara (din diferite motive) si ma doare cand vad tineri cum trec de la o sectie la alta de carti religioase, ateiste si metafizice, sau cateodata chiar la vrajitorie. E o oportunitate de a evangheliza, dar trebuie sa fi pregatit sa o faci cu impact.

    Ce e mai socant e cum au putut acesti pastori, Hipps si Bell, sa conduca biserica lor atatia ani si ei nici macar nu credeau Evanghelia pe care trebuia sa o predice. Desi au plecat 3,000 din biserica cand Bell si-a publicat cartea si l-a fortat ca el sa se retraga, declinul trebuia sa fie evident deja, dar membrii nu au vegheat???

    • Bine ai făcut Rodi ca ai mutat cărțile lui Chopra la metafizica! Proud of you!

      I honestly think Chopra as tolerant as he bills himself, he truly hates Christians who advocate an exclusive Gospel. Every time I see him in a debate on CNN he mocks people like John MacArthur for saying that Jesus is the only way.

      He preaches tolerance but forgets to practice it. Like the majority of social leftists.

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