Occultism: Entertainment’s New Obsession

The Christian Post is reporting today a disturbing trend among young people who have become obsessed with Hollywood’s glamorous depiction of occult subjects in movies.  With the help of the internet, teenagers are looking into real occult groups, and some may be getting involved in occult practices.  The new Twilight movie is coming out and a new wave of occult fever is about to engulf the teenage crowd.

In the last decade there have been a number of highly successful books and movies such as the Harry Potter series, the Twilight “Saga,” the Underworld movies, and Avatar, which explore subjects like vampirism, Wiccan occultism, and suicide.  Most of these productions are targeting a young audience, especially teenagers whose naive minds are a sponge for new and fresh ideas about life away from truth.

I was shocked to see the existence of online vampire clubs who explore vampire practices mentioned in the CP article.  Normally, I would find this kind of report laughable if the data to back it up was not there at the click of a button.

Avatar is the highest gross income movie of all time at over $2.7 billion.  It explores and even glamorizes the subject of death and transition of the soul and mind into another body that is part of the same physical world.  It is no wonder that if one does a simple search using the terms “Avatar” and “suicide,” one finds numerous articles on a possible connection between the two.

There is definitely a connection between watching the movie and people feeling depressed, a phenomenon described as the “Avatar blues.”  People end up longing for this fantastic world after making the transition from life in this body to an avatar… ridiculous to a person who knows God and His salvation, but intriguing to a corrupt mind who does not know Him.  Again we return to the problem of the human soul who searches for the truth, and when unable to find the truth, it seeks out alternative ways to replace and suppress the truth.

This is the sad reality of our modern society’s obsession with the occult.  Paul tells us in Romans 1 that people have “exchanged the glory of the immortal God” with such idolatrous ideas about life and death.  That is why I believe that children of God, who have been bought with the precious blood of Jesus should not spend their time and money on such entertainment.

My young friends will start calling me old-fashion now.  But that’s ok, the truth needs to be told.

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